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  1. Thanks, that sorta worked. There are 3 that all need to be changed, for some odd reason they defaulted to 5. Tried 10 (was too big), then tried again and the smallest the pulldown menu allowed was 8 (that was just right). Nothing seems to have affected the initial loading menu (still tiny) or the various other fields around the screen. And the left panel lines are smushed.
  2. But cleaning your navmesh edge link tables isn't always enough. When it finds an issue, it prints a message explaining. Sometimes, it fixed part of the issue, and adds that to the message. For example, in the raw SE Update.esm, there's a cell where they did a Finalize (or something) that drastically changed the number of border triangles, but the changes were not saved properly. Obviously, they aren't using the same CK, or it was an older version, or they saved conflicting navmesh from different edits. There's also a deleted navmesh in this cell. So the link table is suddenly much shorter. It had 9 border triangles, but now has only 3. These error messages indicate where you will need to hand repair. (This is not currently repaired by USSEP, although I'd prepared a patch years ago. Maybe I've forgotten.) [Nota Bene: This was an example run. We don't actually run this cleaning script on Update. We treat the Update file as canonical, because most modders will build on a non-repaired Update file. Only run the cleaning script on your own plugin.] Quite frankly, it's amazing that there are so few apparent problems. But that's because we aren't actually looking for problems. The clean script only cleans the edge links. For detecting problems, we needed a check script. I'll describe that in the next post.
  3. With Touring Carriages? Unlikely. TC makes as few navmesh changes as possible. And it's clean. Anyway, this is about how to ensure your demo conflicts with as few others as possible, by cleaning your navmesh.
  4. As an example, consider Whiterun. We discovered early on that there was a pair of missing border links on the road, causing all the NPCs to run around through the farms instead. Fixed in US*P by Finalize. But that led to conflicts with Cutting Room Floor, and with Touring Carriages (and both its predecessors). We hadn't decoded the border link table yet (until 2014), so we had no idea what was going on. US*P cells a b c d e f G h i J K L m n O p J and K were joined by the US*P Finalize. But that also inserted G, L, and O, with unneeded modified edge links. When CRF added a building kitty-corner at 'f', it generated b, e, G, and J. TC added 4 triangles at G. The double conflict at G caused CtD. We eventually worked it out (in 2013), and that gave us enough information for decoding the link tables in xEdit. IIRC, we simply coordinated. US*P Finalized at J instead. Then TC modified G in place. CRF slid its door over the border and Finalized G. Or something like that (details after 5+ years are hazy). But now that we know better, we could have built CRF entirely within 'f', and cleaned them all. So US*P should only have 'J' and 'K'. CRF should only have 'f' (and 'h' for the other house). And TC should only have 'G'. Anyway, other folks have since reported problems building at 'm' and 'p', for the same reasons. As long as everybody cleans their edge links, it works. With overlapping altered link tables, it fails.
  5. Absolutely! Because of the border triangle issue, it's better to increase the number (so the borders stay the same). But a building on or over a border – or that reduces the number of triangles so that border triangles with larger numbers are also renumbered – are where the adjacent cell also needs to be included, and where conflicts between plugins will ensue. This is really about reducing the number of conflicts, and avoiding the link jumps into nowhere that cause CtD. Finalize the doors, then Apply Script "Skyrim - Clean edge links in navmeshes" before Apply Filter to Clean, will repair cases where the adjacent cell navmesh DOES NOT need to be included.
  6. I'm just using SSEEdit now, on a new machine with a 4K monitor. I'm finding it almost impossible to read. Is there some way to tell it make the fonts bigger, as I did for M$ Windows itself, and seems to be propagated to applications? For example, this post is eminently readable.
  7. CK usually reorders border link tables in unpredictable ways, even with no other changes. After Finalizing, quit the CK, load xEdit, then Apply Script "Skyrim - Clean edge links in navmeshes" before Apply Filter to Clean. This will return link tables to their original order, so any otherwise unchanged adjacent navmesh will be reported as ITM and be removed. After Remove "Identical to Master" records, re-load in CK, carefully select 1 good navmesh vertice (this will usually set the changed flag even though it has not been moved), then save to update the NAVI table.
  8. There exist both indoor and outdoor cells with auto-generated navmesh that is not internally connected. Finalizing such cells or adjacent cells will cause the original navmesh to shrink (renumbering its border triangles), and new island navmeshes to be created. Needless-to-say, this is a potential disaster. Always examine your changes with xEdit, and delete these extraneous navmesh in adjacent cells. After deleting extraneous navmesh, re-load in CK, carefully select 1 good navmesh vertice (this will usually set the changed flag even though it has not been moved), then save to update the NAVI table.
