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  1. I saw that the Brawl Fix was ported too. Modern Brawl Bug Fix
  2. Yeah, I should have read them. Anyway, is it recommended?
  3. Say, is there a reason why this mod was not included? Enchantment Reload Fix SE
  4. Amazing! Thank you. Also, I recently discovered that LOOT is integrated in Vortex. I do not have to run them separately now. Say, does this forum have a Guide section? I am new to all this and I could use a "Modding Skyrim for dummies". I have looked online for some, but they are either outdated or incomprehensible. Most of them made references about old versions of the softwares needed. The QuickClean is not even mentioned in all of them.
  5. Is the modding process of Skyrim Special Edition the same as Oldrim? Specifically, can I use the same Vortex -> LOOT -> xEditQuickClean method I used before?
  6. Is there a list of complementary mods for the onofficial patches for the Special Edition as well? Is the process for installing mods on the SE the same of the old Skyrim? Also, thanks for answering.
  7. Some of the links are dead. Is there any chance they can be replaced? Should I move to the Special Edition? I read different opinions about it. Some say that the community will stay with the Legendary Edition, others say that it will move on to the Special Edition. What do you suggest?
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