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    DayDreamer got a reaction from lmstearn in NavMesh issue in cell 30,-14   
    Issue #25775
    Here's how it looks. The double pink lines are probably jump both ways, while the blue/pink is one way.

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    DayDreamer got a reaction from lmstearn in AFKTrack Update - Timezones   
    I see your Wikipedia edit. The community thanks you. Although somebody will probably come along and munge it some more.
    I'd always thought the first letter in your name here was an 'I' (verbalized in my head as "I'm stern"), but on Wikipedia it's "L".
    I've gotten out of the habit of fixing Wikipedia, where I'm "DayDreamer", "Day dreamer", and "Day Dreamer" (pre-dating single-sign-on) -- but moved my main "Daydreamer" edits to camelcase "WilliamAllenSimpson" and then "William Allen Simpson" back in 2005 (or 2006?) as the software was updated over time. Some years later somebody else came along and made a lot of edits under the Daydreamer user on the Greek version (where it was supposed to be in greek letters), then claimed the global Daydreamer single-sign-on. Sneaky and annoying.
    Anyway, Latin vulgar originally meant common. As in those non-religious elitists who claimed the Earth circled the Sun, rather than the true believers who knew otherwise!
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    DayDreamer reacted to cptmcsplody in [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool   
    Thanks, delighted to join the LOOT team. Your constructive feedback improved my contributions tremendously 
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from lmstearn in Navmesh repair   
    Sorry, I started to reply to this, and do some navmeshing updates, but then the next version USSEP beta came out that weekend. So waited for stability. The newer CK has some ease of use issues, too. But now that we've given up on USLEEP, at least now I don't have to worry about doing everything twice.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from lmstearn in Navmesh repair   
    As an example, consider Whiterun. We discovered early on that there was a pair of missing border links on the road, causing all the NPCs to run around through the farms instead. Fixed in US*P by Finalize.
    But that led to conflicts with Cutting Room Floor, and with Touring Carriages (and both its predecessors). We hadn't decoded the border link table yet (until 2014), so we had no idea what was going on.
    US*P cells a b c d e f G h i J K L m n O p J and K were joined by the US*P Finalize. But that also inserted G, L, and O, with unneeded modified edge links.
    When CRF added a building kitty-corner at 'f', it generated b, e, G, and J. TC added 4 triangles at G. The double conflict at G caused CtD.
    We eventually worked it out (in 2013), and that gave us enough information for decoding the link tables in xEdit.
    IIRC, we simply coordinated. US*P Finalized at J instead. Then TC modified G in place. CRF slid its door over the border and Finalized G. Or something like that (details after 5+ years are hazy).
    But now that we know better, we could have built CRF entirely within 'f', and cleaned them all.
    So US*P should only have 'J' and 'K'. CRF should only have 'f' (and 'h' for the other house). And TC should only have 'G'.
    Anyway, other folks have since reported problems building at 'm' and 'p', for the same reasons. As long as everybody cleans their edge links, it works. With overlapping altered link tables, it fails.
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    DayDreamer reacted to Leonardo in [Skyrim SE] Porting a mod from LE to SSE   
    Is this link you were looking for?
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from Sladen2019 in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch [USLEEP]   
    If you happen to grab a critter during flight/movement, when the game engine tries to finish the action, the critter object no longer exists. The only fix that I could dream up involved turning the critter invisible and untouchable until it finished moving, but was never able to come up with a working technique. Papyrus is too slow. Really needs a game engine fix instead.
    EDIT: Also, there's the problem that the savegame doesn't seem to keep the current movement information for animations. Again, a game engine fix is needed.
    But we cannot do game engine fixes.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from Louis Cyphre in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch [USLEEP]   
    Speaking as another author, yes, always check against each new version of the Unofficial Patches. I'm still making periodic updates for compatibility.
    I've had a number of reports of incompatibility between JK's Skyrim and Touring Carriages. So I checked today. USLEEP modified one triangle vertex in 000f1a86. JK modifies all over the place.
    The real problem is the cell border. JK renumbers a lot of border triangles. There's a link table that connects border triangles by number. That means NPCs will be walking along, and suddenly try to step from one cell edge into a renumbered triangle in the middle of the next cell. The game engine doesn't like this.
    Solitude is even worse. JK has cell border links that jump to 4 NON-EXISTANT adjacent triangles, given its own navmesh changes. (Must have made changes and then deleted them and didn't Finalize.) You'll CtD every time!
    Also, there are new navmesh islands in WinterholdExterior01. This is a place an NPC will get stuck, because they cannot move, having no links to an adjacent triangle.
    All in all, JK Skyrim may be pretty, but adds a lot of incompatibilities and wasn't navmeshed well.
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    DayDreamer reacted to alt3rn1ty in Manual Cleaning Skyrim and Skyrim SE Master files   
    Cleaning the Official Master ESMs

