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  1. What about meh321 Bug Fixes and Crash Fixes? The former includes the aforementioned Lip Sync fix. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76747/? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72725/?
  2. Verified Solitude Sawmill and HalfMoon Mill now working (in my recent game). Didn't have a recent save with Heartwood Mill, so I'll have to check that later. Thanks!
  3. Checked Heartwood Mill. You increased the [74690] HeartwoodMillGrostaSawmillSandbox0x0 radius from 256 to 512. (I cannot find this in the log.) Oops! Same problem as above, needs to stay 256. Worse, you added "less than 256" to both the [7468c] Load and [74691] Saw packages. Again, make those 512. Also, move the [746c9] HeartwoodMillIdleMarker up to the right side of the mill (it is out in the yard), equidistant between the 2 levers, matching my HalfMoon suggestion above. Now this should work!
  4. Checked HalfMoon Mill. Hert is working great in 3.0.6 beta. OTOH, Hern only sometimes works the mill. You moved his sandbox [83d22] WorkIdleMarker up to the left side of the mill (in 3.0.5), as it was much too far away. But the vanilla [83d23] SandboxWorking radius is 512 -- and you also added a new condition radius of "less than 512" to both Hern's [83d21] LoadLog and [83d1e] SawLog. So he walks up to the outer distance, and randomly isn't quite close enough to the levers. Change the [83d23] SandboxWorking radius to 256 and it will work better. I'd also move the sandbox [83d22] WorkIdleMarker over to the right side of the mill, equidistant between the 2 levers, where it is on some other mills.
  5. Checked Solitude Sawmill, watched for a game day, and without those 2 log packages that I gave you and the tweak to his schedule, Kharag doesn't saw at night nor talk to Jorunn in the evening. Your Work package has him stand and sit at markers in the vicinity, but he never pulls the levers in my game. I've not checked all the sawmills, and so far every one I've checked has a pair of sawing packages. [Edit: checked them all, and this is the only one missing them.]
  6. Speaking as another author, yes, always check against each new version of the Unofficial Patches. I'm still making periodic updates for compatibility. I've had a number of reports of incompatibility between JK's Skyrim and Touring Carriages. So I checked today. USLEEP modified one triangle vertex in 000f1a86. JK modifies all over the place. The real problem is the cell border. JK renumbers a lot of border triangles. There's a link table that connects border triangles by number. That means NPCs will be walking along, and suddenly try to step from one cell edge into a renumbered triangle in the middle of the next cell. The game engine doesn't like this. Solitude is even worse. JK has cell border links that jump to 4 NON-EXISTANT adjacent triangles, given its own navmesh changes. (Must have made changes and then deleted them and didn't Finalize.) You'll CtD every time! Also, there are new navmesh islands in WinterholdExterior01. This is a place an NPC will get stuck, because they cannot move, having no links to an adjacent triangle. All in all, JK Skyrim may be pretty, but adds a lot of incompatibilities and wasn't navmeshed well.
  7. Had a vampire attack in Solitude. There was a stack overflow. After this, nobody left their houses, forever. This is a bit odd. I entered Solitude (the second time), Level 8, about midnight. That's when then vampires were generated. (I can run across town and they start up.) What I actually had done was immediately enter Winking Skeever, buy a bed, and sleep for 6 hours. So the vampires don't start up until I cross town later in the morning -- after everybody is active.
  8. Just what I needed for all my Linux applications.... Instead, I could simply run Linux! (I do, and I currently work for RedHat.) Better yet, we need a *nix version of Skyrim, and then I wouldn't have this single Windows machine (that is only used to run Skyrim). Technically, I could also play my other Steam games such as Civ, but they run on my Macbook Pro.
  9. I understand that USLEEP doesn't move the landscape. I didn't say landscape. Heck, I wrote that Bethesda is doing "groundscaping" in the video. By "terrain and objects", I meant "Placement/Layout/Ownership and other World Object Fixes" – no-brainer stuff to copy out of USLEEP – that will otherwise need to be re-checked for USLEEP to ensure that Bethesda didn't adjust the landscape or otherwise conflict. I'm the DayDreamer, I can dream....
