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  1. Hi everybody, First of all, I present you my apologies for my poor english. I play on a PC on Windows 10. My game is the Steam French version of Skyrim Special Edition. I have a very annoying problem in converting a LE mod to SSE format. The mod in question is "Insect Begone for SSE". The original mod author, who made it for LE first, posted his "conversion" on Nexus. The mod changes Spiders ( and chaurus but I don' t use those esp) into Bears and Wolves with new meshes and skeleton. It changes Spider Eggs too. There's one plugin for each extension : -main game -Dawnguard -Hearthfire -Dragonborn In fact he just uploaded the LE version without any noticable changes. I updated successfully meshes, textures and 3 esps. Two of them were from 43 and one was form 15. I opened them up in CK64 and saved them. Check the files in SSEedit and found no error so far. The game and the mods run well. But with the Dragonborn's plugin there's a problem I'm unable to solve. I load the plugin "Insects Begone - DragonBorn SpidersInsect Begone.esp". There's a bunch of errors, a bit more than usual. Some refers to quests ( the mod itself does not touch any of them), five others refer to CNAM Class. The mod edits NPC, for exemple : "DLC2ExpSpiderBaseRace "Givrépeire" [RACE:04014449]" is changed to "BearBrownRace "Ours" [RACE:000131E7]" and the CNAM Class is changed from "EncClassFrostbiteSpider "Givrépeire" [CLAS:00044CCB]" to "EncClassBear "Prédateur" [CLAS:00106AED]". At this point I can save the plugin in the CK64. I opened it in SSEedit and see the correct form 44. But if I check for errors, i find 5, all related to CNAM Class. Instead of "EncClassBear "Prédateur" [CLAS:00106AED]", there are Null references for 5 NPCs. I can chage them manually. But with or whitout thoss manual changes, I have the following problems : If I launch the game, i become stuck at the main menu screen, but none of the game menu options appear. There's just a black screen with the logo in the back. The game and the PC are not frozen, I can alt-tab, etc.. When I open the Task-Manager, Skyrim is not considerd as not responding ( approx' 45% CPU load and 2.5 Gigs of ram used) If it try to re-open the already saved plugin in the CK64, the software loads the masters, displays the usual errors minus the corrected ones and simply closes itself right before Initializing References starts. I've read that form 43 plugins can lead to various problems in SSE. But this mod is probably a top 3 must-have in my load order. So, I've came here to see if somebody can help me. Thanks for reading, cheers Julo.

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