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  1. tested it more and it only happens with the female skeleton! I tested bosmer khajjit and dunmer and it's all stretching and warping...whilst the male skeleton does not do it at all
  2. it all started a few weeks ago after I updated the unofficial patch...I play as a Khajiit and even starting new games...purging and deleting ALL my mods...going fully vanilla...it didn't help...I recently installed XPMSSE skeleton to try and fix things but it did nothing... its most noticeable with the fur armors especially if you get the armor with the code "player.additem 10594b 1" heres a pic to show the problem https://sta.sh/08hm6anvfk0 it seems to only happen when jumping...I haven't tested other races or genders yet but I can update the thread with that info
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