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  1. Aha, might help to be mentioned in USSEP Fixes, with the usual strikeout in UDBP. I know most folks never read it, but a few of us do....
  2. Not exactly, although your idea is very clever, and I'll look into it for the future. (There already is CarriageSystemFaction and unused JobCarriageFaction.) The problem at the moment is no way to decide whether the vanilla driver is sitting in his carriage seat. ICAIO moves the driver around, and has him sleeping. The long-time US*P solution is checking that he's sitting anywhere, fixing a lot of grief, but there are cases of that not being quite correct (sitting inside, sitting on a bench outside). Still, it's much better than nothing! What I'm currently doing in Touring Carriages is after the player selects "Where do you want to go?" checking bSitting. Unfortunately, because that test happens afterward, the player sees only "Never mind." I was looking for a definitive early test (such as the aforementioned "link.IsInFurnitureState Sit == 1 AND"; that works in scripting). Apparently, even though documented, it doesn't work properly in conditions. Or I'm doing it wrong.
  3. Been years since I've been staring at papyrus logs, but recently a new warning has been showing up: [05/09/2020 - 06:09:04AM] warning: Variable ::DLC2NordicArrow_var on script udbp_retroactive212script loaded from save not found within the actual object. This variable will be skipped. [05/09/2020 - 06:09:04AM] warning: Variable ::LItemBanditWeaponArrows_var on script udbp_retroactive212script loaded from save not found within the actual object. This variable will be skipped. Not seeing a change notice in the USSEP history for the most recent release.
  4. I've tested, and it works reliably. The downside is that it requires the driver to re-load and re-sit before it works. So only after leaving a city. Not as user freindly as I'd like. After much hair pullng, tried pairing the existing "subject.GetSitting == 3 AND" with "link.IsInFurnitureState Sit == 1 AND". The driver links to the furniture. You don't know where the driver is sitting, and you don't know who is using the furniture, but the pairing should work. Yet it didn't. Could somebody else test and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  5. There's another value specified later in the unused StopRiding() myDriver.SetActorValue("variable01", 1); reset "home" to be here. Would folks be willing to add a similar line to CarriageDriverScript OnSit() to parallel bSitting? Known values: 0 = off (unknown), 1 = home (idle), 2 = chatter, 3 = pausing ride
  6. ANSWER: Although bSitting is set by the vanilla drivers in their script, available game engine dialogue conditions are not able to easily access it. GetVMScriptVariable only works on a specific reference, so every destination would need to be duplicated for each and every driver. Not practical. The vanilla alternative that was only partially implemented was using Subject:Variable01. 0 means ready for dialogue, 2 means ready for chatter on ride. US*P already has a bug fix using these values. But there now exists a popular Better Vampires that alters Variable01. There may be others. Modders who didn't read the CK documentation. https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Actor_Value My advice has always been: Perhaps a bit rude, but these are nearly impossible to debug. They don't show up as conficts in xEdit, because they are scripted.
  7. Script. Currently runs at a variable rate. Had moved this from the driver into the horse, so it worked better as the carriage turned corners. Also, driver has its own OnUpdate for Say() chatter. But it tends to miss NPCs that move just in front of the seat between the horse and driver. That's also why I've changed from FindClosestActor() to FindRandomActor(), and shifted the coordinates out in front of the horse somewhat. The closest to the horse is usually the driver, and vice versa. Re-starting the same quest over and over wouldn't work. Could be another quest instead? Can a quest do positioning this fancy?
  8. Many of my critter fixes were included here years ago. Since then, somebody analyzed 3,000+ landing sites, starting with USSEP's existing fixes. Should we port them all to here? (Has permission.) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29434
  9. Just noticed that https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21055 Enchantment Reload Fix SE was ported. It was previously recommended for LE, so it could be added to OP here.