  9. To avoid deleting or merging navmeshes, use an edge link instead. The same link table that crosses cell borders is also used to create triangle connections within cells, usually where developers want NPCs to "jump" from ledges. Link edges between existing navmeshes without creating a new triangle. (Such links usually appear in pink.) Note a new Finalize will often remove some of your carefully constructed internal links. So place all door exits and Finalize before hand linking.
  10. It's been 4 years and I cannot remember where (or even which forum) we had the old thread, so here's a new place to discuss. AFAICT, this hasn't been improved in the SE CK. The first principle of navmesh modding is: never delete or merge navmeshes! That way lies CtD (crash to desktop). The second is like unto it: to reduce the number of conflicts, border triangles should not be renumbered! Every adjacent cell navmesh has a link table with pointers into these border triangles. If a navmesh is deleted, or merged, or a border triangle is renumbered to be anyplace else, creatures/NPCs will "jump" into that triangle number as they cross the cell border. Sometimes they become stuck in place. Sometimes this also may make it impossible for the PC to move. If possible, have the same number of triangles as the original. When you delete any triangle, the CK renumbers. This often changes border triangles. Therefore, great care must be taken. It is usually better to first create a new triangle over the old, then delete the old triangle so that the new triangle is renumbered with the old triangle number, then join/merge the final vertice in place. (This technique is also used to repair border triangles.) When you "Find Cover" for a cell, sometimes the CK renumbers triangles. Up to 2 sides of cover are saved (the 3rd side is assumed to be flat to the adjacent triangle), so triangle vertices sometimes need to be rotated to allow the cover data to be in side "0-1" and/or side "1-2" (as shown in xEdit). Apparently, the CK deletes the triangle (causing renumbering), then adds a new one in the proper orientation. Yet the CK already has a user tool for rotating a triangle without renumbering; it fails to use it internally. When you Finalize a navmesh, the CK doesn't just touch the one you are changing. It also saves adjacent cell navmesh. In the outdoors, this results in 4 cells around the square. Presumably, this is to update border links caused by deletion or renumbering -- even when there have been no changes. The CK works reasonably well only having Update.esm, but is a disaster waiting to happen with multiple modders updating adjacent cells. Each changes 5 cell navmesh, so the conflicting border link tables cause massive confusion. (Following posts have more detailed information.) See also: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/3337-skyrim-fixing-navmesh-deletion-using-tes5edit/ https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/4072-navmesh-audits/
  11. Thank you very much. Took a few more tries (spurious warning about too many background processes, also hanging). Delete the .bsa, ignore the Create BSA menu item. On Upload, it makes the archive itself. Now I know to push to Bethesda first, then 7zip it and push to nexus. Since this is not obvious, perhaps it is worthy of OP? How do we push a script-only no .esp archive? Or do I have to make a scratch .esp?
  12. [heavy sigh] Thanks. Tried that today. Slightly different, now it's "not responding" instead of crashing outright, and then Windows kills it. Tried removing and reinstalling the CK. No joy. Just to be sure: Setting it as Active; it loads, no unusual errors (that is, just the usual errors). Login to Bethesda.Net Create Archive (again) Upload, has little tab says PC (as opposed to the other 2) Hang. What does "Save and push plugin to PC" do?
  13. I finally finished converting Touring Carriages. I uploaded to nexus, no problems. Then I tried following the instructions in the faq. https://bethesda.net/community/topic/368/skyrim-se-launch-faq When I "Click File again and select Upload Plugin and Archives to Bethesda.net. " the CK crashes. Tried twice. Anybody else having this problem? Suggested solutions?
  14. I'm new to 2.0, but just downloaded NifSkope_2_0_2018-02-22-x64.7z, and it won't run. When I click on it, the progress thingy spins, and nothing happens. Win10 had already updated the C++ runtime to something slightly newer than available on their website, so I downgraded. Still nothing. Is there a load log that I could check?
  15. Like Leonardo, I do use invalid emails for some sites. I'm a security engineer, among other things.... But I never expected spam from this site, and have signed up for following topics, so my email is good here. Anyway, I did as you suggested and did the lost password thing. So now I have different passwords for the tracker and the forums. (I hadn't updated my forum password since Jan 2013, before you switched to https.) Hopefully that's not a problem going forward.
  16. I tried the new AFKTrack today, it won't let me register, saying there is already a user by this name. It doesn't complain when I login with my usual password, but doesn't show the Open New Issue. Any pointers? I've uploaded a small patch to cover a gap below the post and wall.
