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  1. The 2 new dungeons are actually really cool but really mechanic-intensive (ie. you don't follow the mechanic, you're screwed)! Great improvements to PvE with trial/vDSA scaling and overall performance feels much better even with my potato ping. Also I did vDSA as DPS with a *really* bad tank and that had to be the WORST experience I have ever had in ESO. 4 1/2 h and a pathetic score because the tank was useless and wasn't taunting anything, or almost anything. Never again. >_>
  2. Yes...yessss...you guys should totally consider PvP. huehuehue My baby DK is almost ready to leap and whip!
  3. EMPRESS!!!

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    2. Lorelai


      Wooo!! Gladiator games! Hana and I have fancy, special seats!! *wink*

      And O. M. GAWD that corgi!!!! ^.^

      And Cat - nonsense - I made sure to record it myself - scratched in the walls of Fort (Castle) Alessia - Lorelai wuz here.

    3. MadCat221


      Some 4th-Era adventurer: "Who's Lorelai?"

      Another 4E adventurer: "Idunno, some bandit tagger? Why are you asking me?"

    4. Lorelai
  4. If anyone is looking to join up on the AFK guild send me an in-game message @Lore_lai. If I'm not online on your time, Pete is and he can add you too. We can help you out with mats and stuff cos it can be rough when you're just starting out! Also, I re-rolled AD for PvP. Time to hunt Pete in the sewers dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUN!
  5. To be more specific - what you are describing, Arth, is just (well..."just") lag, not frame-rate drop. You could have 120 frames and still be affected by rubber-banding. You *can* get framerate drops when the server lags but it's not guaranteed for that to happen. But yeah, bottom line is that it's server-related. The bad framerates are because the game is poorly optimized (shocking, I know). It could just as well be single-player offline and you wold still see these bad framerates creep up.
  6. My actual lag (high ping etc.) seems to have fixed itself (miraculously...pfft) after the recent server maintenance they did but I have been getting quite a bit of odd framerate drops and there are areas where I only get 30 frames or lower, even though my PC is more than capable of handling the graphics. Heck, yesterday I was tanking (I made my NB a magicka tank) for gold pledge in Banished Cells and I started getting 3-5 fps CONSTANTLY >_> Needless to say that almost went horrible because you cannot react when frames drop so low and we had no healer because we were derping around. Regarding the framerate drops, I have tried everything on my end and it's the same. I even tried lowering the graphics to the point where the game looked disgusting only to find out I had *better* FPS with max graphics! One thing to note through re: high latency/in-game lag - I have noticed that at certain points when Cyro is *very* active, it can cause issues in strictly PvE zones too. This is mostly when there are a bunch of zergs flying all over the map. Heck now I know that if I'm roaming in PvP and my ping gets ridiculously high, combined with a big drop in FPS, I'm approaching a zerg, possibly a zerg with stacked Proxy Detonation on them The last campaign days of the previous Azura's Star cycle have been pretty bad for some people in both PvP and PvE because every alliance came out of the sewers in a desperate try to win the campaign, or whatever nonsense they were trying to do (It was futile because EP had a huge score advantage and there was no way they could outscore us but meh). Now I am not looking forward to the last days of this Azura's cycle because a lot of guilds seem to have moved to this campaign and I dunno how the server will cope with that
  7. @Arth - most of the time I don't even run the game through the launcher but directly through the .exe in the game folder. Give it a try after you update and see if it helps? @Pete - You know that when I see blue/yellow in PvP zones I immediately go into killkillkill mode so... In other news, I'm really excited about Orsinium, and the baby bear and bear mount are OMGOMGOMGWANT!! We'll see what new bugs this DLC brings though. *sigh*
  8. BLOOD FOR THE PACT!! We'll have no smurfs/blueberries or bananas in here! *DISCLAIMER! This does not apply to smurfs/blueberries or bananas carrying LARGE amounts of Tel-Var stones - they can "safely" wander through and then...oh yeaaaah, cha-ching!
  9. OK - regarding addons I use - please keep in mind that I use quite a few of them and it would make no point in me listing all of them as recommended, especially since we each have different requirements (PvE, PvP, crafting, grouping with large +20 groups ect.). For example I use PapaCrown simply for when I am in PvP with big group because it makes the crown (group leader) way easier to see in the madness that is going on in PvP big battles. The addons I have listed are just as a guideline and to point others in the direction of the addon site. Happy hunting! Also, !!!STIBBONS!!!
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