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  1. I've used Ordinator with USSEP together in the past without any issues. Never mind. I was thinking of the versions before the book was added. I haven't played in awhile.
  2. You can prevent Windows from automatically defragging a drive, Leo.
  3. I would. Making the switch should be easy because you can import your MO setup into MO 2.
  4. Don't mind me. I'm old and easily confused.
  5. Hey everybody. Old MW modder here who's been out of the loop for a long time. I know about TES3CMD and TESTool, but I was wondering if there were any other MW modding tools that have been released lately? I heard talk about xEdit (or something similar) being back-ported to MW, but I was wondering if that ever happened. Thanks.
  6. Leo, that was meant to be a private conversation. Andy was going to make an announcement after she heard back from all of the project leads that are hosting their projects on TAL.
  7. Old thread, but I agree that modders should be allowed to accept donations for their work. There's a difference between a mod user giving a mod author some money for their work and the author charging said user for the ability to use a mod. Donating via Patreon and buying via the CC are two very different things. I won't pay for a mod that I can get a free version somewhere else, but I've donated to various modders because I enjoyed their work and I know how much time and effort goes into them.

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