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  1. How bad is the conflict? Is it minor or bad?
  2. Hey guys, there is a Bash Patch fix (.csv) posted here: Colovian Traders Lock Fix which I think should be included in Wrye Bash, since it is a common bug most users get. Another even more common problem is the Mystic Emporium door always being locked. So I think a similar .csv integration could be done to make sure the owner is in the correct faction.
  3. Thanks... yeah I worked out it is included in EngineBugFixes.....
  4. Hey, just wondering was Fix Container Disappear Bug ever added to UOP? There was one little problem with this bug fix, in that once you reach expert level in armorer, your items get reset to 100% from 125% when you place them in a container using Fix Container Disappear Bug? I heard it may of been added to EngineBugFixes though.... not sure.
  5. Good spotting, so should probably delete the BrumaHouseLowerInt01.nif for now then......
  6. @Infernio Okay, thank you .... Your solution is great. I will just create a back-up package of my Vanilla shaders, textures, meshes etc in separate archive packages when I 1st re-install Oblivion, before I install any mods.
  7. Why was DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch - SSSB.esp never merged into DLCThievesDen - Unofficial Patch.esp?
  8. Also, I know that WB backs up files such as textures, meshes, esp's, esm's bsa's, sounds, & music, so for example if someone uninstalled a texture pack, WB would re-install the textures from the previous texture pack that was over-written. However, I don't think that WB backs up over-written shaders, when installing new shaders eg installing and uninstalling Oblivion Reloaded. Could the shaders possibility be included in WB's intermal backups as it does for textures, meshes etc.
  9. Hey mhahn123, Now that you are in the process of updating the BOSS masterlist, I forgot to mention that about a year ago I noticed a small error in the masterlist concerning AFK_Weye. The compatibility patch for AFK_Weye + Unique Landscapes that came with the mod package from AFK_Weye....(AFK_Weye Arrius_Creek Patch.esp) should go AFTER Unique Landscapes but BOSS put it BEFORE Unique Landscapes.... I don't know if this was fixed in the latest update. Also the accompanying document with AFK_Weye indicated this load order: But BOSS gave this load order: Hopefully, this doesn't matter... the document did say BOSS may change the order, and to go with BOSS.
  10. Thanks Sigurð Stormhand.... just thought I would mention a few things since you are doing an update anyway.... but yeah, the draw calls / texture / meshes fix is 1st on the agenda
  11. Thanks Arthmoor.... Do you recommend adding any bash tags for the 'lock fix' plugins to make sure the right records get imported (or merged) into the Bashed Patch or it should be Okay as is?
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