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  1. Hello, it's me, can you see me? I'm just the little tiny ignorant bug, quite innocently. Of course there is an issue with me, I'm not completely sure what, but everytime I enter the screen everyone is so upset. All I want to do is a nice little havok glitch, but sometimes it gets out of control and everything is freezing. Not my fault, really. They say I'm the destroyer of games. Well, that makes me really sad
  2. Tasheni


    Thank you. Could get lost in the nights because of their beauty
  3. Tasheni

    Tasheni's Adventures in Skyrim

    Played around with ENB and got it to work to get real dark nights. That makes the difference. So let's start a new journey and let Kyne's stars enlighten our path. Go from back to forth. I can't tell the Gallery to sort images correctly. Edit: I don't know where the like buttons are gone
  4. I don't know. But in my mod they bring 1000 septims each
  5. Der Welkynd-Stein ist definitiv zu billig, lol! No, not an Ayleid ruin... But where did you found it?
  6. Tasheni

    Tasheni's Adventures in Shumer

    The land of Shumer is far away from Tamriel and it's quite a long journey until you get there. Mod is from agerweb and named Shumer and the Fall of Allagard. It's a WIP, main quest is not completed, but there are many misc quests to do, many dungeons to explore and the world is fantastic. So let's start. This time I go by carts. Shumer main roads are wide and long, and I have a ton of equipment with me. Ah, well, after all those Empress - stories I needed a change. Discover yourself.
  7. Tasheni


    True heros have no spouse! That's what I always say. To be honest, I'm not fond of that whole romance and marriage thing in Skyrim and I never would adopt children ingame. If I want to play those things I would play Sims. But I don't like to be lonesome ingame very much, that's why my followers are always with me. And they do the fighting for me. I'm too lazy I voiced the witch Zenalta in Beyond Reach. But I did not play it. It's too dark for my taste. As for what I have seen and had to voice. But maybe I will give it a try one day - will not have much time this year... What I love on other worldspaces is, when they really look different from Skyrim. Means, other textures, clever using of static models, new assets. That was one thing I wanted to achieve in my isles mod. I find it boring if everything looks the same, so a lot of new world mods are not interesting for me. One mod I wrote a ton of commoner dialogue for is Shumer and the Fall of Allagard from agerweb. That world is fantastic. I made this long video, I couldn't decide what to show, there is so much incredible nice stuff. There are thousand npcs in it, I wrote dialogue for. Not all charas are voiced, yet. Agerweb is currently implementing the main quest. The story is great. Very great. Has nothing to do with Skyrim. There are a ton of quests where people send you to run errants - not my favorite, but if people like you, they give you more insights and the story develops. It's a must have, if the mod is ready. Thanks for the info
  8. Tasheni


    Indeed that was fun! They were so many.
  9. Tasheni


    No wedding ceremony, no proceeding story. So I went out to that ruin. Pretty long journey. Romantic landscape. Silence! First time I was inside that ruin I encountered two daedra gods. One wanted to kill me and I had to summon the other to besiege him, lol! That was quite a story!
  10. Tasheni


    Can never be warm enough, so come on
  11. Tasheni


    No, she is not with me on this mission. The whole place was occupied with Akaviri mercenaries. The mod has a lot of enemies and a big battle around Bruma. And two sea battles. And wolves: Not only two or three at once like in Skyrim, but big packs. Some nice dungeons. And interesting political complications. I really like the mod.
  12. Tasheni


    I agree. Like a grave
  13. Tasheni


    Aphrodite - phat, you are out of lore But I need Rigmor. Without her I never will know how the story ends. So I let her live. I'm a bit ashamed. She faced a lot of shit in her life, so don't be so hard on her. But she could do better. She needs upbringing. I'm the wrong one for that Dragonborn, what does it mean? Do I have the drgaonblood in me? My blood looks pretty normal to me. Do I own the soul of a dragon? They could be my kin. And I slay them all, oh oh
  14. Tasheni


    That's a real good offer
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