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  1. Is that the reason why those Jewelry can't be improved on an armor workbench? If so maybe that was intended because Beth didn't want them to be upgraded because they are Jewelry despite they have small armor value. Doesn't seem to be a concidence those two missed the same keyword. As far as I know, they are still recoverable. Could anyone check this?
  2. It rains under the roof just outside of Bthardamz. The feature works in other areas though, including other roofs of Bthardamz ruins.
  3. Thanks for the reply. So they are two identical ships after all. No it won't disappear. The item will stay where it is dropped. Same if you put the item in one of the barrels on the ship.
  4. The ship is supposed to be the same one you take in Windhelm, but neither the items you drop on the deck nor the barrels are actually transfered.
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