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  1. Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently busy with looking for a new job. Today I had an offer I can't refuse. But I must start tomorrow. I will answer your question, but I have no time the next days. Please be patient with me.
  2. Tasheni

    Tasheni's The Isles of Teia

    Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what's left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows. Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody's land. It's the stage where Tasheni Followers mainquest will take place. If I come that far...
  3. Yes, I thought the same, but the ship is too big for this location, you will get stuck, if you try to sail. But... I worked the whole night through. I placed the dock in front of Dawnstar a bit westwards . Navmeshed it and the duplicated ship. I duplicated the interiors and reworked the doors. And I sailed in Skyrim The caveeat is, that you have now practically two player ships. I first wanted to link the same interior to both ships, but load doors can't have two destinations. Everything looks the same, but the containers are others than on the other ship, means, if you put stuff in the Teia ship inside a chest, it's not there in the Skyrim ship. I would have to replace every single container with the same of the other ship and I'm not in the mood to do that incredible work. At least not now. You can change between the two ships through a trapdoor in the basement. Followers follow you through every door. But they can only go on deck if you are docked. And you must dock at the exact same point, so the ladders of the ship and the dock fit, because otherwise the navmesh won't work. This can become a challenge, but I managed it, so others will too, I hope. There is another caveeat: The ship drives through rock models. It collides, if the ground is raised, so you can't move over land or those small headlands. But through rocks or the docks themselves. Nothing I can do about it. And I decided to crowd the crowded Solitude a bit more. I will do another dock right in front of the big gates. As far as I know, the only free space I sailed there last night and it was fun for me to get that big ship manoevred through the tight space. I will test a bit further now, if the doors spawn at the right places after sailing and such things, but I think it's done then Thanks for all your help, you will go right into the credits list :)
  4. Update: I created a dock at the side of the ship and navmeshed it. It took me a whole day to attach stairs to my ship's model in nifskope. I copied the NiTriShape of the Katariah Stairs and pasted it into my nif, but the collision didn't work. I was very close to smash my computer , but suddenly "ta ta!" it worked! the bhkConvexVerticesShape must be added to the bhkRigidBody as a list together with bhkMoppBvTriShape and the BSX flag must be additionally set to Bit 3 Complex. This did the job. The ship's exterior is now navmeshed. Follower follow player on board. Player can set sail and sail away - my followers were not attached to the vehicle, but didn't fall through the ship. Of course they couldn't go anywhere. The navmesh is attached to the cell, not to the object. Player needs to navigate to the exact point the ship was docked before, then the navmesh is there and npcs can move around again. It's pretty difficult to navigate that big vessel to the exact point, but not impossible. When I create several of those small docks player can at least have his followers on deck while docked, what I find more immersive than just having them inside. Of course I would love to have them around on deck when I decide to stop anywhere, but that seems not to be possible. Now I have another problem I was not aware of: I use an activator to teleport from the ship's interior to a marker on the ship's exterior. Or from swimming in the water to teleport on deck. But follower won't teleport with player. So I used another script that teleports followers fine, as long as the activator and the target are in exterior cells. But it doesn't work, if I want to teleport from exterior to interior or from interior to exterior. The script uses FastTravel(), but I already read that this will not work for interiors. Unfortunately that's true. Alternatively MoveTo() could be used, but how would the script look like to move followers, that are currently following? I can't use a formlist, because custom followers from other mods would not be included. That would work only for playerfollowerfaction or better, currentfollowerfaction, but I can't use MoveTo() on a faction . As always, your suggestions are welcome. And another question: I'm searching for a good point in Skyrim to add a dock and a duplicate of my ship. I would like to use Solitude docks, but that is already covered by a lot of other ship mods. Windhelm is nice also. But unfortunately you can't sail to the cost and then westwards along the northern coast, maybe to Winterhold or farther to Dawnstar, you will get out of the map. I tried that once. So best would be somewhere between Northwatch Keep and Dawnstar, I guess. The mod Shumer has settlements at the coast I won't deal with (no time to make patches). So any ideas are welcome, too. That's it for today.
  5. Zero mods enabled and new game? This is what I would try at first.
  6. Hm, maybe a bit too colorful, but if you stand under such a sky, you will love it, I guess.
  7. Which mod is this? Looks incredibly beautiful
  8. My followers own several sandbox packages with different behavior at inns, player homes and if the player unequips weapons and spells. These packages allow to use idle markers and special furniture. My followers use idle markers in player homes, and this ship is marked as a player home. So this can't be the reason. I also tried Jenassa with AFT installed. And she never used idle markers on the ship, but all furniture markers. Hm, I will look at other player homes and vanilla locations, I know that the mod Clearsky Hideout has everything scripted instead of using idle markers. If I'm right and there is a priority of furniture markers over idle markers, this would be very annoying.
  9. Tasheni


    Thanks for the suggestion, normally every model should work if the furniture marker is added correctly. But I will check that too.
  10. Tasheni


    May I use this verse in my followers dialogue? That would be great
  11. Tasheni


    Maybe I should place abucket under the hammock...
  12. @Altbert: A week without internet, that is really hard @all: The interiors of the cabin and the basement are now finished. I tested yesterday with my followers. Look at the Gallery: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/gallery/album/149-tashenis-the-isles-of-teia/ I tested the hammocks with the mod GoToBed, but unfortunately that doesn't work for the player. NPCs go sleeping without problems. I don't know why the player can't use them. At the other hand npcs are not able to use the stairs. I guess they are too steep, and the steps are not big enough. Nothing I can do about it, the stairs are fixed part of the interior model. I tried to put planks at each step to extend them, but that doesn't work. I placed the navmesh with a certain distance from the steps, that doesn't work, too. My followers are clever (I did not tell them to do that!): They move magically through the ceiling to reach the loft . But they were not able to get down again. So I marked to navmesh triangle as a jump down point, and they jump down. Not always, sometimes they just vanish and spawn downstairs. But I can live with it. The loft is too cozy, so I can't live without it. What I think is a real issue is, that the npcs do not use idle markers. I tested also with Jenassa (istalled AFT). They all do use the furniture markers for crafting, reading, sitting, sleeping, but not the sweep idle markers, not the drunk idle markers... they are allowed to use everything in their packages. Is there priority of using furniture markers over idle markers? Your suggestions are welcome.
  13. Hey Altbert, thanks for your suggestions, read post above, I solved it. It has nothing to do with the door marker. The marker only controls where player or npcs land after going through the door. The activation is controled by the door itself. I'm still confused, I placed so many doors and this was never a problem. But it works now, yay! Now the interiors are nearly finished. I tested with my followers - all six! There is not much room to move and navmeshing was terrible, because the interior of the ship contains many obstacles: the grates and planks are raised above the floor and npcs got stuck. I raised the navmesh a bit to improve the moving and I guess now I can live with it. So back to scripting. I need to move followers on board, and not just mine, every follower should be able to move inside. I have the idea to duplicate the ship and place it in Skyrim at a dock, where I can put navmesh onto the ship's exterior. If you go inside, you could simulate the moving to Teia and after some time go on deck and be there. In Skyrim you could sail the ship as well as in Teia - though in Teia it's much more fun to sail There is a way to cut the ship's exterior navmesh with a collision box. I must make sure the ship docks again at the same spot, so the navmesh would work again after docking. But this is something for the next week, for now I will finalize the interiors. I guess there will be an update for Teia soon...
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