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  1. Hey, everyone, i couldn't find this glitch submitted already so i figured I would. Basically all my robots, no matter what head i put on them, after i fast travel or reload into game the sentry bot light will be emitting from the head even tho i don't ever put that head on my robots. Now you can fix it temporarily by going to the robot workbench and previewing different heads and then backing out. Now the major problem is when you use the sentry bot head and or you just leave your robots at a settlement for a while, the red light will get amplified so much that just one robot will nearly crash the game. I hope this gets fixed i made an account just for this one problem, if anyone needs more details or pictures i'll try to provide them although i don't have any pictures at the moment and i'd rather not try to purposely encite this glitch for a picture lol

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