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  1. Asking in general, but have a specific case. I'm re-checking my personal list of plugins, before starting a new run with SSE Engine Fixes. Hoping this will allow me to actually finish the game someday.... One of the USSEP changes to [0001B078] Urog is 13 Skin Tone (6). When I copy this change, then load and save in the CK, it reverts this. I've been unable to find an entry in the Version History. Although this probably isn't a crashing issue, still wondering how it came to be? What is it fixing?
  2. After another year, it's time to add SSE Engine Fixes. We'd held off because @alt3rn1ty and @drizzanhad reported problems in May 2018. But it's been continuously updated, the most recent being 23 Jan 2021. This fixed my 500+ hour saved game. Wishing that I'd been using it all along.
  3. Thanks again! It had only been mentioned once here, on a thread that I'd never read before. Using it was somewhat enlightening, although the stack trace is for the save routine as I'd expected. In the bowels of "BGSSaveLoadManager::unk_586DE0+190", specifically "(SkyrimSE.exe+FE434D) unk_FE42D0+7D". I'd previously contacted Support, and hopefully this will spur them to a technical solution. I've loaded it via the "DLL Plugin Loader". But the description prompted me to try "SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)". Something there fixes this bug, although its log doesn't mention anything specific. So it's a known bug.... Maybe we need to update Fixes Recommended in Addition to the USSEP. That would have saved me weeks of grief over a 500+ hour save.
  4. As it turns out, he was dying (February 3, 2021). I'm more concerned that future games won't be readily fixable. Contrary to so many posters, I'm not at all convinced that BGS or M$ are concerned about modding. They make so much money in the first few weeks that the rest is just gravy. The reason that M$ is better these days at Windows security updates is various government entities sued them. I'm not expecting governments to be concerned about fixing games. Indeed, I was unable to get the FTC interested, even when a friend was CTO there and various game platforms were C&C for Internet attacks. There are too few resources and too many problems. Instead, we need a law that allows consumers to sue collectively, regardless of contracts of adhesion.
  5. I'm not sure about the number of dragon scripts running. But there are a lot of scripts running. So it could be something else entirely, running in the background, that just happens to do something that makes the game un-savable at that point in time. I've tried only taking a few specific objects from the dragon, one at a time. Tedious testing. Doesn't help. But again, not on the save after taking anything. Only after quitting to desktop and then loading that save. So there's an apparently good load, that won't save, even though I've done absolutely nothing! Also, this ony happens on a load after quit to desktop. It doesn't happen on a continue/load from Main Menu. Although eventually I'll quit the game, and then will experience the crash on my next save another day. (That's what actually happened, it took me days to work backward to the crashing point.) Moreover, I'd never load from System Menu, because I'd read long ago that was bad. Skyrim doesn't clean itself up entirely. Now we know it doesn't clean itself entirely at the Main Menu either. Oh how I wish we had better debugging tools. And that Skyrim itself didn't crash without leaving a messagebox explanation. What we need is a law that says "If the vendor doesn't fix bugs, they have to release the source so that users can debug and fix them." We've been talking about that for years in security circles, because of so many worms infecting non-updating consumer devices. But it should also apply to other software.
  6. Aha, that's why it started working! Was thinking there was something wrong with my cable, or that I'd done something else stupid, but it was a driver problem.... I'd bought it because it had G-sync explicilty specified on the box.
  7. Had given up on Skyrim for a few months. But here again, hoping that somebody has an idea. Are there crash debugging tools to figure out where in the save routine it is crashing? After all, folks were doing reverse engineering for SKSE and Engine Fixes, so there must be some useful tools somewhere? Or is it usual for Skyrim to simply become unstable and die?
  8. Need help. This is a bit complicated, and took days to work through backwards. Level 42, I killed my second dragon (an Elder dragon) near Windhelm. I don't know why, as random dragons aren't supposed to happen during Blade in the Dark. It must be protecting a Word Wall somewhere nearby. I've got a good save, just after looting the dragon. I can run from that save, and make more saves. If I quit to desktop, and later load any one of those additional saves, it loads, but when I try to save again, the game makes a zero length file and crashes to desktop. I've re-tested from the save just after absorbing the soul, but before looting the dragon. That save doesn't seem to have the problem. It may have something to do with looting the dragon? Any ideas?
  9. I run Firefox with NoScript. It works just fine. Just tell it afkmods.com is trusted. Both www. and afktrack. are handled properly. All the little doodads work. Also, I've set Firefox to throw away all cookies every time it exits. That seems to help a lot of sites. But I've switched to Chrome for nexusmods, as that seems to work better there these days. Try switching to Chrome? Don't give up. We need your bug reports, IIRC they were helpful in the past. Now that Morrowind is here, there will be more to do, and a halfway decent bugtracker is essential.
  10. Cool. Didn't understand the necessary changes in the retro script anyway. This is the third time around. Perhaps an explanation, here or in the source?
  11. Did we have a serious problem? I've sorta been waiting to proceed, expecting the beta to go live by the 29th.
  12. About Ugor: USKP 1.1 made her Protected in the related DA06 quest. She was not protected in vanilla. You might make a note of that in your summary. Atub was also made DA06 Protected, but that doesn't show up in the version history. In USKP 1.2.5, Ugor's level was raised to match Atub, because she dies too easily against the fixed level 32 giants. For some odd reason, the Protection state doesn't always kick in on time? This problem only occurs when the player passes by at low levels. (Such as riding a Touring Carriage from Riverwood to Riften the first time.) It was readily reproducible. Note that Gularzob was made DA06 essential in USKP 2.0.8. Contra USKP 1.3.3, Ugor is a female.
