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  1. So, Conner, your're not going to ask me? :sad: Where have you been?
  2. Poof! All of Sampson's graphic files are in .bmp!
  3. That is why they have a pre-release: so they can have a patch on release day! Yay! and since it's steam, you won't get to play until the patch is applied. Double-yay!
  4. On the modder thread (which is now locked):1. Although I think it might be a good idea to at least "try" the game before changing it, so far I have never gotten all the way through a beth game without modding "something".2. The bit about midas/AN/UL improving there respective elements of the game is FACT, not opinion. Even if you do not "like" the changes they make (which would be opinion), they each add between 500m to 2g of new content to the game-that many people wouldn't be giving Samson and Vorians that much HD space if it *wasn't* enhancing their games.3. Kind of related to the map-markers thing-I've always disliked how you *always* start out not knowing *fuck all* about the geography of the land your in. Guess what? I downloaded a mod that changes that :thumbsup: I suspect I'll be doing the same in Skyrim-but probably much later than everyone else.4. Bethesda could just as easily have prohibited changes to their content in the eula; like many companies, in fact, do. The fact that beth does the opposite of this-is proof in and of itself that beth values modders.
  5. I actually never noticed morrowinds combat to be all that much different from oblivions. (Aquire target, left click, left click, left click...20 minutes later...left click, left click...10 minutes later...spacebar...take all)
  6. I don't know why anyone would be all that in to a manual for a game they don't have. Anyway, for the last couple TES games, the only part of the manual that was even *remotely* necessary was the quick reference card. I really hope that skyrim includes a way to *not* have to sit through the tutorial. (I mean, tutortials are fine the first two or three times-the tenth time-not so much)
  7. 1. Bash - Why does it take so long for the installers tab to open? Is it possible to make the window where the available .esp's are bigger? (It's a pain going through a mod that has 72 options or something 2 at a time!)2. Merchants - Once your character reaches a certain level in mercantile, all merchants will buy/sell anything (that isn't stolen).
  8. Wow, a lots happened since I was last here. :surprised: 1. Steam. It looks like pretty much all game manufacturers are going this route, or something simular. It does have the advantage that the player doesn't have to remember to update. On the other hand, I'm not sure I like random employee #187 knowing what I do on my computer. :shrug:2. Armour degredation/repair. I don't think Beth is leaving this off so much for laziness or accomodation as they are because many players forget that it's there. (I have mods to fix this) Plus, even in Oblivion-it's kinda a mute point (unless your using said mods) as a) you can slap on your favourite armour and wear it at 0 condition all day and B) no one needs to wear armour. 3. Ayeleid ruins. I guess it's possible they were that far North. Wasn't that one mission at pale pass about invading the Ayeleid high command-which was in Skyrim?4. Dwemer ruins would make much more sense . They were known to have settlements through out Tamriel; and there absence in Cyrodiil is...strange.
  9. It is well known that Bethesda left off a lot of stuff it intended because they were running out of time on contracts and other stuff. Under the circumstances, I think they did a pretty good job. If it had been perfect, there'd be nothing for you modders to do. Yay imperfections!
  10. For some reason, I don't mind Oblivions' rendering of faces/bodies...granted, it could be better (and is if you use certain mods). Why does everything have to be doom and gloom? I will reserve judgement on Skyrim's until I've at least seen it (I mean being played on a computer I can touch, preferably mine). For all we know, in those pics/clips we're looking at level 20 chars...so our level 1 char may indeed look like "Joe Blow".
  11. Of course Argonians and Khajiit have tailes, otherwise they wouldn't "be" Argonoins and Khajiit!@ Samson- Would you like to see my impression of a Khajiit? Here, let my borrow your tongue!
  12. I have to agree with Arthmoor (well I don't HAVEto, but...)Fallout does not entice me like elder scrolls does
  13. It might be a good idea to refrain from praising the developers until after the game has been played; but that's one of those things you shouldn't be telling people. Plus, it depends on your individual tastes. For me, the Daggerfall and Morrowind main story lines were fantastic, (even if MW left off some options I wish they had had). Oblivions main story line (all 3 of them) are kind of meh; but it makes up for it in the beauty of the setting, and side quests, and modibility, etc.

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