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  1. Then I will step back as requested. If anyone needs me, feel free to PM me since I'll no longer be following this thread.
  2. I'll finish the reply in the morning but basically I'm not going to be doing anything with the data without explicit permission. I'm most concerned about saving it, even if that means it remains private. I didn't feel that it needed a reply as my initial plan was just to archive the data, making it public only with permission. I hadn't even thought about hosting it as part of a forum until he mentioned it, I was simply planning (with permission as my first post said) to convert the data and toss it in a compressed archive. I'm trying to stay out of too much drama. Drama is part of why I left in May of 2018. I'm only doing this as it sounded like people wanted help backing up the data. If that's not longer the case, I can certainly keep my hands off.
  3. I've gone ahead and requested the data. We've got about 48 hours until the old site is gone. We've requested an extension but we may not get it. If we do, we'll need to try and run the command as soon as can but we'll need the server resources to do so.
  4. Thanks! Don't know why I had to enable it manually. :p
  5. This may be a silly question but how does one post a status update with this version of the software?
  6. Just want to drop in here to say that Epic Game Launcher is giving away Kingdom Come Deliverance tomorrow
  7. I haven't given much thought to the final format yet as the focus has been primarily on getting the data (I figure that's the most important part). Though, I've been thinking of something like Markdown for the final version but nothing has been decided yet. If we can't get the data from Bethesda, the transient format would be static HTML files which could then either be hosted or converted into another format. If Bethesda provides a database dump, then that would certainly change things somewhat. It would be nice to keep the forums open to help keep discussions linear but I'm not sure if they would allow the community to take it over, even if that means converting the data into SQL (if they would let us). It's something we could ask them, though.
  8. I want to provide an update on things. Leo and I are trying to get in touch with Fliggerty over at Great House Fliggerty as he runs the Mod History sites to see if he could provide some assistance. Additionally, I've contacted the Internet Archive but I haven't heard anything back from them. I also emailed an old contact and got some suggestions on how to handle things. In the coming days, we're planning to formally ask Bethesda if they could provide the public data. Failing that, we'll need to backup the data ourselves. Regarding that, we may need to run a funding campaign and pay for a server and possibly storage space so that we can download everything and convert it. Additionally, we would need someone to manage the server aspect (I can't do it). The storage would only be temporary as the conversion process will allow the data to be much smaller than half a million HTML files. We're still working on the optimal settings for wget (we have something that should work but we're just trying to optimize the process right now). Regarding the conversion process, it looks like we may need to use a combination of pandoc and custom code to adjust the file names. That's certainly doable but would take some time.
  9. I realize this is old but here's the article that was being referred to: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/07/got-an-account-on-a-site-like-github-hackers-may-know-your-e-mail-address/
  10. We've got a command sequence that we think can download the entire forums but the sheer amount of data is proving problematic: it will grab 500,000 to 700,000 so it would take a couple hundred continuous hours to download. We're working on tweaking the command and trying to figure out a better way of doing it, including doing it in batches to allow us to do it on multiple systems, along with asking people for help who may have the resources on a remote system as the quantity is a bit much for a home system.
  11. I started looking at wget a few minutes ago and the settings have started to come back to me. I may have something in a couple of days. It won't be the basic mirroring command as we'll want to do some filtering. As I recall, it consisted of about five options in all that had to be set to grab a forum.
  12. I wouldn't say I'm back to this Realm but I will attempt to recreate the incantation. I can provide more details as for why I'm not exactly back just yet in private (preferably email as I am not able to effectively use the forum software) however.
  13. After slumbering for eighteen months in a dark morass, a messenger appeared in the light of a new day, directing me to this discourse that some assistance may be desired. The quest to be undertaken, this I was told, will be to save BSF from being banished into the Nether. On this, I have a suggestion to propose. It may be possible to cast a spell of duplication on the subject to save it from being lost in the abyss of the Infernal Regions. Seven years ago, I had figured out a way of configuring wget to archive an IP.Board site. While my notes are lost somewhere in my library, it may be possible, nevertheless, to rebuild them from the confines of my brain. I am not able to make any promises as my soul and spirit are still somewhat trapped in a cage crafted by a dark force, fighting to escape, but I will attempt to assist in this grand quest and endeavor. Now, my proposal does come with two caveats: 1) storage - I have no idea how large this will be and I'm not entirely sure I'll have the space for if 2) hosting - in order to serve this, should it be successful, explicit permission will need to be acquired from Zenimax for legal reasons. For both those reasons, I'll not (more than likely) be able to host the final product (if there is one) as my server is being set up for an upcoming project/somewhat business and will have limited resources in the begining (it is also still being worked on as I've been very slow).

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