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  1. Shadowmere Scars - Animated Glow

    A mesh and texture replacer to give Shadowmere some scars (since the beast loves to fight so much), that feature animated glow.
    They will pulsate in and out, the pulsation being more evident at night.
    The scars will still glow in the daylight, it's just the pulsation that is more apparent in darkness.
    Features asymmetrical mesh and texture, courtesy of AlienSlof.
    I have also made her just a tad more slender, nothing really major - just reduced the size of the belly and the croup, arched her neck a bit and gave her head profile an Arabian curve.
    Also gave her a longer mane and fuller tail, courtesy of Fierymarigold from her Swift Steeds resource pack.
    2 variations, female and male.
    Also tweaked file for users that have ENB and the original glow is too much. (I prefer ENB + Tweak since ENB has better shaders and the glow looks better, but to each their own as this is a matter of personal preference).
    Known *issue*
    If you have Convenient Horses, the mane will not be removed upon equipping horse armor. I have decided to leave this as is, as making it compatible requires quite a bit of edits to the mesh by adding the behavior to do so. If it is requested, it will be taken into consideration. However, putting armor on her will cover most, if not all of the scars, so I see no point in doing so.
    AlienSlof, for allowing us to use her wonderful resources!
    Fierymarigold, for the beautiful Swift Steeds Modders Resource, that made my life a whole easier for not having to edit the mane and tail mesh!
    Rebel O'conner for unfolding the horse body map!
    Please do not upload this anywhere else without my permission or claim the work within as your own!
    However, the individual files do come from modders resources and/or edited by me so you can use them as you wish, just GIVE CREDIT, especially to the authors of the resources!!




  2. [DG]Transparent/refractive blood potions

    Added transparency and refraction to the blood potions added by the Dawnguard DLC.
    This means you need that DLC for these to show up, otherwise, the "mod" won't do anything since this is just a mesh replacer.
    Check pictures to get an idea, but best view it in-game to see the full effect as a static pic cannot show it entirely.
    This is still WIP as I'm experimenting with the shader and the textures. Suggestions are more than welcome!
    Known issues: Mesh won't look good in inventory view (meaning no refraction, just odd transparent mesh). Haven't figured out how to "fix" it, or if it is even possible. Maybe the shaders are not applied the same way in the inventory menu. Refraction shader does not work in inventory view, nothing I can do about it.
    Credits: skysan4298 from Skyrim Nexus for discovering this ingenious way to make refractive/transparent glass and for allowing me to dissect his meshes and use this effect.




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