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  1. There is one extra hassle pertaining to SKSE's update in accordance with this, specifically the Address Library made to centralize updating for all the SKSE extender DLL mods. Address Library needed to be rebuilt too, and the 1.6+ version will not work with older versions of AddressLib-reliant mods made for 1.5 as I understand it. So basically... one update instance where all those mods will need to update their DLLs pre-AddressLib-style, and then (PRESUMABLY) it'll be back to normal, where we just need to wait for SKSE and AddressLib to update. It's just been so long since we had an official executable update, and their compiler got updated too. That's why we had chicken littles running amok this time.
  2. Just to make sure, what official version is it reporting now? You can check on the "settings" submenu on the main title screen menu. It's reported in the lower right corner.
  3. Update to the latest official version of the game, as per the instructions on every download page for the mod.That line I quoted is a telltale sign that you are on a pre-CC version of the game, as there are keywords that were added in 1.10 for CC support that had to be reflected in the Unofficial Patch.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    ==================================== DAWNGUARD ARSENAL SPECIAL EDITION ==================================== Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1 First release: APRIL 21, 2019 1. Introduction 2: Installation 3. Version History 4: Credits =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== The Dawnguard. Skyrim's last best hope against the Volkihar Clan menace. They have a variety of specialized tools of the trade. However, this arsenal seems... incomplete. They have a Crossbow, a War Axe, a War Hammer, and a small collection of Sun Damage spells. This mod aims to expand their arsenal. The melee weapon set is now complete, the Sun Damage spell is now nearly as complete as the main line Destruction spells, and the arsenal is now doled out to the named Dawnguard members as well. A list of changes: * Dawnguard blade weapons. These were made from scratch. A dagger, arming sword, and greatsword, each at Dwarven tier base damage like the two original Dawnguard melee weapons. They all have the Dawnguard emblem on the hilt, and Arkay's braided knot on the pommel. * Dawnguard Battle Axe and Battle Hammer. There is now a 2H axe, and in place of a mace is now a 1H hammer. When all you have is a Dawnguard Battlehammer, every vampire looks like a nail. These weapons have been interspersed to a few weapon racks in the fort. * Dawnguard melee weapon special damage has been improved. Instead of a measly +5 damage against only vampires that is easily outdone with plain Silver weapons, it now behaves like Silver weapons (with +20 damage against a wider variety of unnaturals). Against vampires in particular, it has more stagger power (except daggers which never had stagger power to begin with) and inflicts a bleed effect. * Dawnguard weapons are now craftable, and have "Elite" versions available as well, boosted up to Glass-tier. These can only be forged at the Dawnguard smithy. Compatibility version with Ars Metallica is available. * Sun damage spells are fleshed out and added to Florentius's inventory. In addition to the original Sun Fire, Vampire's Bane, and Stendarr's Aura, there are now the following: ** Sun Ray: The piddly little Novice concentration/spray spelll. ** Meridian Rune: Granted by Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Light, this proximity explosive rune burns undead but nothing else. Hey, the Dawnguard takes whatever help it can with the Vamprie menace. ** Holy Ground: The hazard spray spell. Bless the ground so that nothing profaned by undeath may walk upon it. ** Gaze of Arkay: The big daddy master spell. Unleash a torrent of sun damage in a manner not unlike Lightning Storm. It'll be available at the same time as Expert-level Restoration spells. * Existing sun damage sound effects have been adjusted to be more appropriate. * Several Dawnguard members have been uprated: ** Isran should now sport proper heavy armor, and his warhammer has been replaced with a new Greatsword. ** Sorine should now start with a Dwarven (standard) Crossbow and some steel bolts. ** Gunmar should now have a Dawnguard Battlehammer once he joins up. ** Florentius will now have robes that don't clip with his armored boots/gauntlets, and will get rid of his junky iron sword for a Dawnguard sword. He's also sporting a repertoire of Sun damage spells. ** Many other less prominent members have had armament switcheroos as well. ** Ideally, these will work with a New Game. However, I have made a retroactive script that should effect these changes as well. Much of the aspects on the NPCs in question that I altered may be baked in data in the save. * Dawnguard armor only now requires at least three pieces to gain the Vampire-resistive effects. This allows you to go hemletless but still have the body, boots, and gloves components and gain the Vampire resistance. **** SSE ENHANCEMENTS **** * Normal and envirocube mask textures have been upscaled to 2K for enhanced detail to the shinyness! * The