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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Daedric Shrine Curatives This mod lets you make offerings to Daedric shrines to cure your afflictions. For all of us heathens, cultists, and heretics that the Nine won’t help. But unlike the Nine, the Princes don’t give anything for free. You must offer most of them the same item(s) you would to get their quest -- Azura wants glow dust; Sheogorath wants lettuce, yarn, and a lesser soul gem; Hircine wants either a wolf or bear pelt; etc. There are some exceptions. Clavicus Vile wants a black soul gem instead of money (as he said in Redguard: “Gold is just metal. Not interested.”). Meridia ONLY excepts bonemeal -- the if-else script statements were bad enough for Hircine, and he only has two options! After dealing with Hircine, I decided that it’s much easier for me to only allow one item. Nocturnal didn’t want anything for her quest, but she wants an offering for a cure -- a lockpick and a quill (due to her association with thieves and ravens). Namira and Peryite still don’t want anything, but they won’t cure your disease or restore your personality. Peryite will give you a 100% Weakness to disease for 600 seconds, and Namira damage your personality by 5 points. Unlike the other Princes, you can only activate their curative shrine once per day. This mod is compatible with Daedric Shrines Prodded with a Stick. I'm not sure about compatibility with other shrine overhauls. You may have to tcl through Hircine's statue to reach his curative shrine, and Molag Bal's curative shrine might be oddly placed -- this is to ensure compatibility with my own upcoming Daedric shrine aesthetic overhaul. Daedric Shrine Curatives.zip
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Makes Shady Sam even shadier.... He now sells various poisons, black soul gems, human body parts, and bones (but only if you have a mod that increases the cost of bones -- otherwise they are worth 0 gold, and so he doesn't sell them). Many of his items are from levelled lists, so you never know what he's going to have this time around.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Choose a religion and get relevant abilities! A reupload from Nexus (with some tweaking) The mod adds little statues to the Daedric Shrines and Nine Divines chapels. If you pick one up, you gain different abilities based on that god. Most give you skill/stat bonuses, but a few of them (like Hircine and Akatosh) also grant you powers. The Nine Divine statues are found on the altars of their respective chapels EXCEPT Kynareth and Dibella. Dibella is found behind one of the thrones in Castle Anvil because I didn't want to make a KotN compatibility patch. Kynareth is in the Imperial City Arboreatum near the center statue. While the Nine Divines are a cohesive Pantheon and people can worship them all at once, everyone seems to have a preference and worship a particular Divine more than the others (see: priests) The Prince statues are at their shrines, and you do not need to complete their quests to get the statues. Mehrunes Dagon is found outside Kvatch near the city gate. Some Daedric powers are stronger than others -- that's because some Daedric Princes are stronger than others. I wasn't focused on balance, just trying to get the vibes down right. Here are some examples: Azura 15% Resist Magic 5% Spell Reflect Clavicus Vile +5 Personality +10 Speechcraft +5 Mercantile Akatosh 20% Resist Fire +5 Willpower POWER: Fires of Akatosh (Target) Fire Damage 5pts in 5ft for 10s Light 10pts in 5ft for 30s Weakness to Fire 10pts in 5ft for 30s Arkay +30 Health +5 Endurance POWER: Consecration of Arkay (touch) Dispel 50pts in 15ft Turn Undead 30pts in 15ft for 30s Zenithar +5 Endurance +5 Willpower SPELL: Zenitharian Effort Fortify Willpower 5 for 60 Fortify Armorer 15 for 60 Fortify Mercantile 10 for 60 Cost: 75 mana VERY IMPORTANT: due to a bug with some other mod (I think MOO or OOO?), if you drop the statues, you may still have that god's ability. Could you get bonuses from every god? Yes. Should you? Probably not. ALSO you'll need to use the setownership console command for the Nine Divines statues, otherwise they'll count as stolen.
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