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  1. Just wondering, in the opening post here it says it is version 4.1.1 but in the enclosed readme the version number 4.1.2 is stated. Also, the .esp is timestamped Dec 1, 2020... so really just wondering if this version is the most current one? There was not a newer update of the .esp in 2021 (in August 2021 perhaps)? Many thanks and appreciate all you do, Arthmoor!
  2. I also had the issue with TLS 1.2 not being activated in my Windows 8 system. The little .reg file from user kjm8812 helped me and now LOOT is all working again (updated to 0.12.4). Thank you WrinklyNinja for all the hard work you keep doing with LOOT!
  3. I originally started playing Skyrim with uGrids 5, left it at default and was happy because the vanilla game + HR-DLC was running at 60 FPS indoors and outdoors (my monitor max). Since I have a fairly good computer, I decided I could go on one of the usual "load everything I can find, tweak every settings that is tweakable" binge propagated in some tweaking guides without elaborating on the consequences. I increased uGrids to 7 and whatever else. While this gave me no particular problems in an otherwise lightly modded game, not long after I read about the real implications of increased uGrids which of course go beyond just graphical beautification. So I decided the exponential increase in overall load did not justify the better visuals. Then I read that once your savegame got baked with higher uGrids you cannot load it into a smaller uGrid setup again, unless you do some things involving the console etc. I didn't want to do any of that and also did not want to give on that character just yet. So I looked for an alternative solution. I somehow found this "Stable uGridstoLoad" cell stabilizer mod on Nexus, it sounded just like what I needed and it to my own surprise, I could load the higher uGrid saves into the lower uGrids environment. So for this one particular purpose I was glad to use it. I could play the game normally forever after, just retired the character eventually out of boredom. Since then even though I never change(d) uGrids to higher than 5 again, I just leave the cell stabilizer plugin in there and nothing bad happens. I do use ENB (Phinix), ENBoost and SSME implementation of Sheson memory fix.
  4. Hello Friends, I'm feeling a bit silly today, and I wanted to ask you about this mod idea, how complicated it would be to implement, in general. At this time it is definitely not worth opening an own thread for it. I must say the idea is not mine, but it came up in some "What mod would you like to see" thread certainly a month ago or even more, and the one guy had this idea. It kinda stuck with me ever since, so I decided to ask about its merit. It's a bit of a silly mod for sure, but here it goes: He called it the Vengeful Dog God mod. Basically each time an NPC would say "Stupid dog!" there should be a thunder and the NPC getting struck by a lightning. This is just it. I think if implemented well it could be pretty comical, also because it is not an often heard comment. I was thinking of the following "screenplay" and stages: NPC says "Stupid dog!" Immediately a loud thunder (existing sound files) is played Camera zooms out into third person view and overhead - centers on the NPC Lightning strikes the NPC out of nowhere, ideally from the sky (maybe could be shock spell effect ?) NPC says "Ah!" or "Outch!" (existing sound file) NPC is seen tumbling to the ground (existing animation) NPC is seen getting up (existing animation) Camera goes back into whatever mode it was before the scene finished :smile: The NPC is not meant to take any (serious) health damage or anything. Is this just too silly a mod to even get into? How (technically) difficult would you esteem this to be? Any other ideas and improvement suggestions? Thank you for some thoughts and pointers.
  5. Just dropping in once again to say Hello to All and read a bit. :)I read your review Arthmoor on iguananet, and basically I totally agree!! Only you were more patient than I was, as you at least finished the game while I bailed out at the battle with the 2 dragons... seems like I missed nothing thereafter. And the ending with your PC dying... I mean how uncool is that??? I guess it was probably good I ended the game early because I would have been REALLY angry and upset at the end... I hope your cold / influenza has been getting better by now. Take care you all! :grinning:
  6. Hey, it just occured to me that today it is already 3 months ago that they announced Skyrim. So "only" nine more to go...
  7. Hahahaaa!!!Arthmoor, hearing you I hear me talking!! :lol:Yes, it's not one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this NWN2... I warned you about the patches download too! The interface was hard to bear for me too especially having played Oblivion in first person sight... I don't remember how I navigated in NWN2... probably with WASD. Again my memory is almost totally blank on what I did in NWN2 and how it was... it just left no really lasting impression on me...Usually I'm quite forgiving about the interface if the game is otherwise worthwhile where it counts. For example I like(d) Hearts of Iron 2 a lot despite the really blaaahhh interface. But the game was deep and smart so I learned to live with it.As to WASD, this is what I/we do in Oblivion, no? I mean there is no other way, is there?? The one post from Kayle suddenly makes me think I have missed out on some secret interface feature of Oblivion?? And Yeah, feel free to pass the game on to Conner! Chances are he'll throw the disc away after one week of downloading patches. Hihihihiiii...
