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  1. Has anyone else had the following issue (ON PLAYSTATION 4): upon entering The Bannered Mare, I noticed that the barstool that serves as a table for the bard, Mikael, is glitched; the cup and plate that usually sit atop it have fallen through, and continue to fall through even if I try to put them back in-game. The same goes for the stool/tables in the Temple of Kynareth, as they cannot hold what usually sits atop them. It's a very annoying, very immersion-breaking bug that I've never seen before until the Unofficial SSE Patch. Though I haven't found the issue elsewhere in Skyrim, I'm sure all the stools meant to be tables are affected. Is it an item placement bug? Clipping? Anyone else experience this? Any information or fixes, or updates on if the next version of the PS4 USSEP will address this would be greatly appreciated.
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