    NOTE : I do not have any Bethesda games installed anymore, and xEdit has changed greatly since I last had it installed.
    Anyone wishes to re-do this topic in a new thread bringing it up to date .. Crack on
    This guide assumes using TES5Edit on Skyrim Nexus,
    Or SSEEdit on Skyrim SE Nexus

    Due to this guide being dual purpose ( For Skyrim and Skyrim SE ) for the rest of this guide I will refer to both tools as xEdit.
    Screenshots of tools used may be one or the other, or older versions, which does not matter, the images are only to illustrate the method / options used.
    Why Clean the Master Files ?
    Firstly because the masters have entries that are identical to the same records in Skyrim.esm or other DLC esms'. They exist because Bethesda may have looked at something in the CK and an unneeded entry was auto included in the plugin even though the item was not altered in any way. The Official Creation Kits are notoriously buggy and randomly create dirty / wild edits, often when the author of the plugin is completely unaware. Wherever that plugin is placed in your load order its records overwrite all the conflicting records from plugins loaded before it ( the rule of one ) resetting the settings back to the values contained in the Official Bethesda DLC. It won't cause crashes, it just changes the values of plugins loaded before it. Which can alter mods that you have for Weapon Damage, Armor, Lighting, Food Effects and so on. The masters are very early in your load order but there is potential for a mod to be made as a fake.esm, and placed among them, and so ITMs in a later loading master may cause problems for that mods esm. Chance is remote that a master will affect another master, and this procedure is best used on all of your mods plugins, but cleaning everything of ITMs ( Identical to Master records ) causes no harm, is more optimal giving the game less to process in your load order, and so it is best to get rid of these completely unnecessary dirty edits.
    The Second reason is that Bethesda chose to delete some things that are in the Official DLC. Any mods loaded with references to deleted records from the Official Bethesda DLC will cause your game to crash. This problem particularly affects older mods ( especially mods that were made before newer official patches were released, with more deleted references the old mod did not anticipate - It will also become problematic for the Skyrim Special Edition community where old Original Skyrim mods are being converted to SSE, and Bethesda have deleted even more records from the plugins before they released the newer plugins for that version of the game ). xEdit can restore and properly assign values to these records that will disable them and still allow mods to access them. This is done using the "Undelete and Disable References" option.
    For further explanations of why it is still recommended to clean the games masters .. Read on from this post,
    Zilav and Arthmoor, most valued technical and vastly experienced modding authors, weigh in on the subject.
    The following mostly apply to mod authors, but worth knowing about for mod users too :
    xEdit will also report when a mod has Deleted NavMeshes as part of the report from Automatic cleaning. Like deleted references, any mod that references a deleted NavMesh will cause Skyrim to Crash. Properly optimizing your mods NavMeshes and checking your mod for Deleted Vanilla NavMeshes ( which can also be caused by a CK wild edit even if you did not do it yourself ) is important. Mods altering the same cell and the same NavMeshes when your mod is not optimized will cause Skyrim to Crash. Poorly optimized NavMeshes with errors reported by the CK will make Skyrim unstable. Instabilities like fast travelling to a location and Skyrim crashes. Note the ones found to be deleted in the games masters, cannot be undeleted. To fix deleted Navmeshes in your mods, Arthmoor has provided a walkthrough in Skyrim - Fixing Navmesh Deletion in TES5Edit
    Manually cleaning your mods is also important to remove wild edits. This is mostly down to the experience of Mod Authors to solve such problems, but there are a few noted later in this guide which are in the DLCs which everyone can easily Manually clean. Some mods can have accidental Wild Edits in them caused by the author looking at how Bethesda did something they wish their mod to do as well. These Wild Edits often prevent Skyrim from doing things like advancing quests, spawning NPCs, assigning dialogue to NPCs, preventing NPCs from patrol areas they are assigned to. They can also alter Vanilla Lighting and Triggers that the author wished to use. All of these things affect any plugin with conflicting records loaded before a mod with Wild Edits.
    Mod authors - Learn to use xEdit, and ensure the only records in your mod plugins are what you would expect to be in there, its the most important tool the community can make use of when used properly.
    Mod Users - Follow this guide...
      Before moving on to the Manual cleaning, something everyone should do prior to Manual Cleaning :