  10. Since they are obviously doing groundscaping, do we have any contacts to arrange adding all the USLEEP terrain and object fixes? Those would be really easy to update, no thought involved. Even more important, quest and package fixes?!?! Of course, those require more thought....
  11. Many thanks Gruftlord, alt3rn1ty, and Imstearn. I reinstalled the drivers again (although Experience said I was up-to-date). Also changed both skyrim*.exe with the control panel to Performance. I'd never have thought about looking under 3D tab for this, as this is not 3D related. Mine looked a bit different than your picture; it showed "power" instead of "global". And I'd already set my Power control panel to Performance. Didn't do a regression test, so don't know which change fixed the problem, but it seems to be better now. Still a bit different than before, but as you say that's probably W10 issue.
  12. Now I have Bagrak standing outside the Silverblood Inn in Markarth, merely talking about her mother (as usual). At least she's from the same side of the country.
  13. Yes, I'm using Performance setting, same as W7. It seemed to preserve that during installation. Cannot find any settings. W10 install did remove the current (May 2016) drivers, but I've already re-updated them. Apparently, my nVidia drivers support DX12, the oldest variants that do (Fermi). Maybe it's just that the Skyrim game itself was written for 9.0c? When I bought the card, it already supported DX11. So Bethesda was aiming for rather old DirectX version. Maybe the recently announced Skyrim Reloaded will improve things.
  14. I got caught by this. (Having been forced into W10, I'm just now reading this thread.) I'm a long-time Mac and BSD and Linux programmer, so this is my only Windows PC. I only use this PC for Skyrim. (I used to also use it for Quicken, because they stopped supporting it on MacOSX, but then they finally came out with a new Mac version.) Since I only run this machine roughly every other weekend, and didn't have automatic W7 updates on, I thought it was safe. But ran my manual W7 update a week ago Friday, and it seems to have scheduled an overnight update. Thanks very much for the OP, very helpful! So far, the only thing I've noticed is my machine runs more quietly during Skyrim. Unlike W7, I think W10 is using the Intel on-board GPU, and merely using the GTX570 for speedup. (I'm plugged into the GTX HDMI port, not the motherboard HDMI, so it should be using the GTX. W7 would only use the GTX, and had the fan going pretty vigorously.) But the quietness has a price. Stepping out from shops in Solitude causes the movement display to be very jittery, until the loading catches up. Anybody know of a setting to force the GTX to be more active?
  15. Nope. I've examined as many quests as I can guess might be related, but no joy. It's either a mistake in a script variable somewhere, or a bad selector on a quest alias. I'm not sure how to scan the data files to figure that out. I'm throwing up my hands and moving on. If anybody can help, have pile of saves.
  16. I'm trying a run of 3.0.3 (started as 3.0.2b). After exiting Solitude down the windmill tower, and gathering flowers toward Dainty Sload, as I come back down the road toward the docks, Yatul appears. Completely reproducible. All she does is stand and deliver her general idle lines. Unlike a few years ago, this is not sleeping. I've tried figuring out which package is running, got -1. Any ideas on how to debug? UPDATE: This might somehow be related to LIGHTS OUT! I've never put out the light. If I walk all the way past the Dainty Sload path to the snow line, she does not appear. Depending how far up the road I walk, she appears in different places, back to the dock stair. My guess is she's supposed to be somebody else, to taunt or encourage me.
  17. I hadn't tried the game for such a long time, the owned containers really took me by surprise. In the past, I'd come loaded down with stuff (from Helgen, for example) and dump it temporarily into the first barrel seen. I had to hunt all around Riverwood before I found a couple of unowned barrels. (And they probably should be owned.) However, even with owned stuff (once friendly) I did have a boy say "That was just sitting there for taking, wish I'd thought of that."
