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  1. That's OK. BTW, the new clucking chickens flip and roll away nicely....
  2. Why OnLoad()? I've been removing all my cart OnLoad() and OnCellLoad() events and replacing them with OnCellAttach() -- the load events don't seem very reliable. I've found through extensive debug.log'ing that OnCellAttach() always runs first, then OnLoad(), then OnCellLoad(). But the latter two don't always run (presumably the stuff is cached). Because I'm outdoors, and my carts have multiple pieces and driver and horse, they may cross cell boundaries and not all be in the same cell. So I can do everything that doesn't require any 3D first, then wait, then do anything that requires 3D. That means I have to add a wait loop before doing anything that requires them to actually be loaded. But the wait loop usually never loops, or only loops once. ;/ Wait3D ; returns true on failure /; bool function Wait3D() ; tests show that [Real] was incautious (loop forever, short wait), ; but [Scenic] was overcautious (no loop, wait too long). ; typically, this loop is done 0 or 1 times -- or fails.... ; int looping = 15; 3.0 total [Scenic] / 0.2 [Real] While looping > 0 && (!is3DLoaded() || !tourHorse.Is3DLoaded() || !tourCart.is3DLoaded()) Utility.Wait(0.2) looping -= 1 endWhile if looping <= 0 debug.trace(self + "Game engine has not rendered 3D data, horse and/or carriage may not display properly!") return true ;else ; debug.trace(self + "Wait3D() looping=" + looping) endIf return false endFunction I based the wait loop on existing code that looped forever. Damn Bethesda, never make forever loops!!! And why did you have to wait for 3D anyway in an OnCellLoad() function? All the 3D is loaded -- or maybe you know something I don't?!?!
  3. Umm, nobody is asking for that! We're merely riffing on the implications of more fauna....
  4. Thought I'd add my recent experimenting on baked-in scripts. Scripts that are fragments for packages never go away, and seem to begin executing on a None package with no conditions. Or something. It made no sense. I had 5 quests. I made 5 new quests. I made new quest-specific packages for the new quests, and removed the packages on the old quests (leaving the old quests in place to fulfill the existing pointers to them). Boom! The OnEnd fragments for the old packages! What are they ending??? They aren't running!!! Solution: Keep the old packages, and re-purposed them to the new quests with revised scripts with exactly the same names. Delete the 5 old quests entirely. This leaves dangling pointers to the old quests. Fooey.... Solution: used TES5Edit to renumber the 5 old quests to the 5 new quests, with the packages still in place. That re-filled all the old pointers with new values, but the old pointers were baked into the savefile. Solution: used TES5Edit to renumber all objects that had dangling pointers. They went away with no objections! No script logs! There were still 5 vanilla objects that I'd filled with a single property script with single pointers to the old quests. Used OnPlayerLoadGame() in each new quest to replace those with Self. Caveat: I have no idea whether the dozens of old objects that were renumbered are still in the savefiles (probably not), or their old scripts with baked values are still there on a [None] object (possibly). As long as they don't run and don't complain, I'm OK with that! Nota Bene: This probably only worked because I'd designed everything from the get-go to be removable. And in the beginning, you could remove it and there were no complaints. Everything was a dynamically allocated object. That's no longer true -- all the static local carts folks asked me to add. It was those static carts that were renumbered.
  5. i'm not seeing that. I have only: VM is freezing... VM is frozen Reverting game... Loading game... VM is thawing... EDIT: But I have auto-saves turned off for every option. Auto-saves were my biggest source of crashes.
  6. The die off has been reported for a long time. Between that and the flora problem, Skyrim gets barren pretty fast. TC version 2 also widens the push area some more (another +25 to the radius). The old value was the width of the cart, the new one is about a sheep wider. Since I cut Scenic's push 9 to 5, I've not even been killing chickens! The real problem now is guards; they turn and walk toward you to talk, and get stuck in between the driver and the wheels. But there's no "farthest" actor function, there's only "closest" -- and the driver himself is obviously closer. Oh well, they almost never actually die. Speaking of chickens, it's amazing to hear the clucking as you drive by now! The smallest things.... Good work!
  7. Actually, I had no problems as a Bugzilla user. For one thing, the search and categories worked pretty well. Dunno how it was to administer. Man-o-manischewitz, I've not found the search here useful. And not possible across categories at all. And I hate the status on the lower right. In Firefox, it's very hard to read or scroll. One nice thing about Bugzilla was everything was a message. Status changes, comments, all nice and simple text. None of this scrolley boxes within boxes UI.
  8. I had no problems hand sorting with NMM. The standard launcher then accepted that load order, no problems, and check my 4 steam mods. Then I launched SKSE+SkyUI, also with no problems. I don't yet run with enough mods to bother with BOSS, although I downloaded it today. There are still some log errors I expected to go away. But I see there was another UDGP. Is there anything special we need to do to load these in CK? I've not tried yet, but I always do any navmeshing with USKP loaded above it, to avoid any conflicts there.
  9. Please explain. For Touring Carriages, I'd hoped that folks could remove it and re-add it later. Heck, it was a design goal from the get-go. I used all new form numbers for every object, essentially layering them on the existing base forms. That is, the horses are new forms, but they have an existing form (HorseForCarrriageTemplate) as a base. I'm having to change the underlying form to pick up your new UDGP 2.0 factions, that you put in HorseForCarriageNew -- so I have to use that too. Thus, this is of immediate concern to me.... Anyway, everything disappears after removing the mod. Doesn't that include scripts attached to the objects that disappeared?
  10. He's not clear. I think the final version belongs in 1.3.3 -- that is, 2.5.
  11. Here I was just starting to figure out what needs to be done, and it's already done. I bow to your speed, master!
  12. Agreed. It should have raised his disposition properly.
  13. It backs them up. You have such a long load order, it's going to take awhile. And you are going to have to do it again in a week starting with the new Update.
  14. Although this won't be complete, here's a quick hand comparison of explicitly mentoned matching fixes: Gallus's Encoded Journal No Stone Unturned Ebony Blade Proudspire Manor key Nord Hero Bow (68C57) Purity (Alchemy) perk Japhet's Folly Gharol (Burguk's Longhouse) Matching Set Ancient Knowledge courier (Bug #179)
  15. I asked over on the BS forum, heard nothing, am asking here. What do you need us to look at/test for this beta? I understand we cannot yet look at Source, so it will just be the patches themselves. Please make a list of things to check, and I'm sure we can divide the work up.
  16. I was standing in the Jarl's place in Winterhold and a messenger showed up. They noted the Imperial armor and killed him.
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