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  1. Cool man, please also consider my solution to the 'Oleta follows Tierra bug': I'm still unable to file a ticket :/
  2. Note: I used one Mod: QuickStart. So, if you get an error message, just ignore it Edit: I have tried to subscribe to AFKtrack, but I constantly fail the math test. Wait, wtf? W11's calculator is dumber than I am??
  3. I have reproduced the bug: use these files to test it for yourself Save 2 - Shytehead - The Gold Coast, Level 1, Playing Time 00.16.33.ess Save 2 - Shytehead - The Gold Coast, Level 1, Playing Time 00.16.33.obse Save 4 - Shytehead - Kvatch, Level 1, Playing Time 00.17.00.ess Save 4 - Shytehead - Kvatch, Level 1, Playing Time 00.17.00.obse
  4. Here's a screenshot: Oleta followed Tierra back to Kastle Kvatch (right before activating the 'gate lever' to allow the soldiers to enter the castle grounds):
  5. Okay, I'll see if I can create such a save game I haven't filed a ticket yet.
  6. I followed Oleta back to the Kvatch Encampment, and this: ...indeed did happen I also saw Oleta following Tierra back to the Chapel of Kvatch and Castle of Kvatch many times during my 1000+ hours playing Oblivion
  7. I'm having trouble editing my previous post so I have to make a new one: Maybe it's also wise to add the edits to quest stage 95 of MS48 TierraRef.evaluatepackage ;edit 1 OletaRef.evaluatepackage ;edit 2 LenkaValusRef.evaluatepackage ;edit 3 MartinRef.evaluatepackage ;edit 4 GuilbertSeloneRef.evaluatepackage ;edit 5 Edit: I've tested the above and it seems to work: 1) after Tierra has left with the civilians and the player waits for 13 hours inside the chapel of Kvatch, she will return without Oleta. Or, 2) when the player starts quest 'Breaking the Siege of Kvatch' (MS49) and completes it up to the moment when opening the gate to the courtyard of Kvatch Castle, Tierra again shows up without Oleta following her
  8. Hello! In v11 of my mod 'Oblivion 4ever', I seemed to have fixed the 'Oleta follows Tierra back to Kvatch' bug (also known as: Following Tierra bug) by editing the following script: Arthmoor: do you already have fixed this bug in the next version of the UOP?
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