  18. Function TetherToHorse() works on a cart once and only once. After loading, or re-attaching a cell during the game, you have to replace the old cart in place, then tether: tourCart.DisableNoWait() ObjectReference newCart = tourCart.PlaceAtMe(TourCartPassengers, abInitiallyDisabled = true) tourCart.Delete() tourCart = newCart tourCart.Enable() Wait3D() // loop on !tourCart.is3DLoaded() tourCart.SetMotionType(tourCart.Motion_Dynamic) tourCart.TetherToHorse(tourHorse) Before onPlayerLoadGame(), this was a hopeless situation. Second bug, the attachment status is either not saved or loaded. Therefore, although you can save during a ride, you cannot successfully re-load. Also means the idea of having autonomous carriages passing you (or visibly moving in the distance) quits working on save/load.
  19. On mine, it turns out the function GetOffersServicesNow isn't set to 1 yet. Now, I have to figure where it's set....
  20. I'm reporting that he's not running his normal stuff just fine! I've re-run through this many (8) times from entering the building, and now he never has the sales and alchemy lines. I'm also wondering whether stopping the conversation in the middle was actually his sales lines kicking on, rather than a stray Goodbye flag. Esthetically, his Innkeeper door greeting should be first, as Delphine isn't in the room yet. She comes out of her bedroom as you walk up the length of the inn. She should start talking after the door greeting. It would improve the timing, and be easier to hear as you get nearer. Looks like this is somewhat complicated interaction with Story Manager versus quest aliases filling slowly. We have a win (random door greeting), and a loss (Innkeeper dialogue stalled). Possibly a missing Allow Reserved flag on the alias?
  21. New Game with 2.1.3a, there were enough [NR] since 2.0.8 that I figured it was time. All those barrels in RIverwood not being free anymore sure makes the early game even harder! Figured out that I'd better talk to Alvor, so that his freindship allows the one outside his door to store Helgen stuff temporarily. But I'm here to note that Orgnar doesn't always have his innkeeper sales dialogue (or his alchemy dialogue either). Had to talk to him at least 3 times before it showed up. Never saw this problem before! He does properly greet (one of several greetings) now, although you have to hang around the door to get it. Delphine's "Orgnar, Orgnar" seems to take precendent. There's an extra Goodbye flag somewhere, as he kicked me off the conversation after one of the rumors. Where should I look for fixing this problem?
  22. To update this, now that we know what all the bits in NAVM are, it is possible to merge things manually. But very difficult. And you have to do things 1 (or very few) triangle at a time, save, load in CK, select a vertex, and save again -- which will update the NAVM blocks at the end, and the NAVI. In fact, after even ITM cleaning that removes a NAVM, you have to save, load in CK, select a vertex, and save again. TES5Edit dosn't clean the corresponding NAVI, so you have to induce CK to do it. This is a step usually left out of cleaning descriptions.
  23. While that's true, I remember that the first time I cleaned my main files, I'd tried cleaning them all at once. Had to restore and do it over one-at-a-time. Basically, it's not obvious. Could there be a check, something like I know what I'm doing, when more than 1 active subject is involved? Or only ever clean the 1 active subject, never anything above it?
  24. Not having logged in over a month, today it correctly removed my 6 SMIM subscriptions (leaving the files) and downloaded the single SMIM. Checked the files you mentioned, and both look OK.
  25. I'd also voted against. Originally, I refused to buy the DLC, saying I'd only buy them after Bethesda fixed all the bugs in the base game. But my Touring Carriages project required me to figure out how to handle the DLC, too -- simply to avoid conflicts. Eventually, I was able to buy them for 50%. But I still haven't played them yet. So I'm with Jumps-Down-Stairs and Screwball. Not surprising, as we've long held similar views and efforts. (OTOH, I've used SkyUI since its release, and the SKSE memory patch since its release.) [Heavy sigh] But I won't be able to avoid USLP. Otherwise, too many comments to answer for TC. Thank goodness it won't be for awhile.
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