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  1. That guy has 0 files, 0 endorsements given, 0 kudos and lots of posts where he does nothing but complain about how mod X is made. Meaning that he takes from the community and never gave anything in return. I have a name for these people: leeches. He's already blocked from all of my mods. He also knows nothing about modding, just ignore him.
  2. Downloaded video at 1080p 60 fps [no audio] if anyone want to eviscerate it. There are birds, CURVED BIRDS. And here are a few wallpapers: TES6TeaserNoAudio.mp4
  3. Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION Wonder why you can harvest all common plants but you can't search bushes, ferns and other uncommon plants? Wonder no more. Harvest for alchemical ingredients all plants such as pines, bushes, ferns, etc. Feature of the YASH2 overhaul, now published as a standalone mod by users request. All plants will drop vanilla ingredients such as mushrooms found under ferns, hawk feathers stuck in a bush, butterflies, etc. Different plants drop different ingredient sets, which also depend on the area you are in. All plants respawn on cell respawn. The chance to find something is set at 50%. Pines will sometime drop Pine Resin, which can be used either as an alchemical ingredient or as a crafting ingredient to create Incendiary Arrows at the forge: Fire Salts + Firewood + Iron Ingot + Pine Resin = 20 arrows. Since the people of Skyrim seem to lose anything while wandering around the woods there is also a small chance to find hidden small treasures while searching bushes and ferns. The mod can be installed and uninstalled at will mid-game. COMPATIBILITY Mods that touch plants will most likely require a compatibilty patch. Flora Respawn Fix -- version 2.1.3 Compatibility patch not required. Freshly Picked SSE -- version 1.0 Compatibility patch not required. Harvest Overhaul Redone - Now with creatures -- version 0.9.2 Compatibility patch not required. Skyrim Flora Overhaul SE -- version 2.72a Compatibility patch required, see Download section. FAQ Will you make a Legendary Edition version? No. Is this mod scripted? No. Will it break my game if I uninstall it mid-game? No. Is it compatible with Ordinator? No.
  4. Version 2.14


    The fastest and lightest Skyrim overhaul ever made Old-style roleplaying overhaul. Your game. My vision. Yash is a Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit word that means success, splendor, grandeur, magnificence, prominence, illustriousness, majesty, distinction, luxury, renown, eminence and fame.
  5. Ah so that's why there are no issues in game, it's because it uses the template anyway. Good to know! And I have now removed the spell list flag as well. Ty.
  6. Because I have hundreds of them and I don't want my mod to unnecessarily grow in size.
  7. Ok, my concern was more about the ESP itself, not the facegen data files. At any rate I have spawned that NPC in game and everything looks normal to me. No black face, no mismatched face/body colors when she's naked, no missing eyes, nothing. I can't tell any difference either with and without those subrecords. Of course I have removed all facegen data files before testing. I also tried with several other NPC that get the same treatment by the CK. So I'd say I'm good and I don't really have to worry about it?
  8. Is there any way to avoid this? All I did in these NPC was altering their level and replacing a spell and every time I save the ESP in the CK head parts data, textures and tint layers get all messed up. Carrying over the master records in xEdit is useless, as the next time I save the mod in the CK they will be altered once again.
  9. Then I guess players will have to live with this.
  10. Found it. I told you there was something wrong with those specific 4 guys, they were broken. Wanna laugh? I AM THE ONE WHO BROKE THEM: I have no idea where these edits come from. Only thing that comes to mind, they may be old UP records that I've carried over and didn't remove upon further UP updates. At any rate I have now removed them, no need anymore to add that ability conditions and everything works flawlessly. One way or the other, the UP are always to blame edit: no, wait, I got it all wrong. Those edits appear there when I add the conditions to the ability. Aaargh I give up on trying to understand how this thing works. Whatever. Conditions are there, no more log spam, problem solved.
  11. I have this runtime patcher that changes a lot of items weights on game load, it mostly deals in *decreasing* the weights, so if you were almost overencumbered when you saved and exited the game to desktop, upon the next run you might find yourself overencumbered until the patcher has finished its task. Which is fine, but you also find out that even though you're not overencumbered anymore when the script has finished its task and the weights have been reduced, you can't run until you push the attack button [yeah, I'm serious]. Is there any way to prevent this and give the engine a "kick" so that there's no need to push the button?
  12. Thanks, saved for future reference. However, since the whole point was to avoid log spam [I like my logs clean as a whistle] the CK condition will be more than enough.
  13. That's exactly what I'm doing. Actor actorRef Event OnEffectStart(actor akTarget, actor akCaster) actorRef = akTarget *snip* Event WhateverEvent if ( actorRef != None) do stuff
  14. Actually I'm not running anything directly on those actors. My script runs on those only because it purposely runs on all NPC of their race, no exceptions [it's attached to the MGEF of a SPEL attached to the race of their base NPC]. And no, they are not properties in my script, they are untouched vanilla references.
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