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  1. Yeah. At first I thought it would be NorthernUI. But after some tests it turned out to be another mod: Simple Better Inventrory and Map. I've never had any trouble using this mod, But now I am (it happens just like the video - I can't select an item in the Inventory Menu, though the other menus are okay). What could be??
  2. Sorry guys, but I'm having a bit of trobule. 1) I've always used Simple Better Inventrory and Map, but now I'm having this trouble: Video - I can't select an item in the inventory anymore; only if I use the mouse. 2) I still have to put, manually, Better Looking Redguards in the bottom. Otherwise, it will be overwriten. If you can help me at least with this inventory it would be wonderful. Thanks! and sorry for all the trouble!
  3. Yes, sir! Thank you very much, hehe!
  4. Man, it worked!!! Even the Face Import is now working! Thank you very much for your help, Infernio!
  5. Uhg... no: I'm gonna install the WIP, then, lol (I hope it works)! Update your LOOTmastrlist... you mean we I run LOOT and ask it to organize my load order. Isthat it?
  6. More of them (I had to, manually, copy and paste the faces from Beautiful Women to Feminized because any way I tried it overwirtes Beautiful Women): === Current Bash Tags:
  7. Hmm. Okay. Like this? === Current Bash Tags:
  8. Now if I put Beautiful Women down Feminized Walk, the Bshed Patch copy the faces from it, but not the animation from feminzed Walk.
  9. Here. Even Balanced Magic is overwriting it.
  10. Nope: I'm gonna upload some images from TES4Edit for you to see. Even Hemingweys Capes is overwiting Beautiful Women (and Handsome Gents, too). This never happended before.
  11. How odd.... Anyway, I'm gonna check it out now, hehe! Thanks a lot (I hope it works...).
  12. Yeah: it worked! But now I'm having a bit a trouble concerning two mods: Beautiful Women Mod and Feminized Idle Walk Run Animations For NPCs. Before the Bashed Patch only imported the animations from Feminized, but now it's importing both animations and faces, thus invalidating Beautiful Women. Is there a way to correct this, Infernio-san? And thanks for the big, big help!
  13. Hi! You mean the import face?
  14. Ah, thanks again!! Hm... you know, about Better Looking Redguards... always I have to put it, manually, at the bottom because, if I don't, any mod will overwhite it. Is there any solution through LOOT?
  15. Hi! What's WIP? Anyway, I'm gonna check it out. Thank you very much!
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