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  1. I couldn't do this. Vanilla Skyrim looks so incredible ugly, it would be no fun to me to even move through the landscapes or dungeons. And this is the same with character creating. But why not install only visual mods to make the game bright and nice to look at? This is no cheating at all, no gameplay change, but fantastic environment. But each to their own, if you have fun, ignore my words .
  2. Tasheni

    Wild Elf Studies: Mage

    Thank you. Yes, my Ayleids . I try to give them a unique racial appearance on the base of High Elves. I was lucky to find that eyes resource on nexus ( don't know the name right now, but will be of course credited). I love the bright shiny eyes and the golden eyelashes. Unfortunately they don't fit for males and the five pair of eyes available look all the same.
  3. Tasheni


    Thanks, Uncus, it's nice to hear you like my stuff. I needed more than two days to create these faces, but I guess they are not too bad. That armour is a retexture of mine. Looks great in the dark, but terrible when the sun is shining I guess I have to rework it sometimes.
  4. Tasheni

    Teia Silaseli

    Everybody think the Ayleids are gone. But no. On Teia, there is a hidden entrance to a long forgotten Ayleid refugium. It's dark in there. Teia Silaseli means The Shiny Halls. Well, without a light you will be lost.
  5. Tasheni

    Tasheni's The Isles of Teia

    Teia is the name of a goddess, she was honored as a titan of gems, the bright blue sky and precious metals. She was born in the void as an offspring of Padomay. All what's left of her is the name of the isles, but, maybe some Wild Elves remember her cult, who knows. Teia lies well hidden between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean in nobody's land. It's the stage where Tasheni Followers mainquest will take place. If I come that far...
  6. Tasheni


    Hope you slept well . Actually there is no copy available because I put all my stuff down from nexus. It's too big to upload here and I'm currently searching for another platform to host my followers and the new land mod. Until I have a solution I rework my stuff. Tasheni Followers update is nearly finished, I'm just waiting for some voice files from one of my voice actors. My followers mod will run on Skyrim LE, for The Isles of Teia is a SE version available. What game do you play? Nobody knows the exact lying of The Isles of Teia. The ancient Ayleids made sure that nobody could discover their hideout. Over the centuries the magic weakened, so some people still managed to get there: Some dark elves, some centaur refugees from Valenwood and Olioll the Explorer. And neither the Ayleids nor the Direnni are gone, like most people in Tamriel believe. But they operate secretly and stay hidden.
  7. Tasheni


    The mod is not online any more. It was on nexus but I put it down. Can't upload here because file size is too big and I won't split it. You will find mods on this site under download. The menu is on the right upper corner. Click on download. Click on a game and then click on the category (armor or else). Then the mods will appear. Handling is not so comfortable like on nexus, but after some time you will get used to it.
  8. Tasheni


    A lovely dragon
  9. Tasheni

    Throat of the World

    Thank you. I'm fond of lights and effects ingame and thanks to the comunity there are really excellent mods that are fun to play.
  10. Tasheni


    Skyrim. I created that world for my followers mod Tasheni Followers. The mainquest will take place there.
  11. Tasheni


    This is the isle Angalayond from my mod The Isles of Teia, a new worldspace I created last year. This forgotten world lies between the Sea of Ghosts and the Eltheric Ocean. You can sail from island to island, and this is really fun. Thanks for the compliments. I started with voice acting for my followers mod and was surprised myself, that I'm able to do that I would like to learn bass, too, but I guess that's too much at the moment. I play guitar and irish bouzouki but not professional. Have fun!
  12. Tasheni

    Tasheni's Skyrim Stuff

    My journey and my creations.
  13. I'm very happy to got the permission from SunSpire records to use his fantastic music for my isles mod.
  14. MODDB is no alternative for me. I may delete my files, but before, they share them with various companies around the globe and sell every collected data as well. Most public hoster do. But maybe this is pointless - my files are spread all over russia already.
  15. Tasheni


    Tasheni Followers update One for All And All For One will hopefully come soon. I'm waiting for stuff from my voice actors...
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