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  1. Personally would like an xbox one mod that will automatically equip power armor pieces from my inventory after a piece breaks
  2. Just a place to put requests for mods we would like to see.
  3. I tried to cheat my way out. But it bugged out the game and i ended up loading a new game to bug test. I didnt want to admit that ur patch was the problem, so it was the last mod to be disabled during my 3 reloads. I ran the game in vanilla to get out then reloaded again to get mods back. Game runs normal after that.
  4. No, i mean i exited. Didnt work. Exited again, disabled ur mod in specific. Reloaded, it worked.
  5. Seem to have run into a problem. Cant get the vault door to cycle open whilst trying to escape in vault 111 on xbox. Disabling the ufo4p mod then reloading is the only fix ive found.
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