    Automatic cleaning of Bethesda's ESMs with xEdit

    With the games Original esm's installed ( You can use Steam to Verify Integrity of Game Cache of Skyrims files to ensure you have good error free copies of the original master files ), and in accordance with the following wiki article http://www.creationk...ty_Plugins_List :

    Load up xEdit.

    1. Right click the plugin selection screen and select "none"

    2. Tick the relevant esm to edit, and click okay ( If you have not cleaned any of your Master files yet, the first one to tick will be Skyrims "Update.esm" ), then click Okay

    After each of the following actions, wait for a message in the message window that the previous operation has finished / Done :

    3. Right click the plugin after you get the "Background Loader : Finished" message,and choose "Apply Filter for Cleaning"

    Wait until Filtering is finished then ..

    4. Right click the plugin and choose Remove Identical to Master Records

    Wait until it finishes then ..

    5. Right click the plugin and choose Undelete and Disable references

    Wait until it finishes then ..

    6. Close xEdit, and it should check with you that you wish to save the plugin ( this only happens if you have made any changes to the plugin to save, if it just closes .. Then you have not cleaned anything )

    Rinse and repeat the Automatic cleaning ( steps 1 - 6 above ) for each of the master files.

    Working from first to load, to last, not including Skyrim.esm or any unofficial patches
    ( No point doing Skyrim.esm, and the unofficial patches are already done and should not be cleaned )

    So clean in this order



    Dawnguard.esm ( Yes it needs to be done twice )



    Dawnguard.esm needs to be cleaned twice ( as of xEdit 3.1 onwards - After doing the automatic cleaning routine once on Dawnguard.esm, and saving it, load it up again in xEdit and you will be able to clean a few more ITMs ) :


    Dawnguard.esm needs manual cleaning aswell as automatic cleaning

    After the automated cleaning is done, you can also now manually clean a few more Wild edits xEdit will not have touched ...

    Recently Arthmoor has brought to the attention of the community additional information regarding manual cleaning of Dawnguard.esm, which everyone needs to do for their own setup same as automatic cleaning ( because nobody can legally upload official master files anywhere, everyone needs to do their own )

    First load up xEdit

    When the plugin selection comes up, right click and select None
    Then put a tick in the box just for Dawnguard.esm, click Okay
    After its finished loading, right click Dawnguard.esm and choose "Filter for Cleaning"

    1. For "CELL 00016BCF: Remove XEZN subrecord referring to RiftenRatwayZone [ECZN:0009FBB9]. Otherwise it blocks the official fix in Update.esm." .... Expand the records as in the following screenshot, and right click the indicated sub-record, and choose Remove

    2. For "CELL 0001FA4C: Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell." .... Expand the records as in the following screenshot, and right click the indicated record, and choose Remove

    3. For "CELL 0006C3B6: Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell." .... Expand the records as in the following screenshot, and right click the indicated record, and choose Remove


    NOTE : This guide used to include cleaning instructions for "CELL 00039F67: Wild edit. Remove this record. It's a testing cell" ( The WICourier edit ) - But since the new version of TES5Edit 3.1+ now cleans that as part of the automated cleaning ( which you should have done prior to manual cleaning ), you no longer need to clean it manually afterwards.