  8. Dwip, I just read your review of NWN2. What strikes me most is how little recollection I have about the game! :surprised: Even though I played it probably last summer/autumn? I think I just played too much Oblivion and liked OB too much to really like NWN2 thereafter.One of the thing I disliked was that there was a lot of teleporting to places going on, and then the particular level or area was very small and straightforward in terms of where you could move. Very tunnel-like. Usually very little freedom of movement. I remember I could not do much exploring in NWN2, being obviously spoiled from Oblivion.I think the interparty dialogues and interactions were indeed a strong point. Although my experience was muted by the fact that the UI always gave me the feeling of being a spectator rather than actually being personally involved. The eagle's view and 3rd person view I just could not really warm up to. And everything was "small" and "distant" compared to Oblivion.The visuals overall were quite OK, lighting was nice as were the magical effects lightings etc. Yes it was a resource hog but on my dual core E8400, 4GB RAM and ATI 3870 512MB at that time it played very smooth and very stable. So hardware is not an issue nowadays.But as I said earlier, I never saw the endgame. There was this one particular fight (was that in Act 3 already?) I could not figure out how to win it (admittedly I did not try very hard to be creative), and that together with the overall little emotional affection I developed for the game let me bail out prematurely and permanently.
  9. Boys, it's impossible to follow this thread in detail, I'm a quick reader but you guys are even quicker typers...Just one comment on Neverwinter Nights 2: I got the DVD together with a graphics card I bought (was that an Nvidia GT8800?)... installed the game and played until I had to fight two dragons at once. After about 50 deaths and reloads I got sick and tired of it. All fights until then were rather manageable. But I never really warmed up to it anyway, the interface always kept you at a distance away from everything. Never felt a real involvement. Didn't like the graphics too much either. Never bought the add-ons, despite having read positive things about them. I still have the DVD I think, it's catching dust in a cabinet. Oblivion is the just the much better game, modded anyway... If anybody from the core gang wants the NWN2 DVD, just send me a PM and I mail it to you. I'd be happy to, provided I can find it. :grinning:
  10. To Steam or not To Steam should be the user's choice. :)If I buy the DVD and I have the DVD I expect (wish I could say demand) that I can dump it in the drive and start playing. If I feel like I need an update or a mod, I go online and download that. Like what Oblivion is right now. Not more, not less.I don't have nothing against Steam if it was treated by the industry as just another platform for selling the game. Fine. If you like it, and there is a lot to like if you're of the "right stuff" for it (Arthmoor and me are probably not), go ahead. But don't let Steam (or whatever service) abuse their reach and strangle the DVD owners into becoming a Steam "slave" by requiring online accounts, online key registrations, online this, online that, awkward de-installation routines to re-sell your game and so on and so on.... I don't want that stuff imposed on me. I paid $80 for the DVD version when I could have bought if off Steam at half the price or less. When I want any Steam "value-added" features, I'll get them myself at a time of my choice. Until then I have the DVD because that is all I want and need.If Beth or any company decides to stab the DVD owners in the back by still putting them on a Steam leash, well there is not much that we can do about it. But then be so honest and just abolish the DVD altogether. If there is no choice we need not pretend there is....
  11. While I could well imagine myself playing with a friend in cooperative mode against the AI, I don't think this is what Beth will do with TES V. I think they want it to be single-person and single-person and that's it. And I would agree with them. As Samson says go with your strengths, Beth.If I wanted multiplayer, I'd go WOW I guess (never played that) or Everquest or something. I think an online game àla WOW is not doable with TES 5 anyway. We could forget about the nice graphics very quickly, wouldn't we?And.... were there not a good while ago (more than a year) some rumors or even announcements that Beth was developing an "online TES" game? They received additional big bucks funding and purchased another studio or something.... Don't know how far they got with that project. I have not heard of it again, but I'm not following the gaming news all too closely...
  12. Since this is the random stuff thread, it just occurred to me that the our new AFK banner is looking very nice indeed! :grinning:
  13. The UK server is just the closest to me, and I still somehow naively believe that the nearer the server the quicker I get served. Of course it is not depending on distance. I think the UK one gets me around 150K/s, and sometimes less (like on weekends). I've never really tried any of the overseas ones... must do that just out of curiosity once.
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