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  1. Could you place a warning at the top of the cleaning pages here? I didn't know, and only recently noticed obvious problems that caused me to search and find the warnings. This needs to be prominently documented somewhere. Reload after death is probably important. Personally, I'm a rather tediously cautious role player, and rarely die. Simply by not doing a quest as soon as it is offered. By rule of thumb, wait at least 10 levels after it is offered. Unfortunately, there are some severe surprises, such as opponents that are always 1.2 or even 1.5 times your level. That's sma
  2. I've tested with the bAllTargetsInTrigger unchecked and the disable after enter checked. Because it's in an interior, there's no significant difference, other than now cleaning up the trigger itself afterward. The package order and trigger box seem to be organized so that this wouldn't trigger with the occupants sleeping. But they don't lock the door. That's a bug. All that seems to happen is they are standing in different places, yet still allow you to buy/sell immediately anyway. You can enter in the middle of the night and be invited to step up to the counter. That's another bug.
  3. I've tested a new game with the bAllTargetsInTrigger unchecked. The result is subtle. Instead of it happening as soon as the player enters, it happens after both the player and Hadvar (in my case) enter. That is, ever so slightly later. However, carefully leave the disable flag unchecked. The disable is done by a parent. That seems to be an exclusive parent for this box. Maybe a naive design mistake. Or they added the disable after enter to the script sometime after designing Helgen. Looking around Helgen, they've used this same box+script with only the player in multiple places. Els
  4. On my third test run, the problem has gone away. I'd made only 3 changes: I've reverted to original data. I've not run SSEEdit Autoclean on any of the original game files. Scrambled Bugs (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43532) instead of Flora Respawn Fix. This patch fixes the engine problem directly, instead of running tens of thousands of OnUpdate events (that add tens of thousands of new objects). Always Quit to Desktop before Load (Continue). The engine is not correctly cleaning up before Load. Only Quit to Desktop seems to ensure the environmen
  5. Has setup bug discussed in https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5769-defaultsetstageonenter-running-with-no-actors/ This scene's packages have timing conditions. When the player enters the trigger, they speak their lines from elsewhere (depending on time of day). It likely should use a different trigger, just as https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5775-windhelmintroscenestarttrigger-startscenetriggerspecifictime/ This quest has two nearly identical scripts: QF_DialogueMarkarthBlacksmith_00025F00 QF_DialogueMarkarthIntroBlack_00025F00 AFAICT, neithe
  6. Issue #31293: DialogueLeftHandMineIntroScene running with missing actors https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=31293
  7. I'd long held out and avoided upgrading my old CDMA flip phone. (I'd consulted for Qualcomm on Internet over CDMA in '93-95, and was a principal author of CDMA IS-99.) But Verizon stopped supporting it, so I'd finally had to change. Based on recommendations by friends, bought a Pixel. The first (and so far only) thing that I've downloaded is Signal. Some of my collaborators (Phil Karn, Perry Metzger, Niels Provos) had insisted on it. Once I'd installed it, discovered that nearly everybody in my existing contact list already was using Signal.
  8. No matter how many Bug reports we file, nothing ever seems to get fixed. Lately, some folks are reverse engineering and making patches. But it would be better to get Bethesda/Zenimax/Microsoft to open source the program, as they are egregiously not supporting it. Github is now owned by Microsoft, so that would be appropriate to host. Back in the day, id software open sourced its old technology. Although that was before acquisition by Zenimax. Do we have any contacts within Bethesda/Microsoft?
  9. It's strange that so many very badly done mods get a lot of endorsements. There's no good way on nexusmods to downgrade or warn anybody. It's not technically "Abuse", so I'm reluctant to use that report button. Am I wrong? In another case, Leaf Rest, it isn't obviously broken until you load it in CK and xEdit and study what they've done (after confiict reports over 8 years). Breaking 2 significant quests, because they accidentally cut and pasted (instead of copy and paste) doors they wanted to use, so those doors are now missing in Riften. All the NPCs gradually congregate (get stuck) in
  10. I'd thought I'd attached a pair of save files, before and after. My mistake. I'd reported it in the bug tracker, but I'm unable to find the connection either. Hoping that others will test. I'm raising it here, because we don't get enough eyeballs on the tickets. Also you closed it saying I'm using a save editor, which is false. That new runthrough does use SSE Engine Fixes. I'm unsure how it could have bolloxed any setstage across quests. But it does fix the savegame issue that ended my previous long run. There are some terrible programming errors in the vanilla game. Did you ac
  11. A smaller trigger works much better, for several reasons. Malthyr doesn't have far to go, so 7.75 works well. Brunwulf has farther, but stops several times and looks back and forth as he walks, so 7.25 is about right. However, Brunwulf's regular 7 am package has him walking toward the inn for breakfast, and at 7:15 (7.25) he turns around and walks back. Setting 7.5 for Malthyr and 7.0 for Brunwulf gets them to their markers a bit early, but looks more natural. Yet there's another bug. The script merely checks: if (triggerActor == None || actronaut as actor == triggerActor) The trig
  12. USKPChangeLocation10 has an alias for the trigger, making it persistent, throwing an error in the log.... But that's not the main problem. This scene is incredibly hard to hear. This trigger box is so large, the conversation is nearly over before the player is within hearing distance. Another problem is that it is timed. But the trigger box start time is the same as the package start times. So Malthyr and Brunwulf begin walking toward their markers at 8. They arrive at different times within the hour. If the player has entered the trigger at any time before they arrive at their marke
  13. I've never used a save editor. Arthmoor is confusing me with somebody else. Anyway, I'd included 2 saves. And the console command to verify the quest status. Easy to reproduce.