    Now that the Master files are cleaned, you could put them in a zip, and get your mod manager to install them - Maybe at a future date you want to do a refresh of steam cache and it redownloads the masters which are not the same as the originals anymore (because you cleaned them), so then you would need to reclean them again. But beware, Bethesda have started redoing some masters due to Creation Club mods compatability, so make sure any redownloaded masters are not newer than your previously cleaned ones, because in that case you will need to reclean and rezip them again anyway.
    You can go through the rest of your Load Order using Automatic cleaning of ITMs and UDRs on all your mods plugins. The sequence of cleaning mods plugins should be after you have your Load Order correct, masters are cleaned, then clean them with the last to load being the last to clean. Mod authors should have done them already, so most will probably not need cleaning. Also look out for any mod specific cleaning instructions in the mods description.
    Prime example = The Unofficial Patches will not need any cleaning, they are already done, and any remaining ITMs in those plugins should be left alone because they do have a purpose .. ( its a very rare occasion when this is true ).

    The xEdit Work In Progress Development topic is at the following link https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/3750-wipz-tes5edit/
    Development project is at GitHub https://github.com/TES5Edit/TES5Edit
    And newer versions of xEdit (3.2.7 +) have a link to Discord top right of xEdit window.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from Nico coiN in [RELz/WIPz] Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch [USLEEP]   
    Now I have Bagrak standing outside the Silverblood Inn in Markarth, merely talking about her mother (as usual). At least she's from the same side of the country.
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    DayDreamer reacted to Nebulous112 in Skyrim Lip Sync Bug - Finally Fixed   
    All over Reddit and the STEP forums today...
    Meh321, the author of Crash Fixes, seems to have fixed the lip sync bug after a lot of research was done on the issue by some members of the Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil team.
    From the posts section of the Nexus page:
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    DayDreamer reacted to lmstearn in Son of Random Stuff   
    Fisher v. Lowe
    122 Mich.App. 418, 33 N.W.2d 67 (1983)


    A wayward Chevy struck a tree
    Whose owner sued defendants three.
    He sued car's owner, driver two,
    And insurer for what was due
    For his oak tree that now may bear
    A lasting need for tender care.

    The Oakland County Circuit Court,
    John N. O'Brien, J., set forth
    The judgment that defendants sought
    And quickly an appeal was brought.

    Court of Appeals, J.H. Gillis, J.,
    Gave thought and then had this to say:
    1) There is no liability
    Since No-Fault grants immunity;
    2) No jurisdiction can be found
    Where process service is unsound;

    And thus the judgment, as it's termed,
    Is due to be, and is, Affirmed.


    Before BRONSON, P.J., and V.J. BRENNAN and J.H. GILLIS, JJ.

    J.H. GILLIS, Judge.

    We thought that we would never see
    A suit to compensate a tree.
    A suit whose claim in tort is prest
    Upon a mangled tree's behest;

    A tree whose battered trunk was prest
    Against a Chevy's crumpled crest;
    A tree that faces each new day
    With bark and limb in disarray;
    A tree that may forever bear
    A lasting need for tender care.

    Flora lovers though we three,
    We must uphold the court's decree.

