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  1. If SkyUI and all your mods work in game, I wouldn't worry what LOOT says. Does your mod manager indicate any problems?
  2. If you're asking if AFKMods has an API for Vortex, no, and most likely never will. I think I can speak on behalf of all staff here that AFKMods is a "collection-free" zone. (Also, welcome )
  3. I've tried High Res Face Maps for Men before, it's not bad. As it's only head normal maps it should work for SE as well.
  4. Re-reading your original post you did state you had 'various Weye mods' installed (I hope one of them is AFKWeye ). When you installed the new mod (that you want to change) there is a conflict, that wouldn't be there in a vanilla set up. So, the question is, what mod is it conflicting with? That would be the "second" mod of your patch. Maybe describe the conflict a little more? I could be wrong ... Oh, and don't forget to ESM-ify the mods that you need to patch.
  5. Based on the Nexus permissions of the mod in question, @Worldsong, looks like you are free to do as you will to the mod. Bare in mind that the changes you made are specific to your game setup and may cause conflicts to others. Leaving this here to show more clear permissions than what was quoted by the readme and closing this discussion. This was a unique case and does not negate the forum policy as stated by Arthmoor above.
  6. Which goes back to Wordsong's original question. No permission, no upload here. Period. Either create a proper patch mod, or keep it for you own personal use.
  7. The proper thing to do would be to create a patch, not edit the original mod and upload it.
  8. Hi there and welcome to AFKMods. Enjoy your stay. While I don't use Vortex I have read up on its usage enough to offer a suggestion. This is what I would do; - Download the update of LAL from here - Disable the current version of LAL from the Mods page of Vortex - Drag and drop the updated archive into the "Drop Files" section of the Mods page - Install the new file. At this point Vortex may prompt the External Changes dialogue popup as it overwrites the files to the current version. Allow it to Apply. If it doesn't, just Enable and Deploy the updated version and remove the old version No, this will not disrupt any current game saves you have.
  9. When you say BOSS I hope you actually mean LOOT the new load order sorter. The old BOSS is outdated and unsupported. You should follow what LOOT says, not Bash.
  10. Sorry folks, cleaned up some posts that were dipping down into taboo topics. Let's keep this thread on track as a welcome to our friends from Nexus, please.
  11. Would it be possible to have the link to the Tracker open in a new window? I just noticed it doesn't.
  12. It's not actually overwriting the USSEP script, they are two different scripts that his esp does not include. You can safely move the USSEP script into the invisibilty eyes fix.esp.
  13. Open your sword mesh in NifSkope. Highlight the NiStringExtraData line so you can see the String Data in the block details. Click on the little TxT beside it to open the String box and change WeaponSword to WeaponBack.
  14. According to UESP: Are you at the correct door, and have you tried activating it? Have you followed the quest through the proper steps, starting with the rumor from Hulda in the Bannered Mare?