  14. Location change. https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=30480
  15. Yes. Sadly, I'd just started my new run the day before this came out. If I'd known, I'd have started again. Now, I'm too far down the road to test it. Oh well, what's another 144 hours. Starting a new runthrough. Aren't meh321 and aers - Nukem - Ryan working together anymore? Combined with SSE Engine Fixes patch would be better and easier to document.
  16. I've gotten reports that it no longer works with Touring Carriages, the horse comes to a dead stop. I've checked the navmesh, and there are a lot of missing Found flags. Applying script "Skyrim - Check edge links in navmeshes"
  17. Sadly, Bethini prioritized performance over function. As an example, as you ride/run down vanilla roads, vegetation will gradually fill in before you. Bethini makes things pop-in instead. And of course, I'm biased. Bethini doesn't work with Touring Carriages (it slows the NPC package execute rate).
  18. Converted it to Story Manager, with condition CWGarrisonEnableMarkerSonsDawnstar [REFR:0002C77C] is enabled, to match what US*P had already done. Control-F changed to defaultSetStageTRIGPlayerOnly using defaultSetStageTrigSCRIPT, copy over the script fields, initially disabled. Works perfectly the next time you enter Dawnstar exterior. (Didn't bother to move the NPC packages to the scene, although it would make the game slightly more efficient.)
  19. Turns out, that's how this one is already setup. It simply has the wrong trigger box. Control-F changed to defaultSetStageTRIGPlayerOnly using defaultSetStageTrigSCRIPT, copy over the script fields, works perfectly.
  20. As I'd mentioned, my conclusion is based upon instrumentation. There are several vanilla debug lines that can be activated, and I'd added others. But nothing readily showed that bAllTargetsInTrigger stayed forever true. That's some kind of game engine bug. I'm fairly sure we've seen that in the past, but so many bugs over so many years.... Thus, all of these problems are because of a pair of game engine bugs as mentioned above: a property staying forever true, and the 2016 discovery that NPCs entering a trigger via teleport won't run the event. I've begun a survey of all the other pl
  21. Incorrect. The targetCountCurrent includes all 3 NPCs plus the player. See onTriggerEnter() and modTargetCount(). The script is running before the player arrives. The log shows that it runs for 2 NPCs, then later for the player. Presumably the NPC that isn't triggering it arrives via loading door (Skald). However, the setstage 10 running the scene only happens at the first NPC. That's when they start talking, even though nobody else is yet present.
  22. The property bAllTargetsInTrigger is persistent. Once the game is started, or more precisely the cell is loaded and OnInit() has run, clearing the property doesn't fix this.
  23. I'm documenting a design flaw that I've been unable to fix thus far. Some time ago, I'd posted a bug report about: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=26482 defaultOnEnter.psc script issues with trigger enable parent There are 2 instances in Dawnstar. In both cases, the scenes run before the player arrives. If you run there fast enough, you can hear them in the distance talking as they walk toward their markers. I'd instrumented them, and discovered that they were running with no actors. This should be impossible. I'd thought that the problem was
  24. The simplest fix worked OK, although the window for them is after Brynolf and before Tonilla. Later conversations now make more sense after hearing the background. Comments such as "You're making waves around here" are conditioned on completion of TG01. That is rather early, as you will never even meet them before then. Any opinions on changing to completion of a later quest, such as TG02, 03, 04? What should be the condition for "I've never seen anyone with skills like yours"? It's Rune, who is not a trainer. Nevertheless every other person in the room has better skills than mine at
  25. Definitely US*P. I've found various Trainer edits where US*P already checked whether the player was currently in good standing with the guild. These affect the same entries. They shouldn't provide training until you've achieved good standing, but it's a different global. However, Niruin was missed. So I'll include him in the fix. Of course, a better design would not have used globals, and checked for a stage completion. But that would be a lot more edits now.
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