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  1. His packages seemingly follow Olfrid and Olfrid does go up to the keep. Looks like a simple addition, or even a copy of the Olfrid package.
  2. Not wanting to keep you hanging (I'd lots of beta test support on mine in the past), but I'm not an expert in merging leveled lists. And it would help to have a pointer to your Work In Progress.
  3. Yes. Two ships in two worldspaces. Instead, they move you and your companions to the other ship copy. Easier that way. Anything you left on the other copy of the ship should still be there when you return, though. Same thing with boat transport between Solitude, Dawnstar, Windhelm; even though they are all in the same worldspace. IMnsHO, they'd really not done a great job with ship and boat transport. Tacked on in DLC, not fully finished. Same as with carriages: they had a good concept, then did a simpler fast-travel-like system as they hit a deadline. For example, why in the he
  4. Speaking as the proposer of Floral Respawn Fix, and not a fan of the "Brutal" approach or a requirement of SKSE (even though I always use SKSE), I'd stay away. But there are mesh fixes that could be used in US*P.
  5. We'd looked at Bug Fixes SSE and SSE Engine Fixes earlier in the thread. Are they stable now?
  6. Wish they'd have reported them for US*P. It's not like they won't have heard of us. Some of the 'WIP' change landscape instead of adding rocks, but seems to have nailed a few we've missed, so a rock solution could be tried. Nicely documented with pictures. How do encounter zones work? It seems a legitimate complaint.
  7. Heck, no. I've easily got dozens and dozens of miscellaneous quests in the log, and do them as I pass by the towns they require. Many things folks tell you aren't nearby (Azura). Or might require a horse. Using my touring carriages extensively, so learn names of towns as I pass by, and stop in them the second time I'm passing. They usually have a quest or two, so I'll do them ASAP. Someday I'm intending to try the civil war, but it's not a good idea to do early, so joining both sides sits in my log for a very long time. Besides, dragons are so much more interesting. The first ti
  8. Pretty much all of this (and more) has long been documented at https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Quest_Timing
  9. I'm one of those who talks to everybody in town. Slowly. Then talk to them again the next time I'm in town. Etc. There is a serious problem with too many concurrent quests. A common script runs every second checking to see whether you are within a radius of a target (dungeon or whatever). I've seen it running 50 or so instances, because my player is scared going into a dungeon until at least level 20 after training bow up to 50 and sword up to 40 and armor up to 30.... A better design (already used in a fair number of places) is the encounter box around the location. They did some of
  10. Learning something new to me. This seems like it should be in USSEP itself.
  11. Yes, in the unpatched game the butterflies will gradually disappear. This is something we fixed years ago.... You need to install USSEP. I did my best to make them refresh, so that wandering down the road and back (or going inside and back) will refresh them.
  12. Well, this isn't the first report that you've not been able to replicate. But it was a problem in MY in-game, or I'd never have noticed it. Nor spent several nights trying to figure out the problem and provide a solution. There are quite a few UESP reports that various NPCs don't appear, where the solution is to exit the cell and come back. I'd previously assumed it was a loading bug, but it could be a random placement bug instead. A lot of those packages have 1000 radius. We probably need to look at all interiors for islands that are outside the building.... (Heck, we probably need to lo
  13. Bought this last Dec/Jan for myself and brothers and nephews, thinking we could multiplayer. But I'm mostly an explorer leaving behind a hut with transporter, the 11 y-o was mostly a base builder, and the 7 y-o preferred being a pirate destroying ships and bases. (I'd have never guessed being a pirate was even an option.) Not much we could really do together. None of us followed the main quest sequence. So I've not played since Jan 14th. Only 120 hours so far. Since then, I've purchased a Valve Index that still doesn't work very well for Skyrim. So it's sitting in its box. But your enthus
  14. 4.2.0-beta has a very odd problem in Windpeak Inn; I could hear singing, but the bard wasn't present. There's a patch to the navmesh that moves an island outside the building. That seems to be where she is hiding. I'm thinking a game file mapping (that xEdit calls NavMeshGrid) is used to place the NPCs during interior initialization. So it mapped the singer outside the Inn into the gray space. (This may also explain why sometimes I see various animals fall out of the sky. Perhaps there are navmesh islands far above the terrain?) I've got a different take that fixed my problem. It kee
  15. To the best of my knowledge, there have never been CTD issues. You may be thinking of Solar's Scenic Carriages. Great ideas, but didn't quite work. Except when the Archive and then CK2 have made bad archives (that it now automatically pushes to Bethesda.net). I've long ago learned to check the archive with BSAopt (or other BSA tools). In any case, those have been quickly reported and fixed. Actually, running TC was able to find issues all over Skyrim, especially navmeshing, much of which have made it into US*P. Kinda like having an automated QA, because it loads so many cells in pass
