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  1. I was farming for the Dawnguard cache random encounters and was able to find Saliah and Lynoit, but not Hakar. I checked the corresponding quest (DLC1_WESC06) and its entries in the Story Manager in the CK, to see if there were any specific conditions I wasn't meeting. I found out that this particular encounter is classified both as a wilderness encounter (WEQuests) and a road encounter (WERoadQuests), and that can only be found in the hold of Whiterun from 0:00 to 8:00 AM. After a while of still not being able to find it (I was also checking Frosfruit Inn in Rorikstead just in case, since it's supposed to be Hakar's destination), I went into the CK and deleted all the other road encounters from the Story Manager, only to find no random encounters at all in those WETriggers that are only associated with road encounters (which means that wilderness encounters can't be spawned). I tried to, instead of leaving only the Hakar encounter, leaving instead one with no conditions, such as Drinking Companions, that one in which you find three Revelers drinking Honningbrew Mead. After testing it in-game, every road encounter was either this one, or nothing at all. So, my next step was checking the quest stages for the Hakar encounter in the CK, to then use the command getstage only to find out that it was set to 255, which is the "shutdown stage". I waited for 10 in-game days to see if the stage would reset back to 0, but it didn't. Then, I checked out the DLC1_WESC06 main script, and I compared it with the scripts for the other two Dawnguard cache encounters: Saliah and Lynoit. Now, I have no idea about Papyrus and scripting in this game, but this particular line of code: (Alias_Trigger.GetReference() as WETriggerScript).ReArmTrigger() seems to be related to restarting the quest. I've found it to be preceded (or followed) by the use of the DeleteWhenAble() method on the references of the various aliases that form the quest. Now, when I used the resetquest command, the quest stage changed back to 0, which allowed me to find the random encounter on my first try (after deleting all the other road encounters from the Story Manager, as I did previously). At first, I thought that stage 255 had been set in my game at some point because the random encounter happened but I didn't notice it, and Hakar died. But, looking at the script, it seems that stage 10, not 255, is the one set when Hakar dies, stage 20 when one of the vampires dies, stage 30 when both vampires die and stage 40 after Hakar greets you and drops his armor, note and key. So, my questions are: 1. How does the quest reach stage 255? 2. Does this quest reset at some point or is it a one-time encounter that you can just miss forever if you don't realize that the game loaded it at some point?
  2. Hello, I was looking at the Malkoran entry in the UESP and found out that his level could be one of the following values: 7, 14, 21, 30 or 40. However, when I checked his entry in the CK, it seems that the leveled list he uses is LCharWarlockBossNecroMaleCondescending, which generates actors of levels 1, 6, 12, 19, 27, 36 and 46. Now, based on the CK's entry on Leveled Characters, the entry in the list is chosen by means of the level of the Encounter Zone and the difficulty tag that is associated with that particular object's reference. In this case, the Encounter Zone min level for Kilkreath Ruins is 24, and the difficulty level of Malkoran is Very Hard. This should mean that the game chooses the item in the list that is closer to 1.25 times the resolved level of the space, without exceeding it. In the case of your character being level 24 or lower, the level of the space is 24 (the minimum level of the Encounter Zone). This should amount to level 30 when multiplying by 1.25, which is exactly the level that Malkoran is when you find him in-game under those circumstances. However, if you follow the leveled list that he would presumably be based on when attending to the CK, he should be level 27 instead, since that is the item in the list with a level closest to the one computed for that particular actor. In short, I don't understand why the level values are those mentioned in the wiki (and found in-game), but not those that the CK seems to suggest. Also, ¿is it possible for the level 7, 14 and 21 versions of Malkoran to appear in-game? EDIT: I found out why. It's because, in this particular case, the level of the entries in the leveled list do not correspond to the level of the NPCs they refer to. So, for example, the item in the list with level 36 points to an NPC with level 30, and that's the value you see in-game. If anyone is interested about this and wants to know more details, you can check this discussion.

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