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  1. Other mods handle the river there, in a similar fashion to BC putting the river and a port area on the East side of Leyawiin's Exterior: Shipping on the Niben and Shipping in Cyrodiil among them. Each has various versions for compatibility, BC vs not BC is the main dichotomy.
  2. Thanks Yep, TheRomans (which I use only at Nexus, my son picked that name). Lefty Scaevola is my most common name on the web, followed by my evil side name Cruelty/Lord Cruelty/Lord Cruelty V.
  3. This is the same version as the 2016 1.1 version at the Nexus?
  4. Here is his profile here. (not to be confused with Ghastly, as I just did) https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?profile/7072-ghastley/ Try leaving him a message.
  5. Was that one of Ghastley's? or different author? Ghastley left Nexus for the same reason as Arthmoor, the deadline for deleting files, and IIRC correctly he has posted here since then (or may it was a TES Alliance). If you can contact him, I think he would be willing to upload here.
  6. they have not yet answered my question about what mod manager tools they are using. I also directed them to here, but they have not shown up here yet.
  7. two guys having this problem over at Nexus Its is spelled correctly in the list of master files, so I am guessing they are having a mod manger problem. Maybe misspelled in an install script or an incompatible mod manager?
  8. You should Install the UOP right after installing Oblvion, followed by the USIP (assuming your install included Shivering Isles) and then the UODLC for any of the DLC you have installed (which is usually all of them these days) IIRC the USIP will ask to overwrite one record (a script) in the UOP and you allow this. All other mods install later and mostly you let them overwrite the unofficial patches. When you have a Body mod, its associated clothing mods will overwrite a Lot of records in the UOP and USIP, being body and clothing meshes and textures for clothing items the patches had edited. Same thing with mods that edit a lot of vanilla weapons and other objects. Arthmoor has a guide for installation somewhere, ask him to link it for you.
  9. I can use the CFF process explorer to set the RAM usage. I the oblvion.exe limited to a maximum of 4gb because it is 32bit or otherwise, or could it be set even higher on a modern computer with plenty of RAM?
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