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  1. This is the provisional result of my efforts:
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. No, the phases are not interruptible. I found another solution for the voices, but not for the animations. I have now only 3 phases. I merged the voices in one file and gave every actor the same file, means, every npc sings now with all voices. Sounds mostly good, if player changes perspective it sounds sometimes like there is an echo or chorus - but that's bearable. For every phase I use a script at start with SendAnimationEvent for each actor in it. But the animation plays only at the start and then they don't move anymore. How can I loop the animations with scripting, so they will play as long as the phase takes? I tried with Utility.Wait (1.0) and then SendAnimation again, tried that also with SetDefaultState between the animations, but this seems to be completely ignored. I tried to set PlayAnimation directly in the dialogue, too, but result is the same.
  3. The last three days I was working on a special scene, where all of my followers are included. Normally no problem, if they say their dialogue one after another. A huge problem, if they should say it at the same time. Even more, if they should say it like one man. I have recorded a song and send it to all my voice actors. They did a good job with singing and I synchronised all in one file, but each voice has it's own track in that file. This sounds really good together. I created a scene and cut the voices of the tracks with the exact same length and added them with ck. There is one foresinger and six are answering - like one man, so this should be. But ck is not able to synchronize the voices perfectly. The foresinger has a pause between two files that simply doesn't exist. I used a script to set the dialogue padding to 0 (it's normal at 0.5), but that doesn't help. The other voices don't synchronize well together. Weird is, sometimes it works so lala, sometimes not at all, means, there is a big pause between the lines. (Each line is in it's own phase inside the scene). The song is too long to put all the dialogue into one phase and this is also not cool, because in every phase my followers use different animations to get the scene lively. Delay is not coming from animations, I tested without with the same result. If anybody has a good idea of a better way to achieve this, I would be glad to hear it.
  4. I informed the BSI in Germany about it and contacted a security expert I know from austria for informations about what to do or who to inform. I guess there will be no satisfying solution, but one has to try. The security expert knows many authorities and maybe has an idea whom to contact further.
  5. On August 22th the new Scene Sat Album was released. For the first time I created a track for this album, together with SunSpire, who embedded my Bouzouki theme into a powerful piece of art. My alias there is Carol Ink. Sorry guys, no video , but you can listen here: Rocking Zen
  6. I posted in the Skyrim Forums on nexus and on Discord, creator's channel.
  7. They host my Frost SE as well... who is gave me just the country code LT - no idea how and where to contact to adress this violence.
  8. I did not find any option to upload anything. But I agree, this looks like a pirating site. If you click on downloads you strand here: https://dl-file.com And this company let you make money if people download your content.
  9. www.modskyrim.com I stumbled over the site and tried to figure out who is the owner, but they use privacy tools to hide informations from who is requests.
  10. Who needs an anniversary edition? (I didn't read that article.) I guess beth tries to make money with all that CC stuff? Oh well, without their mod creators these games were long dead. I have LE and SE, I stick with LE, for me it runs stable, looks awesome with all the wonderful mods from the comunity, and why should I spend my time to do another setup... I guess beth has changed nothing in AE. Same quests, same voices, same environment. So give me a good reason for throwing my money out of the window... But if people will create mods for AE, it will get more confusing.
  11. Tasheni

    The Isles of Teia Interiors

    On my isles world, there is a farm, a little hut, two igloos and three cocon houses. As always, I try to create a different look and feeling to compared to Skyrim. I love diversity
  12. Tasheni

    Teia Silaseli

    Everybody think the Ayleids are gone. But no. On Teia, there is a hidden entrance to a long forgotten Ayleid refugium. It's dark in there. Teia Silaseli means The Shiny Halls. Well, without a light you will be lost.
  13. I'm currently searching a domainname for my new domain. Somebody knows if it is allowed to use Skyrim or Tamriel within the domainname for a non-commercial webpage? There are domains like Tamrielvault or Skyrimromance online. O r do I need to ask bethesda for it?
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