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  1. Hello everyone I am wondering when exactly does the game choose between the Hired Muscle or Trouble in Skyrim quests from Farkas once you join the Companions. From the testing I've done, it seems the quest you'll be getting is already locked by the time you start the encounter with the Giant in Pelagia Farm (or, if you skip that part, when you speak with Kodlak for the first time). At this point, it seems you will always get the same quest type and even the same objective (person to beat/dungeon to clear). I can see in the Creation Kit that this quest (CR04) is related to the quest Take
  2. I was farming for the Dawnguard cache random encounters and was able to find Saliah and Lynoit, but not Hakar. I checked the corresponding quest (DLC1_WESC06) and its entries in the Story Manager in the CK, to see if there were any specific conditions I wasn't meeting. I found out that this particular encounter is classified both as a wilderness encounter (WEQuests) and a road encounter (WERoadQuests), and that can only be found in the hold of Whiterun from 0:00 to 8:00 AM. After a while of still not being able to find it (I was also checking Frosfruit Inn in Rorikstead just in case, sinc
  3. Hello, I was looking at the Malkoran entry in the UESP and found out that his level could be one of the following values: 7, 14, 21, 30 or 40. However, when I checked his entry in the CK, it seems that the leveled list he uses is LCharWarlockBossNecroMaleCondescending, which generates actors of levels 1, 6, 12, 19, 27, 36 and 46. Now, based on the CK's entry on Leveled Characters, the entry in the list is chosen by means of the level of the Encounter Zone and the difficulty tag that is associated with that particular object's reference. In this case, the Encounter Zone min level for Kilkr
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