  13. Not exactly. The raised dead properly turn into piles of goo, the pseudo-zombies lie around as dead bodies, as does the necromancer. Sadly, not much we can do about an engine bug. Thought they needed the dead body cleanup script or something. There's a spot East of Stonehills where a wizard fights a couple of bandits (and usually loses) near a crashed wagon the first time you pass by, and those all cleanup nicely. (While the dead horse and dead wizard in the wagon do reset, although that's a bit odd.) I'd hoped there was something we could do here to match. The only reason that I'd noticed was my Touring Carriage runs over them as speed bumps to and from Windstad. This is actually my very first comprehensive play through, although I've played up to various stages in the past to test....
  14. No, this is only partially correct. I've checked. There are 2 living bandits (000299f7, 0008b706) and 3 initially dead bandits (000299f5, 000235db, 000235dd); one with her head poorly placed under the bed. The necromancer (000235d6) has a script defaultOwnZombie that adds the living bandits to its faction. They will not fight each other. UESP is wrong. I'll fix it. The necromancer will also resurrect one (and only one) of the dead bandits. The problem that I'd reported is the killed necromancer and 3 killed bandits do not ever cleanup. After looting, they all reload with the cell 10 days later, naked with a pickaxe. Very strange. Inside Ustengrav, there are 4 living bandits. Likewise, they are all defaultOwnZombie of a necromancer (0002820e). After death, these killed necromancers and killed bandits do clean up after only a day or so, even though they are also in a no reset zone. In both places, the initially dead bandits never cleanup. My desire was that the killed exterior NPCs cleanup the same as the killed interior NPCs. Maybe that's not possible? Maybe the killed interior NPCs aren't supposed to cleanup?
  15. Inside Ustengrav interior, which never resets, US*P fixed the cleanup problem. The spawning leveled NPCs cleanup after a day or so, although the initially dead bodies remain. My recent "Issue #29339: Ustengrav exterior NPCs not cleaning up" was closed as not a bug. These leveled NPCs (2 bandits and a wizard) outside are in UstengravZone, which never resets. Is there no similar way to cleanup? Moreover, inside Ustengrav the wizards and bandits are fighting. Outside, according to UESP, "When you first approach the campsite, the bandits will be attacked by a necromancer." Now they do not attack each other, and all attack the player instead. Is a US*P change responsible?
  16. Yeah, we've known that for several years. Personally don't have any machines where it is enabled. But what does that mean for games that use(d) flash. Will Bethesda come out with updates using modern (and less buggy) technology? Enquiring minds want to know....
  17. The same price and bugs as any Bethesda release?
  18. MGCollegeLectures still have some bugs after all these years. I've got some script fixes. The original was an OnUpdate that ran every 30 seconds forever after you joined the college (MG01). Other scripts used OnUpdateGameTime. Shroob fixed that stuff. But his script doesn't have needed tests to prevent infinite loops in several (admittedly rare) conditions. Just basic defensive programming. Also, there's a bug fix for Arniel Gane, preventing attending lectures during Under Saarthal. Tolfdir is in even more scenes. Shouldn't he also be prevented from attending? Moreover, if a scene fails for any reason, the chain of registrations fails, as the registration is in the final stage of each scene. There's no way to restart the lecture series. Therefore, I've a nagging feeling that it should be a Story Manager event, whenever the player re-enters the college location after joining, that quits when the player leaves. It cannot be good to run scenes over and over in the background forever. Any interest in that change? Or should we just leave it to fail?
  19. Good logic, I like it. Besides, I've never played ESO. Just noticed it on UESP, was thinking we'd made a mistake. Since we've done a fair job of documenting, and we know that Bethesda sometimes checks UESP for Lore, the onus is on them. I'll see what UESP folks will allow in the Lore section.
  20. It sounds vaguely like the ISP or XBox or something is caching old HTTP 1.0 Cache-Control lines. So we can assume that bulk data transfer is using HTTP instead of TCP itself. (A braindead inefficient technique.) HTTP wasn't designed for this. A lot of caching was fixed in HTTP 1.1 (1997), but perhaps XBox or Spectrum isn't using even 1.1. Yet should have been updated to RFC-7234 (2014). We really expect that products update at least in 3 years, so this should have updated at least twice since then. Very sad. My guess is the modem & router & WiFi resets have nothing to do with it.
  21. What should we do about Redbelly Mine? We did a lovely job with the mist and swapping ores, and a red mist makes more sense for an iron mine. But I've just noticed on UESP that ESO has it as an ebony mine. Maybe the current correct answer would be to swap back and change Grogmar's Mine Ore to pay for ebony instead? [EDIT] Nevermind, a whole host of other voiced dialogue would have to say ebony, too. Should we file a bug report with Bethesda?
  22. My guess was that founder Robert Altman (of BCCI fame) wants to retire; reportedly he's been talking about it for some time. Or their Arab oil money funders are backing out. Or their private equity partners want to cash out. It probably has nothing to do with current profitability or cash flow.
  23. We're not even in Skyrim anymore. Skyrim SE has something detecting that scripts have been removed, and on load says the save is corrupt. Scripts for some objects that don't exist anymore leave trails in the papyrus log that (unlike removed variables) never go away. Yet it is not consistent. Activators can be removed safely. Markers can be removed safely. Quests can be removed safely. But removed packages used by the removed quests somehow have their scripts in some permanent list. While CK2 will automatically add currently used scripts to the archive list, every modder has to remember to include some scripts in the bsa that aren't used anymore. It is a royal PITA. We really need a community effort to decode the save files, so they can be cleaned. Possibly harder than the datafile decode effort.
  24. I've made a light version, with only TC as a master. The CK wouldn't do it, mucked it up completely, so I've used SSEEdit. Do I need to rename the suffix to .esl as well, or is setting the bit good enough?
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