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  1. My ‘Rank’ has increased to Brother, the site bot says.

    Brother!  Me…a brother?  I think not sweeties.  How annoying!  Sister is more appropriate don’t you think?

    I would also accept Goddess, Queen, Empress, Highness and Exalted Lovliness.


    1. DayDreamer


      You didn't set your Profile gender? Apparently, the software defaults to male.

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  2. I just uninstalled Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, got Steam to delete my Steam account, and uninstalled Steam.

    Wrye Bash, LOOT, SKSE and all the xEdit tools no longer live on my HD.

    Bethesda modding support now ceased completely, all mods and backup files deleted from my HDs.

    Freeeeeedom! :)

    1. DayDreamer


      I'm having much the same feeling. The CK tells where the navmesh are bad and so many other things, and they don't run their own tools. When Dawnguard came out, I wrote that I'm not buying an expansion until they fix their bugs. Then later had to buy all the DLC to be able to keep up with the Unofficial Patches. But I'll never buy a CC, even though some of them look interesting. At my usual billable rate, I've put over $400,000 of time into the game. Never again. But starting with 11.11.2018, I've doing my first (and probably only) run-through with only my mods, USSEP, and CRF. After over a month and ~123 hours, I'm almost to level 20, and not even started Bleak Falls Barrow. There's so much to the game!

      Anyway, I've appreciated your reviews of other games. I'll be trying them eventually. Nice to know there are developers who stand behind their products. The one good thing is that fixing Bethesda games has built a fine community. Hope it lasts.

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  3. What is with the obsession over AIO versions of everything under the sun lately? Trying to play with 250+ mods is always problematic, why do that to yourself?

    1. DayDreamer


      I was wondering what was the issue with Asynchronous I-O? Took me awhile to figure out All-in-One (AiO). Didn't know it was a thing. But I run with only 18 slots filled, 5 of which are my own plugins, and the rest are mainly Arthmoor's and the game itself.

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