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  1. Woops, sorry. I was merely trying to formulate it short and clear. I didn't mean anything by it. I do very much appreciate all the work done by the Unofficial project for both Fo4 and Skyrim and the last thing I want is to piss you off, I did click the verification email though and it was within 5 mins of recieving. Guess I'll request a new verification if the UI permits me.
  2. Hi all. I registered here and on the bug tracker as well, but I must be going senile or something because I can not find the "Open New Issue" button there anywhere, even though I am properly logged in. Anyway, the issue is this: By fixing issue 27393 and making Nukalurk nests give you Nukalurk eggs instead of normal Mirelurk eggs, those eggs are now useless for cooking. Both egg recipes (omlette and cake) do not accept the new Nukalurk eggs. So either revert the change or adjust the recipes as well? Getting an ass load of eggs to cook for XP is one of the attractions of the Nuka-Cola plant and it's kinda disappointing the UFO4P sabotaged it,

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