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  1. Thanks, I do still lurk in the RSS feed regularly, but hadn't actually posted in ...awhile. It's nice to know I haven't been forgotten though, wish life would allow me more time though, but for most of the topics you guys cover here I wouldn't often have much of worth to contribute anyway. As for the problem itself, it seems to have resolved for me too, so I'm chalking it up to a glitch in Opera's last upgrade that required an extra browser restart unless it happens to someone else too. It was just very odd being told that I can't do something because I needed to be logged in even though
  2. When I click the mark this forum read link or the big green dot next to a forum, instead of anything being marked as read, I get redirected to an error page informing me that I don't have permission to do that... I'm logged in and if I go "read" each of the individual unread topics they do mark themselves as read, but I shouldn't have to go into each one and I've never had to do so in the past.
  3. Actually, I'm not a modder. (unless you count programming on a MUD as the same thing? ) ...can't speak for any one else, but I like to imagine that I'm not the only non-modder who visits this site.. maybe even not the only one who's registered at this site.
  4. So, the vacation ended up even longer than planned by almost two weeks for a total of almost five weeks... now we get to play catch up for a week or so to restabilize things.. if that's even possible. *sigh*

  5. For what it's worth, I only tried the first link at about 2:10 CDT, but it went right through for me with no problems, even on my super slow satellite connection.
  6. Last weekend before the next "vacation", things are as hectic as they can be.. don't expect to hear from me much... until I get back in all likelikhood.

    1. Hana


      Have a great, and safe, vacation!

    2. Conner


      Thanks, I hope it'll be great, it's certainly going to be long...

  7. Bet it felt good getting the stitches out, glad to hear that the cold's getting better and that your recovery is going well.
  8. I'll third the glad to hear it motion, so, unless there is a compelling opinion to the contrary to be heard, I'd say it passes. Hope the recovery goes well too.
  9. Does anyone actually know any details of the specific circumstances? Like, maybe, why the cops were chasing him to begin with? Without that sort of info, it really is pretty hard to gain much sympathy, on the other hand, my sympathy does go out to those this fellow left behind. @Ysne58: I haven't heard that term, "suicide by cop", in a few years now.. but I can tell you that it's very likely most cops' very least favorite topic. I disagree, PrinceShroob. My own experience so far is that Windows 8 seems to have much more difficulty with software written for prior versions of Window
  10. Are you serious? Skyrim really won't play on Windows 8 at all? What about Oblivion, that's the bigger concern for him (and me) by far? :shocked: Though it is amazing what I'm finding as I reinstall my old games onto my new computer is and isn't incompatible with Windows 8. Some of the older games that had issues with Vista/Windows 7 seem okay with Windows 8's compatibility mode while some of the fairly new games that were written for Windows 7 and are okay with Vista, in other words that shouldn't even need compatibility mode, seem to have issues with Windows 8 even with compatibility mode..
  11. Oh, I was thinking it was like today or yesterday.. in that case, just be sure to let us know how it went once it happens. Hey, on another topic, I can't seem to find it, but hadn't y'all complained awhile back about some issue with Oblivion/Skyrim not playing nicely under Windows 8? Anyone got a link to what the solution was, or just recall what it was in fairly simple terms? My son's asking me and I can't recall mainly because it didn't matter so much to me as the game I played Oblivion on at the time has Windows 7, though it might matter to me shortly because my new box that I'll be
  12. You're more than welcome.. but, more importantly.. how'd it go??
  13. @Ysne58: Well, I think I can safely say that we're all hoping you won't encounter any of those sort of complications this visit and that you'll be essentially in and out as scheduled. Best of luck with the procedure itself. @Leonardo: Ah, now I understand completely. We don't have that sort of thing going on here and I had no idea where you were. I think our country could stand to adopt a few ideas other countries use like that, but at the same time, I don't really want our country going quite as socialistic as it'd probably take to get the small perks like that into effect. I still think
  14. I'm sure Arthmoor and Dwip would have no trouble keeping pace with you on that one, I've only played Oblivion and I mentioned it because when this forum started initially, it was all about Oblivion and mods for it. In any event, in the name of self-moderation, I think we've gone quite a bit off-topic at this point, and having not actually tried out the gallery myself here or at DC, I'll simply concede that perhaps including a link is likely to be easier, or at least faster, than uploading an image to the gallery, fiddling with it in whatever ways the gallery offers, and then returning to
  15. I can certainly understand if you didn't have any friends who had cars and your family wasn't nearby enough to help, but to me friends and family are people who are supposed to help anyway they can when you need them, and vice versa. :sigh: Cabs for hospital transportation is financially sanctioned? :confused: I'm going to assume you're not in the same country as I am, because I really don't know what that actually means.
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