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  1. Hello, Yes, that is the correct MOD. I expect I made a bad xedit and just to double check I re-downloaded both mods and it works. So my guess is "user error" Such is the game of Modding. Trial, error, and figure it out. All good now sorry...
  2. Hello, New to this forum but long time mod user of Bethesda games. I have encountered a Cyclic interaction in Loot with the downloaded rules. I cannot clear out the meta data as it is downloaded from loot prime rules. Unless I want to dig into the text file and update manually every time this gets updated it seemed reporting here was the better option. Love the work done on these tools as work months to create a good mod set and then play for many months after. Your efforts are greatly appreciated is supporting these games in your spare time! Thank You!! Piss on the trolls! Your time spent in this hobby spreads positive disconnect with reality time.

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