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  1. There are two static gargoyle statues (CasGargoyleStatue01 and CasGargoyleStatue01_Snow). Replace the statues in the mod with one of these. Then they're just statues.
  2. Personally, I think the thumbnail size should be smaller. If someone is truly interested is seeing an image, they will click on it and view it independently of the post window; thus viewing the image as the poster intended.
  3. A problem with an authority figure. Multiple complaints to the authority figure. Ignored by the authority figure. Multiple public complaints about the authority figure. Ignored by the public. Resentment for being ignored. Anger towards the authority figure for perceived personal injury. Disproportional response to "perceived personal injury". Lack of empathy for those affected by "disproportional response". Exaggerated sense of self importance. Does any of that sound familiar? Those are the characteristics of America's mass shooters.
  4. I'll stand to Tarshana's defense. The "controversy" surrounding her is based in her honestly and accurately reporting the foibles in mods, and the problems they cause. She routinely points at mods with ITM records, deleted navmesh, wild edits, and the lot. Some mod creators are not mature enough to take constructive evaluations and react childishly. As a result of their infantile attitudes, instead of fixing their mods, they set out to fix Tarshana. So Tarshana is controversial, but only because some have brewed up a tempest to hide their own ineptitude.
  5. From what I see, the person asking and the people "liking" are all identified as "Members".
  6. Wouldn't that be what the Gallery is for? All images, one place?
  7. I gave up on this one and just go to Cabot House and abscond with the one on the table upstairs and call it a day.
  8. Mod authors, plural. By way of example, Fallout 3, Point Lookout had a shotgun called Pa's Fishing aid which got left on the cutting room floor. It was incomplete and several people completed and released their version of the shotgun. So, without a crystal ball, I know of no way of knowing what is used, what is recycled and what is waste.
  9. I have no script, but ... Many mods take advantage of unreferenced items. Mods that resurrect things from the cutting room floor are some prime examples. Also consider that some scripts may refer to unrferenced forms by using commands like Game.GetPlayer().GetItemCount(unreferenced_item). So ... unreferenced items may not be truly unreferenced.
  10. I have a plot twist and question. On several different occasions, and with different dragons, I have managed to kill a dragon immediately after Alduin resurrects them. Just a bit of Right Place, Right Time and no real planning. What will happen to your village should the dragon be killed as it emerges? I assume still burned, but ...
  11. I discovered Faralda sleeping off in space. Does the UOP take care of these kinds of things, or are they code glitches?
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