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  1. And that's all there is, I'm now talking to you from 2020 again. I stopped posting updates because leaving Blackreach had made my Blackreach playthrough rather pointless; it had been a necessity because I couldn't get the spells and experience needed to advance in Blackreach from within it, but then there was no clear time point or reason to return to Blackreach, so it felt like I was going to spend an arbitrary length of time above ground, getting souped up. So that was the entirety of Jerkan's adventure. Maybe he wisened up and took up farming? As a silver lining, I later used Jerkan an
  2. 08/04/2012 ------------------- Still more business in the harsh light of day. First of all, my first enchantment ever. I consider giving the dagger a witty name, but I can't come up with anything. I also nab one or two soul gems from Farengar while he's busy looking at some stupid wall tapestry. Next up, I head to Arcadia's and make what I think is my first potion, but I'm not sure. My intention is to make a damage health poison, but the only ingredients I have that I know have that effect are falmer ears and crimson nirnroot, the latter of which I don't want to
  3. 29/03/2012 ------------------- Minas Tirith, City of Kings. I continue further down south, dispatching various enemies along the way, including a marauder whom I actually took for a legionnaire until it was too late. As I approach Riverwood, it begins to rain (by the way, this rain comes as an optional plugin in WATER). There is little danger here, but I keep Mister Bones next to me regardless. I enter Riverwood and hear some old lady yapping off about a dragon. Ha, if only.
  4. 29/03/2012 ------------------- First of all, I'm going to loot some of the corpses I caused the other day. The ones that the dwarven centurion is still standing over. No problem, of course. I draw its attention and lead it around to the back of the nearby building. I also discover a chest along the way with some much-needed goods. And then...hup! Try and navmesh that, will you? Of course, I almost died from this fall and could've chosen a number of alternate, faster, and safer ways to lure the centurion away, but at le
  5. 20/03/2012 ------------------- I come across a falmer encampment. Usually this is a death sentence, but there doesn't seem to be anyone here. Maybe they all went off to attack some centurion or other? It seems they left their fish out to dry, though. I have a bit of trouble imagining that falmer can be fishermen, or that healthy fish can even live down here. Nevertheless, I poach some salmon meat. There is a cooking pot in sinderion's lab after all, might as well use it. Now that my pockets are lined with stink fish, I head
  6. 20/03/2012 ------------------- Status report. I've risen a level from my last expedition. I give myself a +10 magicka bonus and drop the perk in novice conjuration. Baby steps. Unfortunately, my Conjure Skeleton spell is too costly for me to cast. It seems I won't be having something undead next to me at all times like proper necromancers do. I'll just have to gain another level and grab Apprentice Conjuration. I decide to go the other way from last time, mostly because that centurion is still at large. Oh for the love of... This is soooo disgusting. Si
  7. 17/3/2012 ----------------------------- I step out of the door, bask in the eerie azure glow and chug some fresh air. And here comes the first challenge of this particular game start. Yes, the first thing you encounter is a dwemer sphere guardian that can kill you in one hit. There is no way to avoid being detected, and it will always return to this spot when it's not trying to kill you. How did I get into this mess anyway? Did my mum ground me and program this thing to keep me inside? Either way, if I'm going to use Sinderion's lab as my home, it would be
  8. This is a repost from 17/3/2012 from the Dark Creations forums which have been shut down as discussed in this other topic. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a visually enhanced travelogue about starting a character in a deadly environment and hopefully surviving with the application of wit, luck and shenanigans. In essence, it's just me trying something different and snapping pictures of it. I hope you'll find it interesting. First of all, there is a character that I used in Oblivion; a Breton necromancer whom I intended to be my
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