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  1. I might do that, this seems to have happened to other before, see link below. In the meantime, until this gets fixed, its probably a good idea to keep in mind that converting a mod to esl also requires recompiling scripts that have skse registrations in the Init or the MCM, and not in the OnPlayerGameLoad.
  2. I've been doing a bit of testing of my own, converting a couple mods with scripts from esp to esp-fe. I found that there might be another issue with converting to esp-fe. Which is persistency of some registration functions. Specifically RegisterForModEvent and RegisterForKey. When they are placed only in the Init() function, they will run fine on starting a new game or from a clean save. However saving and reloading and the registrations will no longer be there. To bypass this I've been placing the registrations inside of OnPlayerGameLoad. I've only converted a couple mods to esls, so I don't
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