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  1. I've actually been around a while but I just made an account here a year ago (been on other IPS 4 sites for a while, though. I never did make the transition to Beth.net. Found the first interface based on Jive too confusing and never did go back after they switched to NodeBB, which does look much better but I haven't tried it to know for sure.
  2. Howdy! Fancy seeing you here!
  3. Could a bug report be opened with them? It may not be the JS but there's definitely a performance hit in the update. I've tested it with three devices using 87.0.4280.88 and the issue persists on all of them. I've tested it with my phone, a four year old Ultrabook, and a new one I just got two weeks ago. Edit: Disabling the blurred background and sticky nav bar options under the "Customizer" at the top seems to have helped quite a bit but there's still a small added sluggishness at play.
  4. Noticed a slight issue but I'm not sure there's much you can do about it (may require the IPS folks to change their code). Since the update, the JS on the site seems to be acting slower. All other sites are fine and it's only since the update here
  5. Starting Thursday the 19th, Epic will be giving away Elite Dangerous.
  6. For those of you with a PS4 and enjoy Kingdom Hearts, Amazon has the all in one bundle on sale for 30 USD
  7. Microsoft has released an update to remove Flash from the system: https://www.engadget.com/windows-10-update-removes-flash-and-prevents-it-from-being-reinstalled-071737612.html
  8. And Epic is currently giving away Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
  9. Cool! I'll definitely be adding that to my list.
  10. Total War Saga: Troy is still free on Epic for a few more hours. And Steam is running a sale on LEGO games, which are quite fun.
  11. Great! I'm still trying to get the clients set up on my end. I've run into some issues with the clients so I need to sort them out (they caused my mouse to drop out when I started running them the other day, for example). Hopefully I can get them set up soon so I can contribute directly.
  12. If anyone is interested, 52286 is the team number for the Elder Scrolls team. Doing what I can to spread the word about the project as reopening the planet and saving the lives right now is very important.
  13. https://hothardware.com/news/nvidia-pc-gamers-gpus-battling-coronavirus-how-to-join-pc-master-race With most people being home, we could get some serious progress on this if everyone contributed (not all will as some will legitimately need the resources for work). Ideally, the supercomputers and quantum computers would also get involved but I don't think their operators will be willing to sacrifice those resources.
  14. Then I will step back as requested. If anyone needs me, feel free to PM me since I'll no longer be following this thread.
  15. I'll finish the reply in the morning but basically I'm not going to be doing anything with the data without explicit permission. I'm most concerned about saving it, even if that means it remains private. I didn't feel that it needed a reply as my initial plan was just to archive the data, making it public only with permission. I hadn't even thought about hosting it as part of a forum until he mentioned it, I was simply planning (with permission as my first post said) to convert the data and toss it in a compressed archive. I'm trying to stay out of too much drama. Drama
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