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  1. Hi Everyone, I’m new to the site so I’ll try and keep this brief, and I’m probably asking on the wrong site- but I’ve been having a problem with an enchanting bug: when I ‘confirm enchant’ after selecting the item, enchantment, and the soul gem, my game crashes to the Xbox Home screen. I play the Special Edition on Xbox one, I am NOT abusing Resto-loops, and I am playing with mods, including the Skyrim Special Edition: Unofficial Patch. I have tried uninstalling mods and it still occurs. The crash does not occur 100% of the time, and is inconsistent, but in maybe 20 attempts at enchanting, only 2 attempts were successful and did not result in a crash. I’ve looked around reddit and other discussion forums, and I haven’t found anything on this bug, though there are other enchanting bugs out there. If anyone could help that would be good, or even better implement something into the Unofficial Patch if that is possible. Thanks.

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