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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Description; An animated mesh replacer for common ingredients Daedra Heart and Human Heart that gives the illusion they're still beating. Compatible with any texture replacer. Will not be compatible with any other heart ingredient mesh replacer. Install; Unzip into your Data folder. Uninstall; Delete the files - meshes/clutter/ingredients/daedraheart.nif and humanheart.nif Credits; johnskyrim for helping with the concept, the meshes to start with, making the gif and his support.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Eerie Ectoplasm - An animated mesh and texture replacer ========================================================= by Hana / Hanaisse 01/14/22 v1.0 Description; ------------- An animated mesh and texture replacer for standard ingredient Ectoplasm. One day I asked myself "Why is this a blob of dark gold (yes, its gold) goop when it's supposed to be a mysterious ethereal substance?" So I turned it into a better concept. Updated mesh, new custom textures (including the bowl) and added special effects. Install; ---------- Unzip into your Data folder. Uninstall; ----------- Delete the files meshes/clutter/ingredients/ectoplasm.nif textures/clutter/ingredients/ectoplasm02.dds, ectoplasm02_n.dds, ectoplasm02_m.dds, ectobowl.dds
  3. Hana


    Made myself a little player home with a ghost that wanders the yard because, why not?
  4. Welcome to AFK Mods The first post in the release thread for Open Cities does list it as a requirement so your safe bet would be to check release threads for any mods you download.
  5. All good now, or are you still having issues? Did you switch to CBPC?
  6. One thing that jumps out is your version of CBP physics isn't updated. Switch to this one and see if that helps. If you're now crashing at the main menu you may be missing a master file for any of the patches you have. Check all the mods that indicate a conflict. Have you run LOOT? It would tell you right away.
  7. It should be loaded as low in your LO as possible.
  8. All platforms and download sites are updated at the same time.
  9. There is now a dedicated Announcements channel in our Discord server (link in the forum). News pertaining to USSEP and the Unofficial CC Patch is it's intent, for those looking for a quick easy way to be notified.
  10. You could follow the official patch thread for beta and release announcements. Also feel free to join us in our Discord server (link invite on the main forum page) but we don't actually announce releases there.
  11. Just like any other mod, USSEP (and the Unofficial CC patch) will be compatible with SAE. However, we're still verifying the effects the update of both SSE and SAE have on both patches. So far we know Bethesda has fixed quite a few armor issues that we'll need to remove from the patch. Other changes are still being analyzed. A beta USSEP update will come shortly.
  12. Hi there. Can you be more specific as to the location? The only 'Sanctuary' is the Dark Brotherhood one near Falkreath and Dawnstar, and you need to start that quest to learn how to open the door.
  13. Weirdly, I'm actually getting less excited the more I see about it..
  14. You might be refering to this install guide, which actually says the opposite. Install DLC patches first then Shivering Isles though it may not matter they shouldn't conflict.
  15. You'll get the same answer as your other thread. No. Please stop asking for ports here.
  16. Ask the mod author. Only they have the right to port their mod to console if they so choose.
  17. Closing this thread. Please use the existing thread for further discussions.
  18. Hana


    There probably never was one for LE. Quoting from the FTF mod authors profile on Nexus "I make mods for Skyrim Special Edition." Since the framework is SE only then any mods made with it like Realistic Conquering will be SE only too.
  19. Welcome to AFKMods. Right here in this section is just fine. Feel free to continue asking away in this thread here. Also, have a read through the Converting from LE to SSE thread, it may answer some of your questions for you.
  20. You should try to "Purge" the mod you have currently installed to break the link, remove it, then drop the new downloaded archive from here into your mods page. It should then act as a new mod (hopefully).
  21. Possibly corrupted? Have you tried downloading the mod again?
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