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  1. Picture showing how Curator Given's terminal in the Boston Public Library was altered to have an empty holodrive (as opposed to none) so the Total Hack tapes can be put in to tamper with the protectrons or turrets tied to it (otherwise... what's the point in having the Total Hack tapes?) I had already slagged the Protectrons, but the turrets were still active, and the Total Hack turret tape appears to work. I had found a second terminal with no holodrive that was tied to a pair of Protectrons. I enabled the empty holodrive on it as well and the Total Hack protectron tape worked there.
  2. It seems that the checkbox for "Has Holotape" and possibly also the referred holotape (note?) form is not known to FO4Edit. Simply checking the "Holds Holotape" on the Terminal form and leaving the holotapeblank results in the terminal having an empty holodrive in-game, allowing one to insert things like the arcade games, or text/audio data holotape, or, more importantly for security control terminals, the Total Hack holotapes allowing you to hijack spotlights, turrets, and protectrons linked to the terminals. I've discovered two security controller terminals so far in my new UFO4P adventures and am expecting more. Can the next version of xEdit have these? It seems that "COCT - Count" is the subrecord in question that is the governor for this. It doesn't have an apt descriptor for it though, and doesn't register as an overridden subrecord when "hide no conflict rows" is enabled.
  3. I think there may have also been an underlying soreness from Zenimax thinking they'd be getting Carmack as a principal at their newly acquired subsidiary studio... and then he up and leaves.
  4. "The Floor Is Lava" is a child's game that originated in Pompeii, Italy all the way back in 79 AD.

    1. BlackPete


      The Cat heard about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius then. Sounds like a game of madness to me.

  5. MadCat221

    MadCat's WIPpage

    Stuff I'm working on, be it USKP stuff or my own,
  6. It only needs to be done once as a retro, as the revisions I did should make it stay in place without scriptiness. The retro just needs to reset to editor position an already havok'd spigot so the separate spigot mesh with a proper static collision setup can stay put. The problem is that the spigot mesh pointed to miscitem inventory mesh that you can havok about in the gamespace, and the script commands to lock havoky things in place are known to not work as well as they should.
  7. Ceiling Dentist is watching you masticate.

    1. BlackPete


      That is madness. :fear:

  8. MadCat221

    skyrim housemap

    Looks like Balmora Syndrome is alive and well.
  9. ONE PUNCH MAN...tis shrimp.

    1. alt3rn1ty


      Mantis Shrimp = Awesome

    2. MadCat221
    3. alt3rn1ty


      I just saw that little wizard guy - The skin colour on the nose and hands is superb

  10. Tiber Septim was a TESO poopsocker with eyes on being Emperor so hardcore that he got the title to be permanent.

    1. garthand


      This is amazing.

    2. BlackPete


      This is madness. :trollcat:

  11. Imma make you some DLOD meshes, man.
  12. Aaaaand I found the main culprit of the problems: that normal map. There is only one scant part of it that has the normal maps baked. The rest just have black; not even 127.127.255 baseline blueish purple. The specular alpha channel is missing for all the same portions as well. Where did you get this mesh? You'd best ask them for the rest of this mesh's normal and spec maps.
  13. What I could see without the normal maps: * None of the NiTriShapes have full tangent spaces, just the normals. However, since they do have the normals at least, changing the "Vector Flags" flag set in the NiTriShapeData to include the "Has Tangents" flag, and then right clicking the encompassing NiTriShape > Mesh > Update Tangent Space will generate the missing tangent and bitangent arrays. * Several surfaces have a lot of apparently inappropriate hard edges on it. This is why I asked for the normals: were those the normals that the tex set had its normal map baked to?
  14. Could the textures be packed with it? The normal maps may rely on a certan tangent space configuration, and are needed to make sure it still renders correctly.
  15. "As most mods do"... What metric are they using, exactly?
  16. At their very core, the sole standardized part of a body mesh mod is its UVW map.

  17. You cut off everyone's eyelids, and no one bats an eye. Cut open everyone's skills and EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!! http://i.imgur.com/S44Cu22.jpg

    1. BlackPete


      Oh no. Not that kind of madness. :fear:

    2. VaultDuke



      *skulls (took me a while to get the joke)

  18. Vote Alt3rn1ty for UPP Team Membership!

    1. alt3rn1ty


      que ?, I cant be arsed with bethesda bugfests anymore.

    2. Kesta



  19. Is it just me, or does it look like they solved this problem that the current design has?
  20. Star Wars is NOT Sci Fi. If you think otherwise, I ask you one thing: What is your opinion on... Midichlorians?

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    2. alt3rn1ty


      Midichlorians probably give wookies bad foot odour

    3. VaultDuke


      Science fiction is self-contradictory as well when you think about it. It would be called science hypothesis if it wasn't :P

    4. lmstearn


      Out of worldly claptrap.

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