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  1. I already have it working, but I will take this into account if something goes wrong again. Thanks. Glad to hear. I have no real clue what I did for it not to work. But now my main issue is learning to do what I want with it. And also what tools that would play nice with it. I'm thinking Blender. I want to make some 'horrible' mods for everyone to enjoy.... Once I get good enough.
  2. Original. I had to buy all the DLC peace by peace on steam... After they took the game off the search results. p.s- More information can be found here.
  3. Okay. I recently learned that thread necromancy is frowned upon. Please forgive me. That said. I have the problem of 'Skyrim Creation Kit' CTD after a few seconds of being at 'Initializing Archive.' -I have tried the 'Verify Integrity of Tool Files' through steam -I have tried to go through the Task manager to play with the compatibility (updated) (1) Windows 95 & 98 compatibility mode seams to cause it to take 10 seconds before it CTD Xp to windows 8 takes about 3-5 seconds before it CTDs. (2) Running it in 640x480 screen resolution causes it to CTD in 2 seconds. -I have tried two mods from nexus that were suppose to fix common problems. 1) Creation Kit Stability Performance Fixes by BoneTongue 2) Creation kit fixes by Darkwolfmodding -I have tried setting enableaudio= to 0 -I have tried editing the archive to load the masters suggested ' here ' on steam. I haven't deactivated all my mods to see if that is the reason yet. Should I? (update) Disabled all mods. Nothing. It is in the same folder as my skyrim launcher. Does it matter that that is on my HDD drive ' (D:\) ' ? I'm new to this whole modding thing and I don't know if I should have something additional. [07/15/2020] -Tried downloading via Bathesda Launcher and received an error message that 'Steam_api64.dll was not found' unistall\reinstall. Same error. -Zmerge In Vortex by Yggdrasil Modding pointed out a mod fix, but.... It is for the SE addition. Tried it anyways. CTD. [07/16/2020] -Adding 'Plugin list' from modwatch. [07/17/2020] -Tried copy pasting the SkyrimEditor.INI to a version that works on another computer. CTD after 10 seconds when it reaches 'Initalizing Archive.' -Tried making sure only Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x84 was installed. CTD -Reinstalled 2015-2019 knowing CK will CTD anyways. It did. -Tried following instructions on configuring CK provided by Neovalen posted [Here] CTD. -bEnableaudio= is set to 0 again. CTD.- -tried verifying integrity of tool files. 1 file failed. -uninstalled - reinstalled, run program. CTD. -Added the text back to Skrimeditor... CTD -unpacked and followed instructions correctly with the 'master fix'... CTD. Deleted it and Final in frustration. -Searching for more information. [7/22/2020] -uninstalled Skyrim & DLCs -deleted a folder of mods filled with redundancies that I had installed from another computer -reinstalled CK twice -made sure Skyrim's language was set to English (was already set to English) -Somehow, someway... It opens now. No CTDs on start up. Next step, I'm going to make a seperate folder for the .exe I will use to play Skyrim.
  4. I'm having this issue too with windows 10. xD I think it just hates me. P.S My CK CTD on startup. I tried disabling audio. Several mods that were suppose to fix it, adding lines that other forums say should have been there (mostly in archive and general.) I don't know what I am doing. Halp. ^^;;

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