De-LARPed Dawnguard Axe now comes standard with this mod! In the event that I rerelease Skyrim Weapons De-LARP-ified for SSE, just overwrite when prompted; they will be identical. =============== 2. INSTALLATION =============== Unpack the ESP module and BSA archive into your Skyrim Sppecial Edition/Data folder and activate. If you use the latest version of Ars Metallica, it is strongly suggested to use the compatibility patch, have Dawnguard Arsenal load after Ars Metallica, and the patch load after both. ================== 3. VERSION HISTORY ================== SPECIAL EDITION: v 1.0: * First Release OLDRIM CHANGE LOGS: v 1.0 (Jan 24, 2016): * First release. v 1.1 (Jan 25, 2016): * A method to have sun damage spell impacts create light has been devised. All light spells will now have a actual (brief) light flash at the point of impact in addition to the existing impact mesh. * Gaze of Arkay has been rebalanced to be more in-line with existing Destruction damage/magicka ratios (IE: roughly 50-60% the base cost for the same base damage) * Gaze of Arkay had to have its effects reconfigured to remove an un-circumventable bug where it would cause aggro despite causing no actual damage to the naturally living. As a result, there can be no more explosions at impact point. Please report back on visuals: Too bright? * Sun Ray's projectile light has been toned down. * A few USLEEP fixes have been carried over into override forms. No dependency requirements added. v 1.1.1 (Jan 29, 2016) * Adjusted sound output modes for sunfire explosion sound effects (copied to new Sound Descriptor records) * Added an extra socket piece to the pommel/grip joints on the blades. * Adjusted lights on some of the "fake hazard lights" for the projectile impacts. * Removed an unwanted fire particle system from the Holy Ground hazard nif that I thought I already removed. * Gunmar's inventory now updated to include a DG weapon or two, as well as one guaranteed silver ingot every restock. * New texture set devised to differentiate the Standard and Elite blade weapons. The original textures are now the Elites, while a new darker spottier texture is the standard. v 1.1.2 (Feb 9, 2016) * Gave Gaze of Arkay a Turn Undead effect for 10 seconds to help with crowd control since Master spells root the caster in place. Removed cast wind-up on Gaze of Arkay. * Cleaned up the module of several abandoned-in-place form records for ideas that didn't pan out for assorted reasons. * Refined the specular map for the standard non-Elite blade weapons. * Altered the texture grayscale map used on the Meridian Rune. v 1.1.3 (Mar 20, 2016) * Reduced Gaze of Arkay Turn Undead effect to 5 seconds for balancing. It's still long enough to keep them away for crowd control while discharging Gaze of Arkay, but not much beyond that. Want it to last longer? Then just cast His gaze upon them again, it'll re-apply the effect at 5 seconds. * Corrected some scripts on the weapons so they have the Dawnguard perk add script. * Boosted the brightness and radius of the Vampire's Bane impact light. * Fixed the load screen sword art. * Correctly pathed the Elite bladed weapons to their proper meshes. DSR users may need to re-SkyProc them, but the DSR'd elite blade meshes are already in place and properly tex-pathed. * Revamped the Elite blade textures to have a mottled metal grain like the standard grade. They're still higher-albedo metals than the standard, just with a better metallic pattern. * Added a lingering light splotch in the trail of the Gaze of Arkay beam (similar to the lingering trail that Potema's constant-effect lightning bolt). v 1.1.4 (May 5, 2015) * Meridian Rune is now affected by Rune Master perk. * Reworked elite dagger diffuse texture to be more in-line with the other diffuse textures. v 1.1.5 (May 18, 2016) * Added an ARMA form to ensure the new and optional Dawnguard female reconformed armor sleeveless light variant does not cause crashiness because of an engine bug. If you don't use that optional addon, this will not do much of anything. v 1.1.6 (July 24, 2016) Fixed a shader flag error in the material properties for the dagger blood edges that prevented them from appearing. DSR users may or may not need to regenerate; I do not know how that works or if you can just plop in overwriter assets for it. v 1.1.7 (August 20, 2017) Complied with recent fixes by USLEEP v3.0.10 pertaining to Beleval. Cleared out extraneous Tamriel worldspace data. BSA is identical to previous version. ========== 4. CREDITS ========== Sovngarde font (used in description page imagery) by MistValkyrie: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/386 Leather texture by Tsabo6 (Alexander Nanitchkov): http://www.deviantart.com/art/Leather-texture-82368154 Metal texture by Nobiax: http://nobiax.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Medieval-textures-406572548 Ars Metallica by Arthmoor, compatibility patch made with permission: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16084/?