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  1. Actually, yeah, it does help. The percentage of green and blue fish I catch when fishing with others is much higher, and it was even higher this time when there were 3 of us.

    Of course, I kept getting the same blue fish over and over (the one I *didn't* need), but that's another thing :P

  2. Thank you, Nico! :)


    The ENB in this pic is Project ENB for CoT, if I remember correctly. But I tweaked it quite a lot to suit my tastes. 


    But the main thing would be the Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch that I have installed, that alters the weathers in CoT, especially the foggy weathers. They look really nice.

  3. His name should be Adorable Fan. :lol:

    I wonder if he's a distant relative of Belathor .. with the creepy factor built right in.

    He is adorable, right? His hair even looks like an over-sized meringue. mmmmm...meringues! :lol:

    If you were going for creepy... you win. :P

    Oh, definitely going for creepy. At first I wanted to fix the grin, but then I though...meh, this is Oblivion - go with the flow! :dancing:

  4. Thank you, Nico!

    Working with the CK is not really my strong point (and I admit I don't particularly like doing the CK work).

    I know how to add them in-game, make recipes and maybe add a condition so they don't clutter the crafting menu, but that's as far as I could go.

    I will, however, release them as resource if people are interested. 


    or... a beautiful yellow duck pendant ?

    Hihi, we'll see. :teehee:

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