  16. Oh well, I wish that I'd known all that before spending $1,000+ on the Valve Index. (Skyrim VR was half price on Steam, so saved a little something there.) Not a Reddit consumer. Nor a PlayStation of any vintage; one of the reasons that I'd initially ignored it as not aware Skyrim was out for PC VR. Searched for topics here and at Bethesda.net, didn't see any negative details. The VR topics are quite enthusiastic. Now that I've got the Index, I've also learned that my GTX 1080 isn't powerful enough to handle full graphics, whereas on my 4K OLED it is quite lovely. So Skyrim VR looks
  17. It's been out over a year, which was about how long it took for SKSE64 to be finished. SKSE VR has been out for awhile, and also SkyUI VR. What do we need to get USVRP/USSEP working? Creation Kit 2 can be made to work (according to forum posts), but the scripts don't match. Do we have a good direct contact at Bethesda? The reason that I'm asking is dozens of folks have asked for Touring Carriages VR. So I've recently purchased a Valve Index. OTOH, Steam Charts says that only hundreds of folks are running VR (280 at this moment), relative to the tens of thousands still runni
  18. I'm disappointed that you don't run TC. After all, it was cut content! Real Carriages was one of the first things posted on the Steamworks site, and Bethesda clearly encouraged us to complete it. You gave good advice back in the day, and we used to coordinate, even agreeing that LOOT should load CRF after TC so that changes to the same places worked well together. But the point of all the navmesh tutorial that I've done is to explain how important the border triangles match their vanilla jumps, so that plugins will work nicely together. "Somebody else's problem" handwaving won't fix it.
  19. Product version As I've amply documented, the error is in your navmeshes (plural) at the border with POITundra22 and its adjacent cells on that corner. TC does not alter POITundra22 navmesh. You should not need to run TC to see the NPC problems. As to your other comments, most of the other documented errors in that area are in the non-preferred navmesh, so they probably don't affect any NPCs who don't travel in the non-preferred triangles. They are still egregious errors in the border triangle jump (port) tables, readily visible in xEdit. As to my proposed replacements:
  20. The example shows a specific border crossing error in CRF 3.1.4, and documents others. Is the tutorial insufficiently clear? I'm surprised that you are unable to reproduce. One vanilla follower who isn't working is Faendal (the only one I've tested). If I learn how to make a short 30 second game video (seems to be a new Win10 feature), would that help?
  21. When I have a bit of time, I'll add an explainer for the road, too. After all, the road was the original source of detecting problems. It does not work properly. On the one building that I'd touched, the original navmesh was under the building. I've 'z' raised it to the roof. The roof is next to the ground at the back, so this makes it possible for NPCs to run up the roof. I'd thought it rather clever. But the main reason for cleverness is to prevent the loss of triangles and vertices, so that border triangles aren't renumbered. That is needed, although there are less clever ways to accom
  22. Wow, how soon we forget. Dozens of posts in multiple forae, finding unfinished stuff and creating proposed patches, and of course bugs and their fixes. I've always viewed this as a community effort. Of course, Touring Carriages would be cutting room floor as well, but Khulmann and Solar had shown parts of the way, and by then I'd made it work already. I'm surprised that your followers have no issues. I'd spent considerable time over a week period figuring out the problems. Then a very long, tiring, 15 hour day fixing some of them and repeatedly testing to ensure it worked better.
  23. One down, many more to go. Just in the Frost River area: I've not done them all, but some of them are crucial. My limited fixes thus far are found in: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=27173
  24. Having left the find (control-f) dialogue box open, we simply again Go To triangle 273: Select triangle ('t') the old Triangle 15, and delete ('delete') it. As above, our new triangle 389 will be renumbered to 15. For clarity, I've cycled the view ('w') to navmesh only. First select the older top vertex, then control-select our newer bottom vertex: Join them ('q'), and Finalize (control-F1): We can see that it is now connecting Triangle 273 properly to the adjacent vanilla cell Triangle 237.
  25. To repair, we make a brand new triangle (389) overlay, with the same first two vertices in the same order (24, 40), and the third near the remaining original vertex. In vertex mode ('v'), select 24 by dragging a bounding box around that vertex, then 40 by control-dragging around that vertex, then control-right-click to make the triangle: Now, we need to find (control-f) the desired triangle: This takes us to: Remember the 3 vertices and their order (131, 141, 95), then delete ('delete') it. You'll see in a later picture that triangle 389 we
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