  15. Download location: LE version SE version While it's primary purpose (and reputation) revolves around Female Body mods for use with Bodyslide, the Outfit Studio tool is in itself a powerful all-purpose model editor with robust features. This tutorial assumes prior knowledge of Outfit Studio and it's many functions. See the official Bodyslide/Outfit Studio Wiki for more details. Here I'll use an example of wanting to remove certain sections of a static mesh that are part of a NiTriShape/BSTriShape. Outfit Studio can remove or just move verts much like Blender or 3DS Max but in a smaller, easier to use tool. Note: Outfit Studio cannot edit collision, so if you're following this tutorial you may need to redo your collision to fit your new modified mesh. Of course, if you wanted to remove a complete NiTriShape/BSTriShape that can be done in NifSkope. Step 1; Open the nif in NifSkope 1a) Make sure there are no Transforms (Translation, Rotation or Scale) so you can start with a clean mesh. 1b) If you see Transforms in any xTriShape, right click > Transform > Apply. In this case, it's a custom mesh that was scaled down. 1c) Once all your xTriShapes are clean save the mesh. Step 2; Launch Outfit Studio 2a) Go to File > Import From Nif and select your mesh to import it. Since I only want to work on the "Chest" portion, I've hidden all the other shapes in the Meshes tab by clicking on the little eye icon next to the names. 2b) Select the MASK tool in the upper toolbar (4th button with a square on it). 2c) Carefully select the vertices you want to delete. (Tip: Hit W key to turn on wireframe and T key to turn off textures to see better. You can also change the size of the brush radius under Brush Settings by lowering Size and Focus.) You DO NOT want to select the vertices directly connected to the point you want to stop, always end your selection at the vertices just before that point. 2d) Go to Tool > Invert Mask. (Or shortcut CTRL+I) 2e) Go to Shape > Delete Vertices. This function deletes all UNMASKED vertices, so it's important to invert the mask. (Tip: if you made a mistake and too many verts were deleted, use CTRL + Z to undo the step and start again at 2c. Often I delete small groups of verts at a time to avoid going too far. Yes, you can do steps 2c, 2d and 2e as often as you'd like.) 2f) Go to File > Export to Nif and save your new modified mesh. Our new mesh;
  16. Hi, welcome to AFKMods forum. FNIS (Fores New Idles in Skyrim) has nothing to do with the Unofficial Patches, so not sure why you started this topic here. FNIS is a tool required when you add new animation mods to your game. If you don't plan to add animation mods, you don't need to install it. If you do want to install it, get the correct version for your game. FNIS for LE FNIS for SE Install it like any other mod in Vortex, enable and deploy and Vortex should detect it automatically. Go to the Dashboard of Vortex and you'll see it should be a brighter icon meaning it's good to go. (I've listed both the LE and SE version as it's not clear which version of the game you are using. You posted this in the LE version patch thread but you did mention SSE in your first post. Make sure you are installing and using the correct mods for your version of your game.)
  17. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks the font size is significantly larger than it was before? This is font size 12 that I'm sure was default before. Now it's 14? Not that I'm complaining, not ashamed to admit had to squint to read before lol. Now if only we could get rid of the forced new line space.
  18. Every mod - with a plugin - has Skyrim.esm as a master, otherwise there would be no records to change. I can't think of any case where it wouldn't. Having Update.esm as a master is optional (I don't add it to my mods) so you can leave those alone unless you know for sure the mod is changing something that update.esm also changes.
  19. Hi, Regarding the USKP + patches / USLEEP conversions. First I would check any mods you use for updates, as most people have already done this. There may be the rare mod that hasn't but it seems to be a fairly easy process. For your own mods that you want to convert, this is what I found in the USLEEP FAQ Thread. The FAQ also says there's manual instructions on a sticky on the USLEEP Nexus page, but I don't see it. Regarding using USLEEP as a Master. There's two options here (again quoted from the FAQ) Or, what I've seen most people do is just forward our edits into their mod, no "master" necessary but it would still be a requirement. As for SPIKE, I'm fairly sure it's obsolete. I've not seen anyone still using it.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    "Spare a coin for a poor old woman?" Description; --------------------- Silda always claims to be a poor old woman, so I turned her into one. This mod changes her appearance to look older. I've also always been curious how she hasn't frozen to death while she walks around the cold, snowy city of Windhelm in that threadbare begger outfit, so I made her a long-sleeved shirt to go under it. "Please, have pity." Ok. No other changes to her dialogue or her pickpocket trainer ability have been made. Installation; -------------------- Install with your mod manager of choice or extract into your game Data folder. Now go give her a coin.
  21. I'm pretty sure that's just the way the vanilla clothing is. The only change the unofficial patch did to the fur armor was to fix missing spec maps.
  22. Thanks alt. Looks like mine auto-updated to 2.0.15 and the changelog says "fixed launching GOG Galaxy upon autostart", which makes me wonder why I got a notice when I booted up my PC this morning that "Gog Galaxy could not launch because its already logged into another account on this computer" (something like that). It was an odd message to say the least, because just now when I opened it to check version its logged in as me like normal. Anyone else have issues?
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