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  1. On a completely random note, yay for girlfriends winning competitions. Free Logitech gear:G35 headphonesUE600 earphonesHarmony One Universal RemoteThe G35's (after an hour or so of usage) seem good, at least in Skyrim compared to my old Zalman 6 channel headphones. I'll have to try them in an FPS sometime soon to see how they go.
  2. Sacrificed the requisite chicken ? I know it isn't strictly required, but I've worked on enough hardware to know it certainly helps...
  3. Well, only ever liked portal, and opened a gaming bar near me. Mana BarIn general though, a terrible place to pick up chicks, I have to admit.
  4. Been reading through this thread and figured I'd post this. :PAdmittedly, not properly valid since I'm at work.
  5. Similarly, ATI beta:ATI Beta Driver
  6. Hey,Newish here, and unfortunately I haven't got anywhere near the time to read the 100 odd page Skyrim thread (I barely get time to play the game as it is (I've clocked up a mere 13 hours so far)), would anyone with a mod recommendation please post it here ? Not really after a completely new game, mostly mods that offer an improvement to the existing game, such as prettier graphics, more functionality, etc.

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