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    ================== GLOWING PLASMA GUN ================== Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1 First release: July 18, 2018 1. Introduction 2. Details 3. Installation 4. Additional Info 5. Version History =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== For as much green glowing wads of plasma it shoots out, the Plasma Gun itself doesn't glow much. There are a few green bits, but... no glow. This mod rectifies this glaring oversight. ========== 2. DETAILS ========== Glowmaps and enviro-cube maps appear to be mutually exclusive since Skyrim's NIF format, which is perplexing because it's a step backwards from FO3/NV's. I had to separate out the glowing bits and also make a third set of glassy reflective parts. Additionally, I tried to make the ports emit a light cone with a gobo to simulate the three port holes, but it seems that gobos don't work on light addon nodes attached to weapon meshes. Shame... =============== 3. INSTALLATION =============== This is an module-less mod, solely comprised of loose asset files. Install into your Data folder. ================== 4. ADDITIONAL INFO ================== For those who may be wondering where the unusually short "sniper" barrel on the screenshot plasma gun is from, it is another of my mods: Plasma Carbine Barrel (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22679). Essentially, it is the missing step betwen the short "barrel" and "sniper" barrel for semi-auto fire, for those who want a better mid-range plasma gun. ================== 5. VERSION HISTORY ================== v 1.0: * First release.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    ==================================== POWER ARMOR FRAME CORE SOCKET FIX ==================================== Author: MadCat221 (MadCat221@gmail.com) Version: 1 First release: April 15, 2018 1. Introduction 2. Details 3. Installation 4. Version History =============== 1. INTRODUCTION =============== When the BGS modelers made the Power Armor frame, they probably thought they were saving a bit on the polycount when they omitted filling in the back of the fusion core socket. Unfortunately, you look straight down the socket whenever you pop in a fusion core to power up a frame. You end up seeing the back side of the chest frame when you do. No socket prongs that plug into the fusion core, not even just a dark cavity. Straight through. This mod corrects that with a simple darkened cavity and a proper cap at the back of the socket. ========== 2. DETAILS ========== As stated, the fusion core socket is filled in with a cover on the back end so you don't see straight through. Vertex coloration ensures that it looks like a darkened nook that light can't easily get into. =============== 3. INSTALLATION =============== This is an ESP-less replacer, so just plop straight into your Data folder. I only foresee one overwrite; concerning power armor frame material bugs. This is based off the fix for that used in UFO4P, and won't interfere. ================== 4. VERSION HISTORY ================== v 1.0: * First release.
  7. Figured out another Unknown Int in a record flag set in FO4 for Location Data. Details in the bug report form for the mod South Of The Sea, specifically the ticket "SOTS interferes with Automatron's Eyebot Pods". Summarizing: <Unknown:14> on LCTN forms is also "partial form" flag like for QUST forms.
  8. Common sense is like deodorant: Those who need to use it the most refuse to use it at all.

  9. Dunno what to tell you, man. That's a telltale neck seam normal map mismatch.
  10. No, I know what I'm looking at because I've seen it before.
  11. That appears to be caused by a mismatch between the head normal map and the body normal map. You will need to find matching normal maps between the head and body, or modding tools to blend the right neck normals.
  12. If you wish to have an Ebony Blade that can be taken to a grindstone, you can make your own. It's a simple affair in the CK. Start by looking at Constructible Object (COBJ) forms. No matter which route is taken, one of the two stances on this issue is going to complain about it. Convincing arguments were made that it didn't belong in USLEEP/USSEP, so it was removed.
  13. Goodbye fair AFKMods Chat... I am sorry I broke you that one time.
  14. I wrote down some notes on my testing of this fix, and posted them to the ticket: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=22322 I'm guessing the maker of the mod you're using didn't try reloading while equipped after adding perks or something, because I stripped out all the fusion core perks and then just re-added Nuclear Physicist 1. Like before, it stayed at 500, but reloading put it to 625 (25% of 500 as per the perk description) without putting any partially used core back in my inventory. I'll pick apart the perks in the CK and the bobblehead addition method to make sure something's not baked in from adding. I also shot it a bit, 24 shots. 601/625 = 0.9616, and 96% charge remaining was what the removed core reported when back in my inventory. I think it's working fine, barring my finding something out in the picking-apart. EDIT: After reading the description on that mod some more, I went back and found an ancient save before I ever got the Repair bobblehead. I added all three perks in, and there was no problem with it going all the way to 999 on the counter without the Repair bobblehead perk present.
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