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  1. So, I've been asked to step in here in my moderator role, because some of you aren't playing nice with others. Let me make a few things clear: - EVERYONE is welcome in this community, as long as they play by the rules. That includes people who signed up just for this thread. If you're new here, welcome. Hope you have a good time. Attacking people solely for their post count or lack thereof is not something I will tolerate. - Posters in this forum are expected to be civil to each other. I understand that this is a contentious topic, with heated opinions on all sides. That's fine. What is not fine is attacking people and ideas in an uncivil way. To make up some examples, "You're an idiot" and "Your opinion is crap" aren't going to fly. "I don't agree with that, and here are some reasons why" is what you should be aiming for. If you can't manage that level of engagement, then maybe you need to step back and reconsider your post. Furthermore, as much as I love a good sarcastic reply, this is not the thread for that sort of thing. - If you think somebody's acting like an ass, feel free to report the post, and somebody will take care of it. Attacking that person right back is not an action that I will look favorably upon. Finally, Sigurd is correct - We try to keep the moderation light around here. I put on my moderator hat about once a year, and frankly that's too often for my taste. I've forgotten how to make people go sit in the corner, and I'd rather not remember how. I don't expect you all to suddenly agree with each other, but I will be watching this thread, and if you can't disagree in a civil fashion, I'll be back, and I'll start sitting people in the corner, whether or not you're a new poster or a regular.
  2. This is your friendly moderator, reminding you all to please be civil and polite to other forum users, regardless of the tone of the question being asked. I'm not a big fan of responding to reported threads. I'll leave this thread open for any other questions about the cleaning process, though the linked article should (hopefully) answer the question in a straightforward fashion. If not, I encourage slightly less frustrated-sounding questions in the future. Plenty of folks happy to help.
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