  17. I'm finally working toward doing Touring Carriages SE, and stopping to re-build my other small patches along the way. For Delphine, it did a facegen, even though all I did was fix her dialogue stages and have her pass Orgnar's ref to the rentroom script. Do I need that in the .bsa anyway? (Didn't have them in oldrim, with no problem.) Is there a step by step guide to pushing things out to this new Bethesda.net? Steam was so easy. And boy oh boy are there a lot of warnings in the new CK! Has reams of things like: Are these an issue with my setup? I've only added the CreationKitCustom.ini lines recommended in the OP.
  18. I've taken a long break, awaiting skse64. I'd even bought a new machine with NVidia 1080 in early 2017 to run SE, as my old 570 wasn't up to the task. That means I've now purchased two machines to run Skyrim, but have yet to finish the game (or even the main quests). The only other thing I play regularly is Civilization, where I've played the whole series, and lately mostly the Mac version. But skse64 still isn't out of beta. Now I wish I'd waited a year for that new machine. I'd hope that we don't kill off LE until skse64 is complete, as so many things (other than this) are dependent upon it. In the meantime, back in 2014 I'd started an inventory of all the navmesh cells that were missing "found" flags in some triangles. That always means the triangle isn't connected to adjacent triangles. (I'd gifted a script to TES5Edit.) I'd even made some fixes, but it turned out to be a huge task. Would it be worthwhile for me to work on LE navmesh fixes before we give up here, or should I wait until SE-only?
  19. Just like USLEEP, We need a similar topic here. I was trying to figure out the ones not needed (such as Lip Sync Fix) by looking at this list, but it would be nicer to just have a positive list.
  20. If you happen to grab a critter during flight/movement, when the game engine tries to finish the action, the critter object no longer exists. The only fix that I could dream up involved turning the critter invisible and untouchable until it finished moving, but was never able to come up with a working technique. Papyrus is too slow. Really needs a game engine fix instead. EDIT: Also, there's the problem that the savegame doesn't seem to keep the current movement information for animations. Again, a game engine fix is needed. But we cannot do game engine fixes.
  21. Still waiting for SKS64 before playing, but was thinking about porting some of my plugins. Is best practice to use oldrim CK, and then port to newrim CK, or vice versa? The new CK seems to have some new features, especially duplicating map markers building a path, which I did by hand a lot in the past. Likewise for US*P patches. Should I keep making and submitted patches, especially navmesh patches, in the old CK? Or is the new one better? EDIT: Personal note: thought I ought to mention that I've got 1700+ hours with CK and only 1200+ hours with game itself (almost all testing), and have never even entered Bleak Falls Barrow. Almost all my game time has been visiting towns and trying their local quests. Someday, I'm thinking of playing the game, probably once SKSE64 comes out. Built a new machine with 1080 (sadly just 3 weeks before 1080ti came out at the same price point) to play SE, as my old 570 wasn't able to do more than basic graphics for SE, where it had worked on Ultra for LE. So now I've spent upwards of $4,000 to eventually play a 5-year old $50 game....
  22. My game has not yet done the quest as I've always waited until some other task has directed me to the place. Perhaps in that case it simply doesn't exist yet? Maybe a better design would be a script OnPlayerLoadGame in the cell, to re-affix the spigot only at times it's actually visible? And also OnCellAttach?
  23. I've not played Skyrim in months, so you've probably seen these errors before. My old save was 3.0.6 (2016-Oct-09), just loading it under 3.0.7 now. [12/31/2016 - 07:24:40PM] Error: Property TreeSapSpigot on script usleepretroactive307script attached to USLEEPRetroactive307 (0514EB3D) cannot be bound because <NULL form> (000AED8B) is not the right type [... omit testing for pre-LE files] [12/31/2016 - 07:24:51PM] Error: Cannot call MoveToMyEditorLocation() on a None object, aborting function call stack: [USLEEPRetroactive307 (0514EB3D)].usleepretroactive307script.Process() - "USLEEPRetroactive307Script.psc" Line 33 [USLEEPVersionTracking (0500F458)].USLEEP_VersionTrackingScript.ProcessRetroScripts() - "USLEEP_VersionTrackingScript.psc" Line 53 [alias Player on quest USLEEPVersionTracking (0500F458)].USLEEP_VersionTrackingAliasScript.OnPlayerLoadGame() - "USLEEP_VersionTrackingAliasScript.psc" Line 6
  24. So we should swap the Lip Sync fix to Bug Fixes, but not mention Crash Fixes.... That duplicating NPC Perk on load seems serious. The others are merely display related.
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