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  1. Thanks SigurĂ° Stormhand.... just thought I would mention a few things since you are doing an update anyway.... but yeah, the draw calls / texture / meshes fix is 1st on the agenda
  2. Thanks Arthmoor.... Do you recommend adding any bash tags for the 'lock fix' plugins to make sure the right records get imported (or merged) into the Bashed Patch or it should be Okay as is?
  3. Greetings Infernio > I noticed in the Bashed Patch, 0.esp there is an option to include UOP Vampire Aging and Face Fix.esp in the Tweak Settings section. Would it be possible in the next Wrye Bash build to include other MUST-HAVE, 'Everyone gets', ESP's as options to include in the Tweak Settings... The first one that comes to mind is the other UOP plugin : Oblivion Citadel Door Fix.esp...and maybe a few others that can already be merged into the Bashed Patch, for example Improved Fires and Flames - Increased Sound.esp, the DLCSpellTomes - Unofficial Patch.esp or GrimbotsSpellTomes.esp are Bashed Patch mergable. I guess a check would need to be made to check that DLCSpellsTomes.esp is present for those two additions, and a reminder to install any required resources.....
  4. Glad to see a new UOP update is in the works! There is a conflict with UOP and Elsweyr Anequina with the following LOD meshes : Meshes\Landscape\LOD\60.-32.-32.32.nif Meshes\Landscape\LOD\60.-32.-64.32.nif Meshes\Landscape\LOD\60.00.-32.32.nif Meshes\Landscape\LOD\60.00.-64.32.nif Which could cause desert LOD to occur in Cyrodiil or greenery LOD to occur in Elsweyr (depending on load order)... I don't know if this is something that can be fixed and included? So at this stage I understand that you will be including the draw calls fix into UOP. Would you also consider including a fix for the 'Colovian Traders being permanently locked' bug, similar to UOP Colovian Traders Lock Fix or Colovian Traders and Mystic Emporium Lockup fix and also including a fix for the 'Mystic Emporium in IC being permanently locked' similar to Mystic Emporium - Frostcrag DLC - Lock Door Fix Patch or Mystic Emporium Patch. Also here are some other random bug fixes you might consider adding some of them: Unlock Fighters Guild Doors Necromancer's double amulet fix -->either this or change the mages guild quest requirement to allow for more then one Necromancer amulet in procession. Arcane University flames fix Market District Landscape Fix Simple Oghma Infinium Crash Fix
  5. I appreciate you making the 'Imperial City Suburbs + Region Revive Lake Rumare' patch. Also it should note that PA Windmills - Unique Landscapes Patch also works for Oblivion Fragrance 1. PA Windmills is merged into P.A. COMPILATION_7in1_the road so far 1.1 2. P.A. COMPILATION_7in1_the road so far 1.1 is merged into Oblivion Fragrance To make this patch work with Oblivion Fragrance ...just need to rename 'Oblivion Fragrance.esp' to 'PAWindmills.esp' or change the master of the patch from 'PAWindmills.esp' to 'Oblivion Fragrance.esp'.
  6. No worries Mhahn123.... link --> HERE PS... Regarding the conflict between Region Revive and Imperial City Suburbs, a user on Nexus (layton452) recently posted a patch for compatibility between Imperial City Suburbs + Talos Bridge Gatehouse and has shown interest in making more patches. In any case you could probably add his patch link to The One Stop Patch Shop.
  7. I have the 'RTT-Weye Relocation Patch.esp' if you need it... I don't have any resources that go with it though, but I think the original mod didn't come with resources and was an ESP patch only......
  8. Hi Andrew or should I call you zymurgy65 ... your cover is blown lol Good stuff posting your mod here as well as Nexus.... hope you post the rest of your mod collection here too
  9. Are you loading the 'ULM SutchVillage-LostCoast patch.esp' compatibility patch AFTER 'Unique Landscapes.esp'? If not, you can find it on the UL Compatibility patch collection on Nexus.... Also I read that some people load the 'Sutch Village.esp' AFTER 'Unique Landscapes.esp'.. and then the patch, best bet is to check with BOSS.
  10. I really appreciate the work you are doing with HESU . I also see you have a patch for HESU + White Rose Farm .
  11. Mhahn123> Hey just want to say this is excellent work setting up 'The One Stop Patch Shop 2.0 here on AFK, not to mention all the other mods you have ported over here. I have been spreading the word to other users & modders about AFK. I think AFK is going to be the next big thing as migration continues, because modders will have more control over THEIR work, and thus more appreciated. The One Stop Patch Shop 2.0
  12. I would not want to be on the receiving end to this spell! LOL.... great mod.
  13. Is this version more up to date then the version on Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/25023?tab=description Does Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina work with BOTH "Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel Heightmaps" (Tamriel.esp) being either Installed or NOT INSTALLED (not required)? Do I need a compatibility patch if I am using the Elsweyr Anequina and HESU's Poison Swamp mods ONLY Also I was wondering if there are any console COC commands that will take me to Elsweyr so I can test that it is installed properly Thanks....
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