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  1. yea i have :/ im definitely the harbinger. at one point a glitch from another mod made me lose my werewolf power, but i talked to aela and she gave it back, so according to the game i am a werewolf again. maybe that screwed something up, idk...
  2. aela's "totems of hircine" quests wont start for me, despite the fact that im both a companion and a werewolf. ive done atleast 20 of her generic quests so i know i should have gotten a totem quest by now. ive tried to fix it in every way i know how but to no avail (side note, im on xbox one). please help! and thank you all for your hard work. ps: sorry if i didnt do this correctly. it wouldnt let me select "bug tracker" like the mod description says.
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