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  1. 1. How to properly save mods in the CK 64 when porting? a) Active > Save b) Active > Change something from plugin (ex: add "1" to book's name) > Save > Revert change (remove "1") > Save Asking because the result of these methods is different files (by hash and by size) while in xEdit both files are identical. It sounds dangerous, considering that different guides tend to have either first or second method and, as a result, we have a lot of ported mods created in different ways. 2. Should facegen files autogenerated by CK 64 on save be used with ported mod, if original LE mod had no facegen files (and was working nice, without black-face and stuff)? For example, mods which doesn't touch appearance of vanilla NPCs. Or mods like SWIFT (Oldrim) which has bunch of new non-templated NPC and had no facegen files and still worked like a charm, without any face-related problems (while ported SWIFT have facegen for those NPCs for whatever reason). Ingame testing results in no black-face bug without facegen (if original mod doesn't had those). Can there be another possible outcome?

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