    Judgment affirmed.
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    DayDreamer reacted to Jon in NifSkope 2.0 Dev   
    NifSkope 2.0.dev7 (Updated: 2017-12-18)
    NifTools Discord
    NifTools Forum
    GitHub Releases
    GitHub Issues
    YouTube Devlog
    NifSkope 1.1.x - 2.0 Comparisons
    Effect Shader Comparison
    I have been quietly developing NifSkope for over a year now and at this point finally feel comfortable with having a RELz/WIPz thread.  This is a pre-alpha because there is a multitude of features I have not implemented yet but plan to.  I decided though at this point there are so many improvements that I should be sharing them now instead of waiting for the program to be more feature complete.
    2.0.dev6  (SSE support)
    2.0.dev4  (FO4 support)
    The full changelog is quite long so here is a non-comprehensive summary of the 1.1.3 to 2.0 changes:
    Skyrim support: Meshes are now generally WYSIWYG Environment/Cube Mapping (Video) Multi-Layer Parallax (Video) Parallax (Video) Although broken in vanilla, ENB can fix the in-game parallax implementation. Model Space Normals and dedicated Specular map (Example) Face Tint and Hair Tint shaders (Example) Correct specular, normal mapping, emissive/glow, soft lighting, rim lighting, back lighting BSLightingShaderProperty & BSEffectShaderProperty values are now reflected in the shaders Many SLSF1/SLSF2 flags which control appearance. UV Offset, UV Scale, Emissive Color, Emissive Multiple, Glossiness, Specular Color, Specular Strength, Alpha, Falloff, Lighting Effect 1, Lighting Effect 2 Collision Correct scale (was 10x too small) bhkCompressedMeshShape display (the primary collision type in Skyrim) bhkConvexVerticesShape improvements Effect Animations Video BSOrderedNode support - Rendered in correct order Skyrim / F:NV texture path, BSA detection BTO/BTR files Facegeom files UI Undo/Redo (limited) Header tab Lighting Widget - Brightness, light direction, texturing toggles New Open/Save widgets Recent Files list Expand/Collapse buttons in Block List and Block Details Save Confirmation dialog Screenshot dialog Open multiple files from Open dialog or Windows Explorer Drag/drop files to viewport to open Rendering ~3x higher FPS Improved anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering Improved decal rendering / removed z-fighting Visualization modes New grid/axes Quadratic interpolation for animations which use it Correct alpha depth sorting  
    You can install 2.0 alongside previous versions. It will attempt to migrate settings and the two versions will not interfere with each other. This version is pre-alpha and feature incomplete.  I will share a feature roadmap at some point. At this point I have not touched anything that could affect the integrity of the NIF data, so despite this being pre-alpha/experimental, I would consider it stable.  Obviously if you find a NIF which this version saves differently than previous versions, please inform me. Your computer may not support the shaders or you may receive shader compilation errors upon opening.  Please share the messages here and in the meantime you can turn off the Use Shaders option in the Render settings.  
    Special Thanks
    Collaborators:  neomonkeus, ttl269, skyfox69, deedes
    Testers:  MadCat221, Arthmoor, Hana, Lorelai, Dwip, DSoS, Nico coiN, Tamira
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    DayDreamer reacted to zilav in [WIPz] TES5Edit   
    Thread where I'll be posting the latest updates.
    Primarily for testing and discussion, new ideas.
    Please remember those are developer versions from subversion control and so can destroy your mods, computer, and kill kittens
    Version 3.2.3 contains the following changes:
    merged patch fixes [FO4/SSE] ESL support, mapping FormIDs or light plugins in FE slot similar to the game engine caching of built references in the "Data\xEdit Cache" folder new plugins selector window and fixes to load order sorting themes support (right click menu on the window caption) DPI awareness Ctrl+S saves over the original files now, don't need to restart xEdit to save changes  
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    DayDreamer reacted to Nico coiN in [Relz] Cutting Room Floor   
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    DayDreamer reacted to lmstearn in [Skyrim] Engine Bugs   
    Understood. Albeit vanishing at a cell's edge is a bit of an immersion breaker- perhaps a fade-out or a backtrack to go on the enhancement wishlist?
    Better than Oblivion's.
    Edit: Will start a list in the above post. Aiming to categorize those into HUD, GUI and Core engine, although mods like SKSE and Skyui are now being used to such an extent that ad hoc categorizations necessitate some scrutiny and of course, the good old in-game torqueo. 
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    DayDreamer reacted to Arthmoor in Bug Fixes Recommended in Addition to the Unofficial Patches   
    Fixes Recommended in Addition to the USKP
