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  1. Well, I'm addicted to creation, so I can't entirely quit modding :imp:. I use the time before my next job starts - if there will be one in future. I made my ship teleportable - now I can sail in every worldspace with it! Has some minor flaws, but I think I will get that corrected. At the moment it is just fun. I sailed in Shumer and Barbella and in Dreamborn Isles. :celebration:

    And Teia got a new island. This is very basic right now, but the first screenshots show really big trees. I improved the trees from the Bosmer City Kit that was created by baronf. He did an awesome job with creating these assets, but it is quite a challenge to put that all together. Every branch on the trees is handplaced and putting the bridge parts together is really pain. But I love to see the build growing. Will take a long time to finish it.

    That's it for today. Greetings to you all :wave:

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