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  1. Would it be possible to have a Transform > Apply effect for BHKRigidBodyT blocks? NifUtils chunk utilities don't take the positional values (and probably rotational too) into account when extracting or merging chunks into a NIF, and I don't think anyone's actively developing that anymore...
  2. I use existing BGS-authored NIFs similar to what I'm creating to splice into whenever possible, to ensure all that stuff is properly formatted already.
  3. Where are you reading it? The Black Books only work on Solstheim.
  4. When starting up that newest version you just linked a few hours before this post, I get the following error: I am opening both Skyrim and FO3NV meshes with it, and both produce this error. Is this because I do not have FO4? FO3 stripification/triangulation doesn't FUBAR them anymore though. The fretting over multiple data/skin blocks when splicing remains, though.
  5. Arg, the calf partitions. They should have been only be three quads up from the ankle seam, not four. As for the top of the legs, I culled exactly the same amount of crotch geometry from the new leg bit as there was on the original. If I included more, it'd be clipping with the skirt instead of a hole. The solution for that is rigging fixes on the skirt, if possible. There's skirt bone fun and also the telltale sign of the "throw it on" quick and ugly rigging that BGS did to so many meshes.
  6. But... but... we didn't have a chance to panic!
  7. Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

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      Do we ask why reversing why ask we do?

    2. lmstearn


      Girl, bathing on Bikini, eyeing boy, finds boy eyeing bikini on bathing girl.

    3. BlackPete
  8. I'm not seeing how, at least not anything intuitively so. Do I not have that sufficient access?
  9. I think this is happening because they tried uprating the Skyrm engine to 64-bit to prep for FO4, and they're going back and polishing off that internal Skyrim x64 for this.
  10. You need to select a particular category (the green text links) to post the bugs there. It won't allow you to post bugs in the next level up, because that'd just make a hassle in sorting for the UPP team.
  11. Even just bumping the number up from 5 to 7 nearly doubles the number of loaded exterior cells: from 25 to 49. The game engine just can't handle it.
  12. Something got messed up on how FO3 NIFs are handled in Dev 5. I tried to Stripify a NiTriShape in an exported NIF and instead of converting the entire NiTriShape into a NiTriStrips, it pooked out an entirely separate orphaned NiTriStripsData... that appeared to be malformed according to the following warning generated when I tried to copy it for splice-in to the production mesh: The NiTriShape remained a NiTriShape as well. Triangulating a NiTriStrips in a FO3 mesh into a NiTriShape in turn appears to obliterate its geometry, as it completely disappears. It isn't even just "hidden" I also noticed that even with Skyrim meshes that it sometimes complained about there being 2 NiTriShapeData blocks in a mesh at the same time when I was swapping them out. Dev 3 does not appear to be affected. I have not tried in Dev 4.
  13. From the album: MadCat's WIPpage

    The mysterious and fascinating Yngol Barrow orbs.

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      More madness. :frantics:

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    Welcome! You've got mail! Goodbye!
  16. In this image: http://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/gallery/image/4150-dyndolod-bain-5/ Where is this "DLC2 Vvardenfell 3D Plume" from? I think I have this mesh from somewhere but I cannot remember what mod for the life of me. I thought it was Ruffled Feather, but that has a particle-based plume. I'm asking because whatever version I had was improved with some edge falloff and I'd like to recommend that to the creator.
  17. On Skyrim meshes, how exactly do Lighting Effect 1 and 2 and Rim and Back lighting interact? Would a translucency map override the two lighting effect values?
  18. Happy Friggatriskaidekaphobia Day!

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      This is madness!

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      Madness? Not that it was Friday the 13th, but that we should have been happy? Or maybe we should be happy that we are over it? Or just refer it on to Sheogorath viz the madness bit?

  19. MadCat221

    Graygarden 18

    For when you absolutely positively must kill everything within a hundred feet of where you tossed that smoke flare, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES.
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