    Lip Sync Fix - A fix for the long standing lip sync bug introduced by Patch 1.9. Yes, this one is the real deal unlike all the other placebo/fake versions that have come before it. A very simple SKSE plugin changing literally ONE BYTE of memory to fix one of the most glaring issues left in the game. Since it requires SKSE, it is not a suitable candidate for USKP inclusion.
    SkyUI - A PC-centric reworking of the major components of the game interface. Yes, we do in fact consider this to be within the realm of bug fixing because the vanilla PC interface is simply not designed with actual PCs in mind. For obvious reasons, it's not something that would ever become part of the USKP. Since SkyUI is pretty much ubiquitous, the USKP defers all UI related fixes to them, and there are plenty of legit fixes included in SkyUI.
    Flora Respawn Fix - This is a clever workaround for the bug introduced in Patch 1.3 where most flora objects in the game won't respawn no matter how long you wait for them. Requires unsupported TES5Edits and so is not suitable for inclusion in the USKP.
    Wiseman303's Flora Fixes - An alternative to the Flora Respawn Fix. Uses the same methodology but covers a bit more than the previous mod. Since it uses the same kind of unsupported TES5Edit changes, it is also not suitable for inclusion in the USKP.
    Bring Out Your Dead - Extends the vanilla graveyard support to all vanilla NPCs who should have had one. Was originally planned to become part of UKSP 1.1 but had been overruled due to the requirement to place extra grave containers for those NPCs who didn't have one yet.
    Brawl Bugs Patch - Additional bugfixes that pertain to brawling while also under the influence of cloak spells of various types. Jonwd7 determined these would not be suitable to include directly in the USKP so the module is distributed separately for those who may want it.
    Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice - Fixes issues with dialogue that has no recorded audio and also corrects a bug in the engine where the "Force Subtitle" function does not work correctly. Since it requires SKSE, it is not a suitable candidate for USKP inclusion.
    Enchantment Reload Fix - Fixes a bug where enchanted items will jump in value and drain their charges much more quickly if the game is saved and then reloaded. Requires SKSE, so is not suitable for inclusion.
    Invisibility Eye Glitch - Fixes a bug where the player's eyes get corrupted when an invisibility spell is cast and then wears off. Requires SKSE, so is not suitable for inclusion.
    Better Dialogue Controls - Fixes a minor but annoying bug with being able to select the proper dialogue options with the keyboard and/or mouse. Alters the UI, which is one area we do not cover to avoid conflicts that would not be easy to resolve. Complements SkyUI as this is not an included feature there.
    Better MessageBox Controls - Fixes another minor but also equally annoying bug with clicking on text in a message box. Also not suitable due to editing UI files. Complements SkyUI as this is not an included feature there.
    Landscape Texture Transition Fix - Corrects a number of transitions in landscape that don't blend together properly. Since this obviously involves landscape edits, it is not something that would be included in the USKP due to the high potential for conflicts that would then need other compatibility patches to resolve.
    Fixes Recommended in Addition to the UDGP
    Vampire Lord Drain With Serana Fixed - Removes the nerfed vampire drain life spell. Bethesda did this intentionally for reasons unknown, so it technically is not a bug fix, but for those who don't think their decision was appropriate, this will correct that.
    Fixes Recommended in Addition to the UHFP
    Hearthfire Display Case Fix - Places activation triggers around the display cases Bethesda chose not to make available to the traditional weapon rack system. This technically isn't a bug fix but many people consider it one anyway. Keep in mind this will limit the use of the display cases to ONLY weapons, rather than Bethesda's intent of letting you put anything you want in them.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from lmstearn in Navmesh Audits   
    The unconnected ones (marked as "islands" in CK) often need fixing. Some of those are unavoidable, but some are very annoying.
    There's one I already found in Riverwood, a single unconnected triangle in front of the back table in the forge. If Alvor spawns there, he will say some of his lines, but can never move....
    Amazing that they had this tool, but didn't fix the egregious bugs it lists!
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    DayDreamer reacted to Arthmoor in Overhauling the weapon rack scripts   
    Well, DayDreamer, you're gonna get your wish
    We biffed a script used by MG02 that block advancement of the College quest line so we'll obviously need to hotfix that. One lousy script with poorly named variables.
