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  1. Calling the most popular Skyrim mod garbage is a very bold statement indeed. However, I really like Ordinator and will use it with USSEP. I hope nothing will break.
  2. Well that sucks because from all gameplay mods the most important for me is a perk overhaul(as you can see I don't have any other gameplay mods at the moment) and Ordinator is the most popular. And I just found out that his mods don't follow the changes from the USSEP(I'm not entirely sure though) and I think it can cause some problems. But I appreciate your mods(especially USSEP) and would be glad to hear your opinion. Do you use any perk overhaul or similar mod that you can recommend? Your mods list also can help... Thanks
  3. Well I never have cleared them despite Vortex saying that they require clearing. I'm going to do this now.
  4. I'm new to modding and just realized that I didn't clean master files via SSEEdit, maybe that will help. Also can you tell me who hates your project? CRF and Run for your lives are your mods so I guess it's either Ordinator or SSE Engine fixes.
  5. So I've started a new save with USSEP and a few mods (Cutting room floor, SkyUI, Run for your lives, Engine fixes and Ordinator) and for some reason I didn't receive a book for removing unwanted effects. What could it be? Mods are installed via Vortex, steam license, fresh start. I started a new save and received a book this time but also one level of Sneak(from 15 to 16) when I entered the keep with Hadvar. Something strange is happening... There is also a bug report with the same issue: https://afktrack.afkmods.com/index.php?a=issues&i=29269
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