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  1. It's actually not grammatically correct though. You only close a quotation when you switch speaker or when you interrupt the quote with narration.
  2. A number of books in skyrim have feature dialog from a single character that extends for multiple paragraphs. an example from "Beggar Prince": Notice some of Namira's lines are not closed with a quotation mark. USSEP adds quotation marks to those lines, but it actually Shouldn't. Namira's last three lines are actually one instance of dialog that has been split across multiple lines to make it easier to read. When you do this, you should format it like the above example, only placing the closed quotation mark at the last line of the dialog, as to avoid identity confusion. Here are some details about the Grammar rule in question: https://lasteditorstanding.blogspot.com/2016/08/multiple-paragraphs-in-single-instance.html EDIT: While multiple books use this formatting style, only Beggar Prince appears to be incorrectly edited by the patch

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