    So your last rack updates will get tossed in with it.
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    DayDreamer got a reaction from tyrel68 in Overhauling the weapon rack scripts   
    Correct. Usually those backing plates I mentioned earlier. But in some cases, visible racks have no invisible part, and invisible parts aren't properly linked to their visible part. By leaving these ERROR lines, I'm expecting we can find and fix all of them. 
    I thought getting rid of enable parents would have immediate effect.I've already mentioned that removing scripts doesn't seem to work. Maybe it works for you after re-loads? But my (by now repeated) suggestion was to replace all those with a NEW OBJECT (probably injected into Update) that has no script on it -- deep 6'ing (-30000) the old objects.
    Another possibility is to add a variable flag backplate on those scripts, and set it with the retro-script, because it doesn't seem to set by just adding it.
     No idea. You have all my sanity checks in place? Including:
        If !parentCell.IsAttached()         Trace(Self + "OnLoad() ERROR: !IsAttached()")         return     EndIf   
    thanks for verifying a known problem with 2.0.0.
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    DayDreamer reacted to taleden in Overhauling the weapon rack scripts   
    Here are some tweaks I've been working on today, based on Sclerocephalus' v3.4 scripts that were packaged in USKP 2.0.0. (Sclero, the v3.5 download you posted only had meshes in it, so I'm assuming you haven't updated your scripts since release -- if there are newer versions I should work from, let me know!)
    These scripts should support placing Ebony Blade, Ghostblade, Wuuthrad, Keening, Silver Sword, Red Eagle's Fury and anything else that used to fail (for example lots of otherwise generic iron/steel/dwarven/elven weapons have a few pre-placed copies with attached scripts, so those would fail even when other copies of the same items were fine).
    Here's a quick summary of my changes in both scripts (compared to the USKP 2.0.0 release versions), roughly in the order they are in the file, so you can follow along in a diff:
    Trigger script changes UpdateActivatorState()don't call methods on the ObjectReference that came from OnTriggerLeave() since it will be broken for scripted items validate ActivatorScript instead of ActivatorRef, since Script is what we need to get/set properties and it can stand in for Ref anyway if the linked activator is missing, has the wrong script, or is enabled, then send trigger to ActivatorBusy state to ignore further OnTriggerLeave() events Activator script changes new property USKPWRPlayerRefAlias which should eventually be filled in the CK, but for now (to avoid having to override every activator) is set dynamically in InitActivator() InitActivator()validate that the linked trigger not only exists but has the right script, just like how the trigger validates the activator set StartingItemHasBeenGrabbed if it IsDeleted() or GetRackItemError() instead of calling HandleStartingItem(), just set PlacedItemInit and PlayersDroppedWeapon (which used to happen in PlaceItem() anyway); the starting item then gets placed below if PlacedItemInit and PlayersDroppedWeapon, then PlaceItem() to re-position all mounted items (including starting items, from above) RunPlayerActivation()if no valid item is found in the right hand, check the left hand too removed rack/item compatibility logic from this function, that's now done by GetRackItemError() HandlePlayerItem()removed the test for scripted items since they're allowed now dropped reference is now captured by OnItemRemoved in USKPWRPlayerAliasScript, instead of DropObject which fails for scripted items HandleStartingItem()deleted entirely, InitActivator() instead uses GetRackItemError() to decide if it's valid, and then PlaceItem() to place it GetRackItemError()new function that replaces the rack/item compatibility validation that used to be duplicated in RunPlayerActivation() and also HandleStartingItem() CheckFor3D()now checks on every frame draw for 5 times, then every 0.1s for 5 more, then every 1s for 5 more; so in the best case it will return immediately or after 1 frame, but if the engine is bogged down it can wait up to ~5.55s The only issues I found so far in my testing are: two-handed swords mount in the wrong direction on the vertical wooden racks in Vlindrel Hall (the handle is in about the right place, but the blade points upward along the wall instead of down into the rack) items which are z-keyed and waved around before being mounted will end up offset from where they should be, usually hanging off the edge of the rack The first issue maybe needs an edit to the nodes? I don't know much about how placement angle works. I was hoping the second could be solved with an extra MoveTo() with extra arguments to reset offsets to 0 and not match angle, but that didn't do it for me.
    Taledens Weapon Rack Item Fix v4.7z

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