  10. Tried that, simply running into the NPC doesn't register OnHit on the carriage. By the time the NPC knows it's been run into, that usually registers so much damage it dies under the wheels. Currently, TC scans the road periodically ahead of the horse, selects a random NPC, and pushes the NPC to the side. So fleeing toward an object instead is clever. I'll take a look at Fast Travel Ambushes. Thanks.
  11. Understood. Might as well leave as-is then. Looking at the code for ICAIO-TC, it seems to me that was originally written with the sandwich ICAIO -> TC -> ICAIO-TC in mind. I kept telling folks, "sort with LOOT", as that used to fix things in the past. With the current organization, it needs to be re-written for TC -> ICAIO -> TC+ICAIO sandwich. I'll do it, or prompt him to do it.... OK. From the TC perspective, the only thing it cares about is that CRF loads after TC. Long ago, Arthmoor and I'd worked out various navmesh, where I'd fixed some missing preferred paths, and CRF did alternative fixes with expanded settlements. CRF must go after TC for new doors. (Since I'm always using CRF myself, that combination is well tested.) So the upshot is leave LOOT as-is, and we'll work with knowledge of the new organization going forward. Thanks for the explanations!
  12. Run For Your Lives does a decent job of getting folks to run away and hide. Immersive Citizens does something similar, with a whole lot more work. With Touring Carriages, we don't want folks (or animals) to hide, we just need them out of the roadway. But I cannot find a package that does this. Fear doesn't work. Ever notice how fear on a bunch of skeletons causes them to all run out of the same doorway? Same problem here. They run up the prefered navmesh, that happens to be the roadway, the horse is faster, it runs over them, they die. Sollar (Rick) came up with the idea to push them. They ragdoll, but usually don't die. After 8 years, I'm looking for something better?
  13. Lately I've been getting a lot of complaints about interactions between Touring Carriages and Immersive Citizens (and others). I've tracked part of it down to LOOT sorting both IC and its IC-TC patch *after* TC. Looks to me like it should be IC then TC then IC-TC sandwich. Also, once upon a time TC and CRF were in some early loading group, but now are in Default. Seems to me that IC and TC and CRF should always load fairly early.
  14. Lately, I've been getting a lot of complaints about interactions between Touring Carriages and Immersive Citizens and the Unofficial Patch. Long ago, we added a dialogue test (to USKP and copied to TC) that every driver was sitting, because there were other patches that had the driver leave during a dragon or vampire attack or during the night. But I don't remember why we didn't use the driver's bSitting conditional script variable. That would require the driver be sitting on the carriage itself. Right now, he can be sitting anywhere, including inside a building somewhere. Immersive Citizens changes the US*P (and TC) test to anywhere in Tamriel. That solves the sitting inside problem, but is really overbroad. And probably a problem with Open Cities. What would be the best overall solution? I'm leaning toward bSitting, but surely there's a reason that we didn't use it?
  15. I'd do it, but I'm not skilled with the mesh stuff. If nobody else steps up, suppose I could learn, having a bit more time on my hands than usual....
  16. His packages seemingly follow Olfrid and Olfrid does go up to the keep. Looks like a simple addition, or even a copy of the Olfrid package.
  17. Not wanting to keep you hanging (I'd lots of beta test support on mine in the past), but I'm not an expert in merging leveled lists. And it would help to have a pointer to your Work In Progress.
  18. Yes. Two ships in two worldspaces. Instead, they move you and your companions to the other ship copy. Easier that way. Anything you left on the other copy of the ship should still be there when you return, though. Same thing with boat transport between Solitude, Dawnstar, Windhelm; even though they are all in the same worldspace. IMnsHO, they'd really not done a great job with ship and boat transport. Tacked on in DLC, not fully finished. Same as with carriages: they had a good concept, then did a simpler fast-travel-like system as they hit a deadline. For example, why in the heck does the most recent horse you rode show up, even though that was in a different town?
