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  1. Hello. I have tried to read up on LOOT to try and find an answer myself but can't find anything to help out. I use LOOT for load order for Skyrim classic version with all DLCS aswell. I have used it before and never found this problem before. I had a ton of mods installed that was outdated and discontinued as I have had a long break from playing it. I unsubscribed to all on workshop, restarted game 3 times before it registrered that there were no mods attached, then I went and added the ones I would like to keep that still was active. BUT now LOOT says I have 132 mods active, eventhough I according to gamelauncher only has 37 active mods. How do I get LOOT to register having removed the mods so I can get help to good load order with my few mods? Hope someone can help me out, and I don't use Nexus for mods and I got no clue what NNM or all the other shortings stand for in other threads so I feel like trying to read Greek when looking at it. thank you in advance

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