  19. Speaking as the proposer of Floral Respawn Fix, and not a fan of the "Brutal" approach or a requirement of SKSE (even though I always use SKSE), I'd stay away. But there are mesh fixes that could be used in US*P.
  20. We'd looked at Bug Fixes SSE and SSE Engine Fixes earlier in the thread. Are they stable now?
  21. Wish they'd have reported them for US*P. It's not like they won't have heard of us. Some of the 'WIP' change landscape instead of adding rocks, but seems to have nailed a few we've missed, so a rock solution could be tried. Nicely documented with pictures. How do encounter zones work? It seems a legitimate complaint.
  22. Heck, no. I've easily got dozens and dozens of miscellaneous quests in the log, and do them as I pass by the towns they require. Many things folks tell you aren't nearby (Azura). Or might require a horse. Using my touring carriages extensively, so learn names of towns as I pass by, and stop in them the second time I'm passing. They usually have a quest or two, so I'll do them ASAP. Someday I'm intending to try the civil war, but it's not a good idea to do early, so joining both sides sits in my log for a very long time. Besides, dragons are so much more interesting. The first time I played, I tried to walk to Winterhold, the first two things Orgnar told me about, and died over and over -- because I missed the words Hadvar told me about taking carriages at Whiterun. (My brother never took a carriage in his first year of playing the game, he had no idea about them or fast travel.) Now, I limit travel rather than quests. I know that I've got to go to Falkreath first, because the game tells me (and Quest Timing tells me I've got to go even sooner), and it's fairly close. Then I'll go to Windhem (Aretino prompted by Orgnar), then Solitude (Bards prompted by Sven, and Legion prompted by Hadvar), then Markarth, then Whiterun (talk to jarl, although by then there are quite a few other things there in my log), then Riften (because of the unknown stone found in the hall of the dead), then back to Windhelm (to report to Aretino, and join Stormcloaks as by then recommended), which takes me (involuntarily) near Morthal, then Dawnstar (courier, and East Empire company quest), and finally Winterhold (as every innkeeper everywhere has told me about). At this point, there's a lot of stuff in the logs! So I'll go back to Windhelm and Solitude and Whiterun and do the rounds again. That is, I try to role play based upon what the innkeepers, etc, tell me, but don't do things that seem too dangerous for my level, so they stay in my logs. I'm not willing to clear bandits at level less than 20, as I'm just learning to use a sword and shield and most importantly armor. And that intuition is backed by game data, as bandits are capped at 20. So they fill the journal. My player character is unwilling to do Golden Glow until at least 30-40, everybody warned me how "poor little Vex" (the best infiltrater) barely made it out of there alive. Sure enough, those enemies are uncapped. There may be a lot of bugs in implementation, but as an open world game seems to be very well thought out for role playing.
  23. Pretty much all of this (and more) has long been documented at https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Quest_Timing
  24. I'm one of those who talks to everybody in town. Slowly. Then talk to them again the next time I'm in town. Etc. There is a serious problem with too many concurrent quests. A common script runs every second checking to see whether you are within a radius of a target (dungeon or whatever). I've seen it running 50 or so instances, because my player is scared going into a dungeon until at least level 20 after training bow up to 50 and sword up to 40 and armor up to 30.... A better design (already used in a fair number of places) is the encounter box around the location. They did some of that circa patches 3 & 4, because they didn't realize folks would delay finishing so many quests. But sometimes it is triggered as you walk/ride nearby, and then uselessly sets up all the stuff anyway. The best design is using the Story Manager. But very few places were done properly as that requires a second (or third) setup quest per dungeon. Still, there are some places that were done quite well. So when they give me a quest to go find their helmet or whatever in a dungeon, I reload and don't ask them the question. The exceptions are those few that are carry/fetch a book or letter or item, as those don't seem to involve the 1 second update loop. Also, see https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Quest_Timing
  25. Learning something new to me. This seems like it should be in USSEP itself.
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